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Upon Arrival

Posted on Mon Apr 24th, 2017 @ 8:47pm by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: San Francisco SF Headquarters
Timeline: Current

Ahira stood ramrod straight looking unflinchingly in the stern face of Admiral Lyons, a man only an inch or so taller than is own five feet eight, but with a much stockier build. "You have friends in high places, Kasamoto, otherwise you'd be in the same penal colony with the cabal you brought down. You crossed the line."

"I know that sir, you don't have to tell me. I'm grateful for the second chance."

The corner of Lyon's lip curled up minutely and his face relaxed a little. "You really scared me Ahira, I thought we had lost you, lost you to the darkness."

"I got caught up. I was in so deep that I almost started to believe their bullshit."

The Admiral shook his head, It wasn't almost you did start to believe it. That's the bad news. The good news is you wound up making the right decision. I'm sorry it cost you a pip, but at least they are reinstating you on three conditions. One you stay as far away from Section Thirty-One as you can. Even the ones that are supposed to be straight are dangerous and we don't know which of them is straight and which of them is a sympathizer. Either way, you made more than a few enemies."

"The second condition is you're not to go undercover for six months. I'm sure any Captian can find a use for that sharp mind and quick tongue of yours. And by the way, you really should, as we used to say on Earth, get back in the saddle again, getting back into a routine, especially if it's a dull one, is going to be the best medicine for you, hope. So, I was able to pull a few strings and get you a new posting. You're going to the USS Vindex."

"She's a unique ship in a lot of ways, the primary one is that the Intel department is semi-autonomous. They report directly to Starfleet Intel, you'll still be subject to the Captain's orders of course, but you won't be under the Executive Officer's domain.I think it will be a good fit for you."

Finally, you're going to need to see a Counselor at least every two weeks, more if they think you need it."

Ahira raised his hands up and shook his head. "I've already had the shrinks crawling around in my head, I know how close I came, I really don't need any more counseling."

"You killed a man," Lyons insisted, and that's not you."

"That may be, but he wasn't my first and I doubt he'll be my last."

"But, you slept with him, you were close to him."

"Again, he wasn't my first and he definitely won't be my last. And, I wasn't really close to him, it was just part of the job, seducing him that is."

"You say that, but in the end, he was the one that seduced you, just in a different way. I know you did what you had to do, but seeing a counselor is not an option. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes sir," the Ensign replied.

"Good, one more thing, this isn't a requirement from your boss, it's a request from a friend. You need to find someone to settle down with, someone that's going to treat you right."

"Yeah, well magic wands can only be found in a holodeck and that's about what it would take to find the perfect man. Anything else sir?"

"No, that will be all. Just be careful, I don't want to see you wind up in the brig or morgue."

Ahira finally moved from standing at attention and reached out to shake the Admiral's hand.

He went back to his cabin, packed his things and caught the next fast transport vessel to the Vindex.


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