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In The Beginning Part Four

Posted on Wed Apr 26th, 2017 @ 6:17pm by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago

Previously in Part 3
Sometimes best-laid plans didn't work out, and their tryst, which started with an extended time of foreplay and culminated in a lengthy, at least for two still inexperienced teens, coupling, they fell asleep.

Some hours later, a shadow entered David's apartment. The shadow, a woman, was disgusted with what she saw. Her son, her flesh, and blood with his legs entangled with another boy. And she could smell the lingering order of their climaxes.

She tapped Ahira on the shoulder, and he slowly woke up. When he saw her standing there and felt the cold steel of a dagger to his throat, his eyes grew wide with panic and his heart was pounding in his torso.

"Hello son," she greeted in a cold voice.
And now the continuation:

At first, the teenager could only get out unintelligible phrases as he desperately tried to figure a way out of this situation. He'd seen his mother angry before, far too often he'd seen what she could do when she was in one of her moods. She'd never left a mark where anyone could see, but it had still hurt like hell anyway. And all those times he had been beaten, it had been over relatively minor infractions.

The look she gave him now, was one he'd never seen before in his life. It told him no amount of conniving on his part was going to help. She was holding a knife to his throat, he knew that she might very well use, that he could die at sixteen. Sweat beaded his forehead, if he could have writhed out of the way, he would have, but he was too scared to move, knowing if he did that she might well end him at that moment in time, she was definitely capable of it.

Her normally cloud gray eyes had turned almost black and her face was devoid of expression.

He wanted to tell her that this wasn't what she thought it was, but even in his terrorized state, he knew just how preposterous that would sound.

"I should have known that you were up to something, that you were infatuated with someone, but another boy, that is unnatural and despicable. And to make it worse he's a destak. And..." her words were interrupted by David, who had started to awaken because of the noise. He reached out a hand wanting to place it on Ahira's chest, or to just touch him. He knew something was going, he just wasn't aware yet exactly what it was. His hand was knocked roughly aside by Sair.

His eyes flew open and the color drained from his face when he saw her standing over them, with a knife at his boyfriend's throat. He knew the Romulan woman's reputation and he knew that the two of them were in deep trouble, trouble they might not survive.

She looked over at him with her cold, dead, smile. "You two must think that I'm stupid, don't you think the Family takes precautions, that we leave things to chance. That charm your father gave you Ahira, the one you're so proud of, and wear around your wrist. It's not some sentimental gift, could you really have been that stupid? It's how we keep track of you how I was able to find you."

", please. I... I'm sorry, please don't kill me. Please." Tears were welling at the corner of his eyes. He was trying very hard to be brave but was finding it impossible to do so.

"Please ma'am," David said, finding his voice, "I know you don't approve of us, but it's not his fault. It's mine. And if it means anything to you, we are in love."

"You're right," the woman said, "it is your fault. And, I don't give a rat's ass if you're in love or not. But the good news is, I don't plan on killing Ahira."

Both boy's visibly relaxed thinking that maybe they could get out of this situation with nothing more than a ban on seeing each other. She lifted the knife from her son's chest and both started to breathe normally. Then, before either could react, her hand moved slicing through David's throat. A fountain of blood erupted covering Ahira and the sheets on the bed. She had moved to the side as soon as he dealt the killing blow, to avoid the mess.

Ahira tried to turn away, but she grabbed his head forcing him to watch, but not allowing him to hold, David as he bled out and died.

"You're no longer my son, " she told the fifteen year old. Then she took him by the scurf of the neck and dragged him out the door with her tossing him into the alley, naked, helpless and crying uncontrollably.

"Good luck on surviving on your own, you little bastard," she hissed, "I doubt you make it through the night."


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