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An awkward bedside manner

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant JG Lucia Cusack & Ensign Asher Maddison MD

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 82

Going around her daily routine, Asher was doing her daily equipment check to make sure everything was working as it should be, which she hoped would earn her some more points in her case to become the Vindex's permanent head doctor. Her proposal to overhaul the structure of it was still a work in progress, but by the time her review date came, Asher hoped it would be ready. Whether she got the job or not, Asher knew the department was in need of some changes, and she was going to submit her proposal anyway, either to the Captain or to whoever got the job instead.

Lucia was working in the armoury when all of a sudden the rifle she was using overloaded and sent the young security officer to the floor. Although her injuries weren't serious there was no way she'd be able to tend to it herself - in her dazed state Lucia tapped her commbadge to call for help.

=/\="Lieutenant Cusack to sickbay...medical emergency on the...firing range"=/\= Lucia panted.

=A="I'll be right there"=A= Asher replied, reaching for her medical kit and making her way to the firing range.

Pushing past a couple of people, urgently rather than rudely, Asher picked up the pace. An injury on the firing range was going to be serious, and it would be best to get to Lucia as soon as possible to give herself and her team more time to treat their wounded colleague. There was still pressure on her team to perform though, and Asher was considering offering training to other officers for them to double up and help her department.

"Okay, firing range..." Asher muttered, opening the door, and going up to the injured woman on the floor. It was already awkward, considering Asher had been involved in an intimate encounter with Lucia's wife, Martha, a few days earlier.

Asher placed her medical kit down, opened it, and pulled a scanner out. On initial assessment, it looked like a first degree burn, but the scan would confirm that.

"I'm just going to give you a quick scan, Lucia. Take it easy okay?" Asher said, starting the scan. "We'll get you fixed up in no time."

Lucia nodded as Asher scanned the area where the rifle was resting against when it overloaded. It was going to render her out of action for a few days at least - but right now she was just wanting to get her injury treated.

"What's the prognosis? Will I live?" Lucia asked humorously.

Concluding the scan, Asher nodded, and then put the scanner away again. This was going to need more specialist treatment, so it was off to sickbay with Lucia for proper burns treatment. The scan suggested it was more superficial than Asher thought it was, but she couldn't treat her patient here.

"You'll live," Asher replied, "but you'll need to come to sickbay with me for proper treatment."

=A="Computer, transport myself and Lieutenant Cusack from here to sickbay."=A=

A few minutes later, Asher had Lucia in a treatment bay, and carefully removed Lucia's jacket and under shirt to treat the burn properly, giving her a gown to stay warm and cover up.

"Okay, it's a first degree burn. I'll go and get a dermal regenerator, then I'll get you some cream to apply to the affected areas on your arm and torso." Asher said, disappearing to go and get the equipment she needed.

"Thanks" Lucia replied.

Lucia was pleased with the prompt treatment she had received but she wondered why Asher seemed a lot less enthusiastic than what Martha had told Lucia was a very cheerful self. She felt the burn sting a little as she waited for Asher to return but it could have been a lot worse - at least the rifle didn't actually explode.

Finding the cream she needed to treat Lucia, as well as the dermal regenerator, Asher took them back into the treatment bay to find her patient was waiting patiently. Asher tried to avoid eye contact, not to be be ignorant, but because of her guilt and embarrassment over her intimate encounter with her wife, Martha.

"Okay, hold still." Asher said, commencing treatment of Lucia's burn with the dermal regenerator.

Lucia held still and watched as Asher treated her burn. The new doctor's bedside manner was concerning her - Lucia wondered if it was something she had done to upset Asher - or whether the doctor was just having a bad day.

"How's your day been doctor?" Lucia asked.

"Same old, same old." Asher replied, moving the dermal regenerator over the damaged tissue carefully and slowly, making sure she treated all the affected areas.

Lucia decided it was time to try a different approach.

"Are you alright doctor? You don't seem very happy" Lucia asked.

Asher nodded her head, avoiding eye contact with her patient. She couldn't stop thinking about what happened with Martha, as much as she wanted it to stay in the past as they agreed, it was one of the more enjoyable hours in her life.

"I'm fine thank you, Ms Cusack. I'm just a bit tired." Asher replied, convincingly.

Lucia sighed to herself and guessed it was just one of those days where nobody seemed interested in talking to her. She watched as the dermal regenerator did its work and thought how lucky she was it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The doctor's attitude was fine - but Lucia still didn't believe Asher's 'just a bit tired' excuse.

After fifteen minutes or so, Asher finished treating Lucia with the dermal regenerator and applied the cream to the treated area to continue the healing process. Passing Lucia the tub of cream, Asher gave her the instructions on how and when to use it.

"Thanks doctor. It looks better although it's still a bit irritable - I'll put the cream on as you've said" Lucia replied.

"It's my job, Lucia." Asher replied. "Don't hesitate to come back if it gives you any trouble. I'm keeping you off duty for the next couple of days, the less movement and irritation will give it a better chance of healing fully. If anyone asks why you aren't on duty, then send them my way, okay?"

Lucia sat up and smiled at Asher. She kept her gown on seeing as her uniform was now unwearable

"I can tell you're not being honest when you're saying your just tired doctor. You can tell me what's bothering you and I promise I won't tell anyone" Lucia said.

Asher nodded. "I'm fine, honestly. I'm just tired, and I could do with some company."

Lucia smiled. "Why don't you come over for dinner with Martha and I later?"

"Er, I'm not sure that's a good idea." Asher replied, unsure at the prospect of being in the same room as Martha and Lucia at the same time, the awkwardness between Asher and Martha was still very high, and it was probably going to be a while before it went away.

"Oh come on doctor - it's the least we can do for you. I'm not going to take no for an answer so I'll keep nagging you until you say that you'll come over" Lucia responded.

"Alright," Asher conceded, "but not until that burn of yours is properly healed. Come back in a couple of days and I'll check it over for you, I'll make you an appointment later."

Lucia got up off the bed and smiled - glad Asher had agreed to come on the condition she came back for a check up first.

Lucia smiled. "You won't regret it. I promise"

Asher nodded, turned away and went back into her office.

Lucia then made her way out of sickbay - clutching the cream for her burn - and back to her quarters to rest up as Asher had instructed her to do so. Lucia knew she should have asked Martha about it first because she was very particular with guests - but she did have a couple of days for Martha to agree to it.


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