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In The Beginning Part Five

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 @ 7:14pm by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago

Previous in Part Four

Ahira tried to turn away, but she grabbed his head forcing him to watch, but not allowing him to hold, David as he bled out and died.

"You're no longer my son, " she told the sixteen-year-old. Then she took him by the scurf of the neck and dragged him out the door with her tossing him into the alley, naked, helpless and crying uncontrollably.

"Good luck on surviving on your own, you little bastard," she hissed, "I doubt you make it through the night."

And now the continuation.

She had started to walk away when she remembered just how good he was at picking locks and bypassing security systems. So she returned and stood over the boy who was curled into a fetal position, weeping uncontrollably.

"You are such a weakling, I never really loved you," she taunted, "I tolerated you because you were a quick learner. So I have one final lesson to teach you. I suggest you learn it well."

She then kicked him hard in the ribs causing him to uncurl slightly. She then stomped down as hard as she could on his right hand crushing three of the bones. "Try picking a lock now," she said, paying no attention to his howls of anguish, just as she had paid no attention to his cries of grief.

Then for good measure, she kicked him in his testicles and said to the gathering crowd, "He has no protection from the Family you can do what you wish to him, there will be no repercussions." Then she turned and exited the alley.

More than one of the strangers gathered in the alleyway leered at the injured boy, his future, his life, held in the balance. It was daylight still, perhaps the only thing that saved him That and the fact that there were too many witnesses.

With David's murder, his mother's rejection and the excruciating physical pain he was going through Ahira would have welcomed death

The young teen could withe in agony for several long moments that seemed to drag on forever. Then a friend of David, though he knew what some of the others might do to him, moved over to the smaller teen and picked him up. His motives were not entirely poor, but he was not heartless, and regardless of what he had in mind it could not compare to what he knew some of the others had in mind.

His place was only three blocks away, but it was the longest three blocks he'd ever walked. Only when he had climbed the rickety stairs and triple-locked the door did he began to relax. He knew he had to contact Denkar, it would be his ass nailed to the wall if he didn't. But that could wait. Ahira was in no condition for what the Orion had planned for him, he had to be treated, he had to be in good shape. And besides Tyler had to get the half-Romulan to trust him.

He knew he'd have some personal regret this time, but it was regret or survival and he as going to choose survival.


Ensign Ahira Kasamto
Infiltration Specialist
USS Vindex


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