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A Walk Along The Beach

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 5:12pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Nova Mercia
Timeline: Mission Day 84; 09:00

It was the day of Claudia and Rebecca's wedding and Claudia decided to head down to Nova Mercia via the transporter to select a suitable site to conduct the ceremony and make any necessary preparations. Claudia had summoned David to come along with her so they could take a walk along the beach and take a look around the planet before the major colonisation work started in the area. As she stood in the transporter room Claudia was deep in thought - until David arrived and got her attention.

"Good morning Captain" David said.

Claudia smiled. "Hello Commodore. How are you today?"

"I'm well thank you - and yourself?" David replied.

Claudia beamed. "I'm good thanks. Shall we get going?"

David nodded and followed Claudia onto the transporter pad. Once both of them were on the pad and ready Claudia gave the transporter operator the nod and within seconds the two officers beamed from the Vindex to a beach near the site of the initial base camp site.

"So this is the site your XO told me about. It's as nice as he described" David commented.

Claudia smiled. "He wasn't wrong. The sea is so beautiful and the sand looks so's a surprise nobody's even bothered to come and look for this planet before we found it"

"That's our gain and their loss" David replied.

Claudia and David walked a short distance up the beach before Claudia selected the site she wanted to hold the ceremony on - a site close to the sea which was close to the banks of the vast ocean ahead of them. Marking the site with a few rocks in a distinctive shape - as well as sticking a marker in the middle - Claudia made sure to allow for any change in the tide between now and when the wedding ceremony was held.

"There...let's just hope the tide doesn't come in between now and when we're supposed to get married" Claudia joked.

David chuckled. "Let's hope not. This will be the first wedding I've officiated on a planet so it's a first time for everything - have you arranged everything with the chef? If you haven't managed to let me know what you want him to do and I'll organise it for you"

"I'd like that - most of it's done but I don't think we chose a menu. I think we'll just go for letting people choose what they want from the chef rather than having a set menu. Make sure it's in the function room too if it's available - somewhere with a decent view but quiet and away from the canteen and D15" Claudia replied.

David nodded. "Sure"

"She means so much to me. I've wanted to marry someone like her for so long and now it's finally happening" Claudia mused.

David again nodded and thought back to his own wedding. He'd been married for 32 years now and it felt like yesterday he watched Clarissa Sorrentino walk down the aisle in that ivory dress made by her mother. Now he would be watching Claudia and Rebecca give eachother their vows and pronouncing them wife and wife - he felt humbled that the two women had asked him to officiate their special day. The venue was perfect - and with peace made with the dulcite entity it seemed that the colonisation of the planet could carry on as planned.

"I can see that. It's not every day you officiate a Captain marrying their Yeoman - but that doesn't matter to me at all. As long as you're both happy then that's all that matters" David replied.

Claudia smiled. "I can't say I envisioned falling in love with anyone any time soon - let alone my Yeoman - but it's a wonderful feeling. How long have you been married for now?"

"A long time - 32 years to be precise" David responded.

Claudia replied. "That's great. I hope Becky and I can match and surpass that"

"Oh you will" David said.

They continued to walk along the beach for a while talking about anything and everything - it wasn't what Claudia imagined doing right before she was due to get married - but she was enjoying talking about old times with the man who had not only become her mentor but David had also become her friend and a father figure. After an hour or so David checked his watch - synchronised to the Vindex's clock - and realised they only had a couple of hours left to prepare for the ceremony.

"Well as much as I'd like to keep walking and talking we've got a ceremony to prepare for" David commented.

Claudia chuckled. "I guess you're right"

After they stopped walking David tapped his commbadge to request transport back to the Vindex. He was currently in his uniform although he would be changing out of that and into the suit he'd prepared the night before.

=/\="Hutchinson to Vindex - two to beam up"=/\= David said.

Moments later the duo beamed off Nova Mercia and back up to the Vindex.


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