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A Pilot Gets His Wings Back - Briefly

Posted on Wed May 10th, 2017 @ 9:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Gareth Tau & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Megan Atkinson

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: USS Mersey
Timeline: Mission Day 83; 11:40

Martha made her way to the Mersey and immediately made her way to the tactical console to start work on updating the shields. The amount of time they had was probably about ten minutes - ten minutes to modify the shields and protect it against the radiation for long enough to rescue the away team from the surface of Nova Mercia.

Megan immediately started disassembling the covers for the shield nearest generator - hoping Gareth and Martha had an idea how they were going to modify the shields quickly enough.

"Well...this is nearly apart. Do you guys have any ideas what we're doing?" Megan asked.

Martha thought for a moment - thinking of an idea that might work.

"Can we use metaphasic shields? It shouldn't take too much theory..." Martha suggested.

"That could be risky," Gareth said. "Metaphasic shielding is effective against stellar radiation from anything short of a Jovian star, but if the kinoplasmic bursts from the planet shift in ionic phases, the shuttle will be saturated in tetryonic particles. It could backfire and you'd be dead before you knew it."

"Sounds like you need an ace pilot."

Ryland came strutting around the corner and leaned against the Mersey with his hands behind his head. "I happen to know of one who's skimmed the surface of a star and lived to tell the tale."

Martha knew that voice and she was half tempted to tell him to go away - but this wasn't the time for that. Ryland had more flying hours than she did and she'd be best served monitoring the rest of the craft's systems.

"Alright Mr Dedeker you're on the conn - but you do whatever I tell you and don't question it" Martha replied.

Ryland grinned and nodded with eager delight.

Turning to Gareth she continued.

"Well we're not really blessed with many options. Alright - let's just try to boost the existing shields to try and buy us a few more minutes against the radiation. Mr Dedeker will have to keep his foot down from the start to the finish" Martha said.

Himmel had begun working on modifying the shield, "I am borrowing some parts from the other runabout. I'll also need to take some power away from weapons and I'll also borrow power from the warp drive. That should hold her afloat. Lieutenant Atkinson do you mind modifying the shields here?"

Megan nodded and proceeded to modify the shield generator as requested. It wasn't going to take as long but there was every chance it wouldn't be as effective or provide as much protection as a shield designed for the purpose. Ten minutes probably wasn't enough to do that - if they'd had ten hours then Megan was sure the four of them could have come up with something.

"Mr Dedeker - start your flight checks. We're going when the shield modifications are completed" Martha ordered.

"Yes, ma'am." Ryland's trademark cocksure grin flashed across his face as he disappeared inside the runabout.

Soren brought over the 'borrowed' parts from the other runabout and gave them to Megan. He followed Ryland into the Mersey and began rerouting power from the weapons and warp drive.

"I don't need her to go the distance," Ryland said to Soren. "Just give me enough juice to make a quick hop down and back. Yours truly will handle the rest."

Megan fitted the parts as she was passed them - making a few modifications as she went to ensure they fitted perfectly. The Sheaf wouldn't be going anywhere for a while now it had been stripped of its shield components - but that was the least of their concerns right now.

"Alright...I've fitted those parts. I'll just run a diagnostic on them before letting you fly off with heavily modified shields" Megan said.

Martha nodded. "Alright Lieutenant - let me know when you're ready"

"T'hell with diagnostics." Ryland stuck his head outside the runabout door. "Fly high, do or die. You coming, Commander, or do I get to save the day all by my lonesome?"

Martha gave Ryland a stare that she hoped would remind him who was in charge of this mission.

"You're not going anywhere without this diagnostic being completed Dedeker - you wait until I say you can go otherwise you'll be sorting out this junk when Commander Cusack gets back" Megan snapped.

"If you keep sweet-talkin' me like that you're gonna' make me blush." Ryland put his sense of urgency on hold and fired off his best grin. "How's about we finish this when I get back? You can give me a proper hero's welcome."

Megan replied. "Oh please. I don't date flyboys - but you can now go whenever Commander Cusack is ready. Let's get out of this runabout - good luck you two"

Martha watched to ensure the door was safely closed and secured before giving Ryland the order to depart.

"Let's go - and don't make me regret this" Martha ordered.

"Little chance of that, Madam Lawman," Ryland said. His smug grin was gone, replaced by a solemn devotion to duty and an intense focus on his conn panel. "I screw up, and we're all dead. Good thing you're flyin' with the best."

The Mersey lifted off with a feather's touch and glided through the shuttle bay toward open space.

=/\="Cusack to Zuzan - fire the tricobalt device on my command..."=/\=


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