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Making A Recommendation

Posted on Sun May 7th, 2017 @ 6:20pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Captain Ainscow's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 82; 22:00

Claudia was pleased to hear the away team had landed on the planet successfully and managed to set up camp in a decent position. With this worry now off her mind Claudia decided it was time to tell David about the situation - this planet was ripe for colonisation and Claudia was going to present her case to David.

=/\="Commodore Hutchinson - can you come to my ready room if you're free please?"=/\= Claudia said.

David was feeling a bit better and he was sat in his guest quarters reading a book. Placing a bookmark in his book he placed it down to one side and responded to confirm that he was on his way.

=/\="On my way Captain"=/\= David replied.

Five minutes later David was sat opposite Claudia's desk with a cup of tea. He knew the Vindex had deviated off course to look for a potential star system but he had no idea about the status of the planet the Vindex had discovered and was now surveying.

"What is it I can do for you Captain?" David asked.

Claudia smiled. "Well after we followed the trail of breadcrumbs that was seemingly left for us - or someone else - we've managed to find a star system. Best thing is we've found a planet which is habitable and I have an away team down there now to conduct a survey for a couple of days. So far however I feel it's worth considering for colonisation now we've torn up the Jankata Accord. It's in a good position and I think it's got to be worth some serious consideration Commodore"

David nodded and sipped his tea before replying. He was aware of rumours about the habitable planet which the Vindex was now in orbit of but now its existence had been confirmed David was keen to press ahead with Claudia's request to submit a formal recommendation to Starfleet Command. He was looking forward to setting up camp on Starbase Unity - but clearly the deviation Claudia had decided to take had proven to be a deviation worth taking. They'd found what nobody else had bothered to look for before.

"Well that's good to know Captain - I'd like to have a look at the information you've gathered on the Vindex's sensors but I'd be happy to help you with that request if you like. I think it's time we broadened our horizons out here and this planet is ideal based on its location as you've pointed out. How many people have you sent down?" David replied.

Claudia responded. "Ten overall - there's five from Starfleet to do the survey work, four Marines and an observer. I'm going to send some more teams down tomorrow lunchtime once base camp has been established so there's actually somewhere comfortable and warm for them to sleep"

"I'd like to come down with you tomorrow. In the mean time to help out I'll order the Derbyshire to make its way here at best possible speed - if there was a trail the chances are it could have been left by someone else keen to find this planet. They may not want to give up trying to colonise it without a fight and two ships are better than one" David said.

Claudia agreed with that - after all if the Vindex was busy transporting people down it would have its shields lowered and be vulnerable to any potential enemies that came looking.

"There is one thing we're a little concerned about - a warp signature suggests a Federation freighter was out this way before making a sudden about turn. We can't find anything on sensors and there was no way it could have gone beyond our sensor range before we got to the beacon" Claudia replied.

David thought for a moment - that didn't sound right and it almost certainly merited bringing in some more support. He was even more eager to get the Derbyshire on the scene sooner rather than later - it sounded like his hunch about someone else being interested in the planet was right.

"If you have any warp signatures which you've managed to track then if you can get them up on the computer and I'll send a copy to all vessels in the area to try and track them. It's just a bit odd seeing as there's no cargo routes in this area - freighters don't usually do about turns for no reason because they're not capable of outrunning very much - if anything" David said.

Claudia nodded. "Commander Cusack did get one up - I can ask her to distribute it to all ships in the are tomorrow morning when she comes on duty. How soon can the Derbyshire be here?"

"About 18 hours or so if it's still on course behind us. I'll send a message to Captain Joyce to increase her speed to get here as quick as she can" David responded.

Claudia was pleased to hear that the Derbyshire was within a reasonable distance.

"That's good to know. Before I start this recommendation in the morning do you want to start it before or after we head down? I'd rather not do anything if you want to see it for yourself first" Claudia asked.

David smiled. "You can make a start on it first thing in the morning. The sooner the better"

David finished his cup of tea and stood up - ready to head back to his quarters and ask Captain Joyce to pick up her pace before getting some more rest ahead of tomorrow's away mission to the planet below. He was all too keen to get this planet colonised sooner rather than later - it was in a key tactical position and there was no way David was going to let anyone else colonise it before the Federation could.

"As you wish Commodore. I'll see you in the morning" Claudia replied.

David nodded. "You sure will. Goodnight Captain"

"Goodnight Commodore" Claudia responded.

Claudia watched David leave before putting a couple of reminders in her schedule before retiring to her own quarters. She'd had a long day and like David she was more than ready to get some rest ahead of what was going to be another long day tomorrow.


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