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Never More to Go Astray

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 12:15am by Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Brig
Timeline: MD 80; 07:20

The bright light rained down on him in unrelenting brilliance. For a moment, Ryland assumed he was hung over. Sure felt like it.

"Computer, dim lights."

No response.

Ryland groaned as he swung his arms overhead with eyes held shut tight.

"Computer, I said dim the damn lights!"

Through his jostling about, Ryland rolled himself right off the cot and onto the hard floor. The sudden impact snapped him fully awake. And, along with wakefulness, a cringing realization. He didn't have to look up to know the color, texture, and dimensions of a starship Brig.


The realization of where he was left Ryland content to remain on the floor while the events of the night came back to him. He remembered the sexy nurse, Miss Spook, the low-blow, and the knockout. Oh, what a night.

After he'd collected his thoughts, he staggered to his feet to approach the forcefield of the cell. Nobody ominously staring at him, which he supposed was a good thing. Still, he needed to get somebody's attention if he wanted to get out anytime soon.


Nobody answered, so he tried again a bit louder.

"Hey! Is anyone there? I'm ready to leave now."

Martha entered the brig after receiving a report that none other than the new shuttlebay manager had managed to get himself put in the brig. Arriving in front of Ryland's cell Martha looked at the cell's occupant and went for the most obvious question to initiate their dialogue.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" Martha asked.

"Check the Security log," Ryland muttered back. He still had to shield his eyes from the lights. "Last thing I remember is being phasered in my quarters."

Martha had already heard quite a lot about Ryland and wasn't entirely sure she bought his story about being randomly shot in his living quarters. Claudia had warned her to keep an eye on him and Martha fully intended to make sure that he was kept on her radar.

"And why would I believe that? You already have a reputation around here which isn't very positive" Martha replied.

"So I'm guilty until proven innocent?" Ryland arched his eyebrows. "That doesn't jive with what I've heard about you, Ms Lawman. Check the log. The ship's computer will prove it."

Martha smiled. "The question is what were you doing in your quarters to just be the victim of a random shooting? I'll check the logs when I'm satisfied you're actually telling me the truth and you weren't thrown in here for trying to supersede your reputation so to put it. And for your information I'm married - so it's Mrs Lawman to you"

"Aha." Ryland grinned back. "Mrs Lawman, then. I was minding my own business when I invited a lady over for entertainment. Turns out she's a kinky sort, and before I know it, it's lights-out for yours truly. Why I'm in the Brig instead of Sickbay seems to be a mystery for the both of us." He rolled out the crick in his neck and shrugged away the stiffness from his shoulders. "Under the circumstances, how's about you let down this shield and we can finish this conversation away from this bright overhead light?"

Martha shook her head - Ryland's reputation really had surpassed itself and although his story was semi-believable she just wanted to make sure he wasn't just trying to talk his way out of the situation to hide from what had actually happened.

"You're going to have to tell me a bit more than that I'm afraid - I can't just open an investigation without any evidence as to who you allege shot you. Now while you consider what I've just said...Mr Clipped Wings...I'll think about what I'm going to do about checking these records you allege will tell me all I need to know" Martha responded.

Martha walked over to the console facing the cells and pressed a few random keys to make it look like she was preparing to bring up the latest logs. Without a name there was very little to convince Martha that Ryland was actually telling the truth.

"Well, now that just stings." Ryland held onto his cavalier smirk, but he was being honest. He turned back to his cot and sat down to begin his tale of woe.

"I sent a priority one message to Miss Spook, the Chief of Intel. We had a brief encounter the other day where she offered me a rain check that I'd hoped to cash last night." He propped his chin onto his hand and stared away at the wall as if recollecting fond memories.
"What that gal can do to a man... mhmm. But lords alive, does she get rough and tumbly." He chuckled playfully. " At any rate, I had hoped to protect her honor, seeing as how a gentleman never kisses and tells."

Ryland got back up to face Marth through the forcefield.

"There you have it, Mrs Lawman--My woebegone tale with every sordid detail. Am I free to go, or do we have to drag Miss Spook in here to do the Walk of Shame?"

"Oh you are a sport Mr Clipped Wings - now I have a name we can get this show on the road" Martha said.

Martha looked up at Ryland and listened. She then looked back down at the console to check the logs and it did confirm Ryland was brought in but it said that the then on-duty brig officer had processed it rather than Catalina herself.

"I'm going to deal with her myself. Now - you will be released from your cell however I will be keeping an eye on you via your commbadge - so that means no 'home visits' and any slip ups and you're right back behind that forcefield. Do we have a deal Mr Dedeker?" Martha asked.

"Deal." Ryland chewed his lip and said, "I'll even send you a video of my next dalliance if you're that interested." He grinned so hard that his tongue poked through his teeth.

Martha nodded. "Alright - I'm watching you"

Martha deactivated the forcefield and retrieved Ryland's commbadge from the secure locker behind the main console. Walking up to the Shuttlebay Manager to give it back to him Martha placed his commbadge in the usual place - adjusting it a couple of times to make sure it looked right - before standing in front of him.

"I'm serious. If you as much as jump in line in the queue in the mess hall you will be back here quicker than you can say Mrs Lawman. I'm not in the mood for this - however if it transpires you are correct then maybe I'll cut you some slack and advise Captain Ainscow does the same. I will keep you apprised of any updates in the investigation which you are privy to. Good day Lieutenant" Martha said.

Martha then turned on her heel and left the brig to start her investigation. Truth be told it gave her something to do but ultimately it was something she'd rather she didn't have to do in the first place.


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