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Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 6:33pm by Ensign Asher Maddison MD & Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Ahira's cabin Sickbay
Timeline: MD 74 0230

Sleet driven by a twisting wind struck a fleeing Ahira stinging his eyes and other exposed flesh. He chanced a glance back over his shoulder and saw his pursuers. Three large Orions that looked exactly like Denkar. They were dressed identically too, but that wasn't the terrifying part to the young hybrid teen. It was their weapons; braided cat of nine tails and wicked looking scimitars. They were closing fast and he knew didn't have much time, not if he wanted to live.

He made a sudden turn, up a narrow, winding path, slipped and fell. He landed on his left knee, a sharp pain running up his leg. He struggled to his feet his adversaries so close behind him, he could feel the breath on the back of his neck.

He ran and he ran and he ran, just barely keeping ahead of his pursuers. He had managed to get to the top of the cliff and thought he'd gotten away. Thought he'd gotten away until he felt a hand grab hold of his shirt, shoving him sideways. He was at the very edge of a precipice and his feet fought for purchase, but they found nothing. Then he was tumbling over the cliff.

Ahira's eyes fluttered open and he found himself on the floor of his room one leg resting beneath him the other entangled in the sheets. His body was drenched with sweat, his heart racing.

It took a good five minutes for his breathing to return to normal He grabbed a pair of shorts and a Parrises Squares tee shirt and made his way to sickbay. His eyes swept the waiting room, looking fo a doctor, or anyone that could help him.

She'd returned to her office to check the morning's schedule, and Asher heard the doors open and close. Nobody was expected for an appointment at this time, so Asher made her way out to the waiting area and saw who had arrived, it was Ahira, the newest member of the intelligence department.

"Oh, hello," Asher said, curiously. "how can I help you?"

"I'm sorry to bother you, especially at this time of the morning, but I've, em, had a rather graphic nightmare and, I was hoping you could help me."

Asher smiled, looking at Ahira sympathetically.

"It's okay, Ahira. What can I do for you?" Asher asked.

"Is there something you can give me that will help me sleep, without dreaming, I don't want to have to relive that."

Asher had already tried a few different remedies to try and stop herself dreaming, in an attempt to stop reliving the death of her sister night after night, year after year. It had worked, usually, although there was still the odd night where Asher's most dreaded dream came back to haunt her.

"Well, I know exactly how you feel," Asher said. "what I usually do to reduce the chances of dreaming is listen to some music before I go to sleep, and I also put some lavender oil on my pillow too. You might want to try having chamomile tea before you go to sleep too, I haven't had to try that but I have heard it has positive effects."

"Thanks," Ahira replied, "I'll try that. As long as I have you here, I'd like to set up a time to have a counseling session. I'm kind of required to and Jaya is going to be off the ship for awhile. And I need to get my physical done as well. I know that it's late, but could we do that now if you have the time?"

Asher smiled and nodded reassuringly. It was late, and she was due back on shift in a few hours, but the way things had gone that night Asher found it hard to think about sleep. Maybe if she tired herself out enough, she'd get a bit of sleep before the start of her shift.

"Sure, let's go and do both," Asher said, pointing to a treatment bay. "Get yourself in one of the treatment bays, I'm currently free on Tuesday mornings if that's suitable for you?"

"It's as good as any other," Ahira replied over his shoulder as he walked towards the treatment bay.

After closing the curtain, Asher prepared the equipment she needed to perform the medical check. This was just the ticket, Asher hoped the procedure would tire her out enough to go to sleep in her office for a few hours, but if not then it looked like Asher would be up for the rest of the night.

"Okay, I'm just checking your records..." Asher said, "and it says you have a number of unhealed wounds. Have any of these bothered you recently?"

"My left shoulder, collar bone actually, is hurting a little. Nothing too major though. Everything else is fine."

Asher nodded, beginning to scan the areas which had been indicated to her by Ahira. At least everything else was fine, giving Asher a bit less to worry about, although the shoulder injury could be caused by anything. Once the scan was complete, Asher checked the results and came to her conclusion.

"Okay, it looks like you've bruised it slightly, but you'll be pleased to know, it isn't broken. I'll prescribe you some pain relief and then book you back in for a check up in a week or so." Asher said, commencing the full scan for Ahira's medical examination.

"Thanks," Ahira replied as he sat on the biobed. Keeping his focus on the doctor's face he continued, "I know what I'm doing up so early, I was actually expecting some supplemental staff member. Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing up?"

Asher smiled, scanning Ahira in the tried and trusted way she'd used ever since she carried out her first medical exam back at the Academy. So far, so good, and it was giving her a chance to meet someone new, even if it was two thirty in the morning.

"Well, I went to the Captain's party on the station," Asher said. "and it could give gone better from a personal perspective, so I'm here burning the midnight oil to take my mind off of it. I'm going to get a few hours' sleep in my office once we're done here."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I know you're supposed to be the expert when it comes to counseling, but, is there anything I can do to help?"

Asher smiled, continuing to watch the data appearing on the screen to make sure she picked things up, although so far, nothing had come up. So far, so good.

"You could help me pick some relaxing music, most of the music I like is a bit too upbeat for using to try and relax when I want to go to sleep."

Pausing, Asher checked the screen again, before continuing with the medical exam. One down, many, many more to go.

"Well, so far," Asher said, "you're looking quite healthy."

"That's good to know, it sounds far better than the alternative. I'm looking forward to talking with you more later, but if you have nothing more for me now, I think I'll be going, seeing if I can get a little bit of sleep."

Just as Ahira decided to depart, Asher concluded the scan and was satisfied with the results. Giving him some pain relief to help with his collar bone, Asher made a note to schedule some counselling sessions and offer Ahira a few times for him to choose from.

"Okay, you're good for another year. I'll look at my schedule and send you some options for your counselling sessions, although that won't be until later today." Asher said, closing everything down after certifying Ahira as fit for duty for another twelve months.

"Very good," Ahira replied.

A joint post by
Ensign Ahira Kasamto
Infiltration Specialist
USS Vindex
Doctor Asher Maddison MD,
Acting Head Doctor,
USS Vindex.


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