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This Is Not A Drill

Posted on Wed May 10th, 2017 @ 3:54am by Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Gareth Tau & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 83; 11:30

With the bridge crew going about their business whilst the survey team was on the surface Claudia began thinking about taking some time off from the stresses of command for a short while and helping to set the new colony up. Commodore Hutchinson - who was conveniently still on board - had worked on the recommendation for colonisation with Claudia and ordered the Derbyshire to proceed to Nova Mercia to assist. Just as Claudia was considering going for an early lunch she heard a beep coming from one of consoles behind her.

"What's that?" Claudia asked.

Martha analysed her console before giving Claudia her answer. It appeared there was a large amount of radiation rising up from the surface and directly at the Vindex - it was too localised to be natural but there was no signs of any man made structures or any technology on or immediately below the planet's surface.

"There's some radiation coming up from the surface Captain. It's aimed at the ship - although with it being close to the area where the away team have set up camp I estimate it will start to affect them within the next 30 minutes at best. I recommend we withdraw immediately and instruct the away team to take shelter" Martha said.

Claudia sighed. "Open a channel to Commander ben-Avram and get the shields up. Mr Tau I want some detailed scans of that thing"

"Commencing scans," Gareth said gruffly.

"Channel open" Martha said.

"Commander - there's an awful lot of radiation in a site about 15 kilometres away from your base camp location. If you're any closer to it then I recommend you withdraw back to base camp and prepare to leave aboard the Horsa" Claudia said.

=/\="Acknowledged, Capt... there seems to be ...ference. We're unable to re... commu..."=/\=

"Commander? Commander? Oh fuck it. What's the status of the radiation Commander Tau?" Claudia asked.

"It appears to be kinoplasmic radiation, ma'am," Gareth said. "I don't know of anything else that royally mucks up computer systems like a hot knife through butter. If we don't immediately retreat to a safer distance, we'll be dead in the water."

=/\="Commander Himmel to the bridge. We're in need of your expertise as quickly as possible"=/\=


Her daughter was on the surface and as much as it pained her to think about moving away Martha knew the Vindex would have to be protected at all costs.

"Captain - our shields won't protect us for that long. We've got another 15 minutes then we need to withdraw to safety..." Martha instructed.

Claudia nodded. "Alright Commander. We need some options pretty damned quickly...does anyone have any?"

"Not presently," Gareth said with his eyes glued to his console. "But I'll keep searching for one."

Martha leaned forward on her console - she had one but it was a long shot and it could mean it was a one-way trip - but there was every chance it could be a return trip instead.

"There's no way we could modify our shields to protect the ship in time - but a runabout is smaller and has less emitters - so it would take less time to modify them once we've come up with a design" Martha offered.

Claudia nodded. "Alright - once Commander Himmel arrives I'd like you to work with Lieutenant Atkinson and Commander Tau on modifying the USS Mersey. If you aren't ready to depart in 13 minutes then I will take a runabout in myself"

" can't fly a runabout. I can - and there are others on the ship who can do so" Martha replied.

Claudia sighed. "Noted Commander - however unless you're volunteering to fly on this mission then I don't see we have many options"

"I am volunteering. My daughter's down there and I'm not leaving her and the rest of that away team at the mercy of whatever's causing that radiation Captain - your daughter is up here and she needs you here. The Vindex needs its Captain more than it needs its Tactical Officer" Martha countered.

Claudia turned in her chair and looked at Martha with a neutral expression but one she hoped gave Martha the message. It was quite a speech and the first time Martha had ever questioned her orders - however Claudia felt she'd made her point.

"Noted Commander. Wait for Commander Himmel by the turbolift with Commander Tau please" Claudia instructed.

Martha nodded and did as she was asked - waiting patiently for Soren to arrive on the bridge.

"I've got it!" Gareth left the Science station and rushed over to Tactical as quickly as his measured pace allowed. He pointed out the coordinates with his finger. "Detonate a tricobalt warhead midway between our position and the planet's exosphere. The detonation should weaken the kinoplasmic bursts in our direction for a couple of minutes at most. Too close to either us or the planet will be disastrous, so aim carefully."

Martha nodded. "I think that's doable - with your permission Captain I'd like for Lieutenant Zuzan to come up and launch a tricobalt warhead as soon as the Mersey has launched.

"Alright. You have ten minutes" Claudia replied.

Soren walked off the turbolift onto the bridge, "What's the situation Captain?"

"We've got a situation where we need to equip a runabout with some shields to defend against the radiation coming from that planet which is affecting the ship. I apologise for the lack of time available to you but you have ten minutes or...Commander flying the Mersey down there to get them back" Claudia instructed.

Martha had no issues with that - she volunteered for it and she knew the consequences.

"I'll get right on it," Soren turned and looked at Martha, "Shall we?"

"Let's go" Martha said - leading the trio into the turbolift.

Gareth nodded and followed the Tac-Sec Chief.


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