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In The Beginning Part Three

Posted on Tue Apr 25th, 2017 @ 1:52pm by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto
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Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago


Only then did he leave the Thicket and head out into the Bazaar. He knew just where David would be, they'd set up their plans the previous night. The location changed weekly, but their pattern was consistent. One of them would set up at a busy intersection and draw a crowd by playing an instrument, a small Trill piano for David and a Bajoran Lute for himself, while the other would pick people's pockets.

They usually didn't net much, just enough to help David with his rent or food for the week. Sometimes, if they were especially lucky, they'd make enough to buy themselves lemon ices, or jaui sticks. David was playing exceptionally well that day, Ahira noticed as he sauntered close to the spice merchants booths. He spied a rather prosperous, and fat merchant, so he carefully approached him.

And now the continuation

David wasn't the only performer who was playing, there were three others plying their trade; a juggler, and a pair of acrobats. This meant fewer credits or coins for each of the performers involved, but since the two thieves really weren't interested in that aspect, it really didn't matter. The good news was that it did make for a larger crowd, of course, which made Ahira's job easier. He weaved his way through the throng, then allowed himself to be pushed up against the merchant, deftly snagging a waist-pack before pulling away with an apology.

He then continued walking as though nothing had happened, that was the key to a clean get away, to act as though he was what he looked like, an innocent teenager. He thought, briefly of making a second grab, there was as what he considered to be an easy mark at the edge of the crowd. That, however, increased his chance of getting caught, and he didn't like to play those odds.

That was especially true since this was more a game to the duo than anything else. Besides getting caught with one purse, would be nothing more than a small fine to the right guard, and the return of the purloined goods. More than one and bribes, at least the kind that a couple of street urchins could put together, wouldn't work.

Only after he had cleared the square did he increase his speed. Within fifteen minutes he was back at David's loft. He didn't have a key, though he'd been offered one, he didn't need it. When he got inside he checked his haul.

His eyes grew wide and did a small jig. Whoever this merchant was he must have been up to something shady. In the pack was a holocube with some kinds of schematics on it, and a strip of gold pressed latinum. Ahira didn't know the exact exchange rate, but he knew that it was the biggest haul they'd ever pulled in.

When David walked in thirty minutes later, he ran over to him and embraced him, kissing him enthusiastically. After the kiss had broken, and another one initiated by the other boy, David pulled slightly away. "This calls for a celebration," he said with a wicked smile, "one that involves us getting naked."

As much as the idea appealed to Ahira and it appealed to him a lot, he shook his head, "Love to, but I can't. I have to play decoy for some Family shit, in an hour and I can't be late. Mom would kill me if I was."

His boyfriend took his hand, his smile getting wider. "Oh, come on 'Hira, we have time, and I'll even let you be on top."

Now it was Ahira's turn to smile. "Okay fine, but I have to reallyleave in an hour."

"That won't be a problem," David reassured him.

Sometimes, the best-laid plans didn't work out, and their tryst, which started with an extended time of foreplay and culminated in a lengthy, at least for two still inexperienced teens, coupling, they fell asleep.

Some hours later, a shadow entered David's apartment. The shadow, a woman, was disgusted with what she saw. Her son, her flesh and blood with his legs entangled with another boy. And she could smell the lingering order of their climaxes.

She tapped Ahira on the shoulder, and he slowly woke up. When he saw her standing there and felt the cold steel of a dagger to his throat, his eyes grew wide with panic and his heart was pounding in his torso.

"Hello son," she greeted in a cold voice.

Ensign Ahira Kasamoto
Infiltration Specialist


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