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Unexpected Eagerness

Posted on Tue May 9th, 2017 @ 8:48pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr

Mission: S1E5 - Unknown Territory
Location: Guest Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 83; 07:00

David woke up earlier than he'd planned and after a quick wash and a shave he set up a communications link with Starfleet Command with the hope he would get through to someone and inform them of the situation at the new planet they had discovered. He was eager for it to be colonised - the tactical advantage it offered to Starfleet was undoubted and David didn't want another faction to colonise it before the Federation could.

David sat down at the desk with a cup of coffee and a couple of croissants for breakfast David requested a link to Rear Admiral Joyce's office - and was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly the request was answered.

"Good morning Commodore. How can I help you this morning?" John replied.

John was around the same age as David and was assigned to Starfleet Tactical - he was previously deployed in the Alpha Quadrant but had recently been assigned to the Gamma Quadrant on a temporary basis based at Deep Space 11.

"Oh you're going to like this - I think. The Vindex detected a distress beacon which pointed them in the direction of what could have been a star system. After the senior staff debated whether to follow it the Vindex has now discovered a habitable Class M planet which Captain Ainscow and I are planning to submit a proposal to the Federation to colonise it" David said.

John nodded. "Alright Commodore - that sounds good to me. What are the co-ordinates of this planet please?"

"One second" David replied.

David got the co-ordinates up on his computer before forwarding them via a secure link to the Rear Admiral on the other side of the Idran Region.

"Thank you Commodore..." John said - looking at them.

Cross checking the co-ordinates with something John's facial expression changed dramatically. The Vindex had found just what his department had been looking for - a decent forward location to defend the Idran Region from the area the planet was located in against a potential invasion.

"Give me a few minutes Commodore. I'll get back to you" John replied.

Before David had a chance to reply the screen went blank. The Northern Irishman shrugged and took a sip of his coffee and started to eat his croissants after carefully cutting both of them in half and spreading the orange flavoured jam across both of the exposed surfaces evenly. His time on the Vindex had been rather eventful - after eating something which didn't agree with him he spent a few days in his quarters with food poisoning and now David had witnessed the discovery of a planet which was seemingly of great interest to Rear Admiral Joyce. Whatever the reasoning for the abrupt ending of the call was David thought it must have been important.

"Maybe he needed to go to the toilet" David thought out loud.

It was a while before Rear Admiral Joyce got back to David - a whole half an hour - in which time David had consumed his breakfast and two whole cups of coffee. When the request for a secure communications link came up David turned calmly and accepted it.

"I'm surprised you're still waiting for me Commodore" John said.

David smiled. "I'm a patient man. Everyone knows that by now"

"Anyway - I'd like you to push ahead with that proposal Captain Ainscow and yourself have worked on. I'm going be sending the Archer, Liverpool and Sankey to assist you - they will be with you in about four days' time" John replied.

David was surprised by the amount of ships John was sending - a Sabre, Defiant and Steamrunner-class respectively - none of which were science focused vessels. David couldn't help but feel something was a little off - the Rear Admiral was all too keen to throw ships at the currently unnamed planet when resources were still a little bit thin on the ground after the Consortium crisis.

"That sounds a bit excessive sir - we already have the Vindex here and the Derbyshire is due to arrive later today" David replied.

John wasn't going to pass up this opportunity - Starfleet had instructed him to find a suitable colony to use as a forward base in that area and he wasn't going to risk losing that chance to another faction who could use it to cause the Federation issues that it didn't need whilst in the process of rebuilding.

"The task group will be led by Commander Gwyneth Sumner of the USS Sankey. They will be transferring to Task Force 9 jurisdiction within the next hour or so once they have confirmed their orders - in the mean time Commodore...don't forget to submit that proposal as soon as possible. The sooner you do that the sooner the Vindex and her crew can get their names in the history books" John said.

David nodded. "I'll have to speak to Vice Admiral Archer about that sir - but I'll speak to Captain Ainscow shortly and see how the survey is progressing. It would be hasty of us to submit the proposal before we've had a chance to conclude the survey"

"Make it quick please Commodore. Joyce out" John replied.

David nodded as the screen went blank - something seemed a little odd here - were Starfleet actually after this planet for a reason or was Rear Admiral Joyce always this eager to rush into things? Either way David planned on speaking to Vice Admiral Archer before proceeding any further - she was his superior and whilst Rear Admiral Joyce outranked him David wasn't going to do anything he'd asked him to without the approval of his superior.


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