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In The Beginning Part Six

Posted on Sat Apr 29th, 2017 @ 2:11am by Ensign Ahira Kasamoto
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Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Darius V
Timeline: Ten Years Ago

Warning: Mature Content

Previously in Part 5

The young teen writhed in agony for several long moments that seemed to drag on forever. Then a friend of David's, knowing what some of the others might do to him, moved over to the smaller teen and picked him up. His motives were not entirely pure, but he was not heartless, and regardless of what he had in mind it could not compare to what he knew some of the others had in mind.

His place was only three blocks away, but it was the longest three blocks he'd ever walked. Only when he had climbed the rickety stairs and triple-locked the door did he began to relax. He knew he had to contact Denkar, it would be his ass nailed to the wall if he didn't. But that could wait. Ahira was in no condition for what the Orion had planned for him, he had to be treated, he had to be in good shape. And besides, Tyler had to get the half-Romulan to trust him.

He knew he'd have some personal regret this time, but it was regret or survival and he as going to choose survival.

And now the continuation:

Tyler laid Ahira on the bed and whispered soothingly to the still terrified teenager, "It's going to be okay Ahira, it's going to be okay. You'll see." He went to a drawer and pulled out some medical supplies including a hypospray. He made some adjustment then pressed it against they hybrid boy's neck. Ahira's breathing soon evened out and he slipped into unconsciousness.

There wasn't much he could do for the grief he knew Ahira had suffered, or deal with any of the terror he knew he must have felt. In fact, he was probably going to do much more to David's friend emotionally, than his mother had done. But he could help him physically.

He used the osteoregeneartor on his hand and had to hover it over the bones three times before that knitted back together. He wasn't that adept at using the tricorder, but he was pretty sure that aside from minor malnutrition, there was nothing seriously wrong with Ahira other than what he had already treated. Then he put a blanket over the other teen and let him sleep.

Ahira didn't wake up for almost ten hours At first he could remember nothing about what had happened to him. Then it all came flooding back and he sat up in bed screaming. Tyler was right there by his side. He kissed Ahira on his forehead and took his hand. "I'm here for you 'Hira, "he said using what he knew was David's pet name for him. "we're going to get you through this.

Ahira screams gradually tapered off and his heart stopped pounding in his chest, the screams replaced by tears forming at the corner of his eyes. At first, they traced their way down his cheeks, but, after a beat, they flooded his face.

" mother killed the boy I loved, it's all my fault! How could I have been so stupid?"

"It's not your fault, it's your mother's. She's the only one responsible. David did love you,"Trey said, "he told me often enough. You should know that." He leaned down and kissed Ahira very lightly on the forehead, "now I'm going to give you something to make you rest."

He then pressed the hypospray to his neck again and pressed it.

Once Ahira had passed out again and Tyler knew he was stable he used his PAdD to take pictures and sent them to his Master. It only took five minutes for his comm-link to go off, it was Denkar, the Orion.

"The boy is very exotic looking you've done a good job, Tyler. And how old is he?"

"He's fifteen or sixteen I think, I'm not really sure," Tyler responded.

"Oh, how delightful," he heard the voice said, "he looks like he could be thirteen. Do you know how big he is, does he have any experience?"

"I didn't exactly have time to measure and yes he does."

"Oh very good Tyler, I'll be sure to include a bonus. Get close to him, gain his trust. You have two weeks to turn him."

"Two weeks?" he asked incredulously, "his mother just killed his lover. I need two months, not two weeks.

There was a pause and Tyler thought he might have stepped over the line.

"You have one month.

Tyler was very good at what he did but it took him almost his entire allotted time, but in the end, he convinced Ahira that he loved him and that he could be trusted. One Saturday afternoon, he told Ahira that he was a Rent Boy, that was how he afforded such a nice place. And he asked him to go with him that night out on the street.

Ahira didn't want to go, but Tyler quietly and effectively laid on the guilt and Ahira went along with it. It wasn't that bad he decided. He was with his new love and the demands were not too great. Just plain vanilla stuff.

The next weekend Tyler introduced him to Denkar He confessed that he belonged to the Orion and that they both had to work for him, and work separately. If they refused the man would kill him. Still dealing with the guilt, Ahira felt he had no choice. He wasn't going to lose Tyler the way he had lost David.

The second night Ahira was summoned to the Curn Towers and met at the door of the inn room by an obsessed man who wanted to bind him to the bedposts. Ahira had refused, selling himself was humiliating enough, but being tied up by a stranger was dangerous. The client had been infuriated and had gone straight to Denkar, making his displeasure known.

When Ahira arrived back at Tyler's apartment he saw the Orion waiting for him. He didn't even have a chance to explain anything before Denkar cuffed his neck. "You're supposed to make people happy, you dolt, not drive them away. But I'm going to be lenient and let you go back and apologize. On your knees, if you know what I mean."

"He wanted to tie me up," Ahira said trying to be logical, "you don't want something happening to me do you, a potential source of income for you?"

"I don't give a rat's ass what happens to you. Kids like you are easy to find. If one of your clients wants to tie you up, you let them. If they want to hit you, piss or defecate on you, you let them. There are no limits. Do you understand me?"

Ahira showed just how much he understood the large Orion by the use of a familiar, Terran hand gesture. For his defiant bravado, he was grabbed from behind by two other large men and dragged into the bedroom. He struggled unsuccessfully and he was tied face down, spread-eagled on the bed. Once again he struggled and once again his efforts at escape failed.

Then he heard the door open and saw a naked Denkar enter. "You should have listened to me, Kasamoto. Now, I'm going to have to break you. You're going to pay the consequences for your insubordination.

Ensign Ahira Kasamoto
Infiltration Specialist
USS Vindex


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