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That's Strategic Operations Covered (Backpost)

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2016 @ 7:28pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG Imogen Kaz

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 1; Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 2; 10:00

Claudia was in her office and just received a notification that she had also been assigned a Chief Strategic Operations officer - one Lieutenant Imogen Kaz. With their launch imminent Claudia decided it would be best to get the introductions dealt with before they launched. Placing the PADD she held down onto the table she pressed her commbadge to summon Lieutenant Kaz. Seeing as she was the Vindex's Strategic Operations Officer Claudia expected that Imogen would already have an idea of the mission ahead.

=/\="Ainscow to Lieutenant Kaz. Please report to my ready room"=/\= Claudia said.

Imogen had been settling in well aboard Vindex, mostly hanging around her quarters, although she had visited the strategic ops centre to make sure everything was ready. She was in her quarters when the CO called her.

=/\="Kaz here, on my way Commander!"=/\= She replied making her way to the ready room on the bridge. Arriving, she pressed the door chime and waited, smoothing her uniform.

Claudia was expecting Lieutenant Kaz to arrive so she hadn't involved herself in doing any work until after she'd introduced herself to the Lieutenant. Upon hearing the chime echo around her office Claudia stood up and gave her guest - presumably Imogen - permission to enter.

"Enter" Claudia called.

Imogen walked into the ready room as requested. "Commander, Lieutenant Junior Grade Imogen Kaz reporting as requested." She said, standing at ease.

Claudia smiled at the Trill and gestured to the vacant seat in front of her desk.

"Take a seat Lieutenant" Claudia said.

"Thank you Commander." She said, taking a seat opposite Claudia at the desk.

Claudia smiled and walked over to the replicator to get herself a cup of tea - as well as offer her guest one too.

"Can I get you a drink at all Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

"Just a glass of water, please." Imogen said, taking a quick cursory glance around the ready room.

Claudia ordered herself a cup of tea and a glass of water for Imogen before collecting them and placing them on the table in front of their intended recipients. Claudia then sat down and smiled at the Trill officer before speaking.

"How are you finding it here so far?" Claudia asked.

"Very big if i'm honest, I've only ever been on small ships before, even when I was at the Academy. I think the biggest ship I've ever been on was an Intrepid class. Apart from that the computer systems are easy to use, and everything looks setup, so all good!" She said, smiling at Claudia.

Claudia smiled. She herself had always been on large ships - even the Excelsior-class USS Trident was big compared to some starships that Starfleet were using at the time.

"She's a big ship but she's well equipped. I'm used to large ships but I wasn't expecting to be given a Sovereign-class as my first command - but here we are. What do you think of the mission - I presume you're already aware of it?" Claudia responded.

"An interesting task for our first mission, not the usual either, it's very rare that a federation starship goes missing without a trace. If it had been destroyed we'd at least see some debris. If its been captured a warp trail would be identifiable, or failing that someone from the crew would at least have sent a distress signal. What do you thinks happened Commander?" She asked.

Claudia agreed that it was a rare occurrence for a Federation starship to just simply disappear without trace. At the back of her mind she knew the Renown was still out there - but whether it was still in the hands of Starfleet or was now under Consortium control was the question Claudia knew they couldn't answer until they found the ship.

"I tend to agree with Lieutenant Tolan's theory that they've changed their warp signature and gone over to radio silence so nobody can find them in the hope they can wait this situation out. That could make it rather difficult to find them as it is - I'm sure we'll find something though. Even if it's just to give us some closure" Claudia replied.

"Fingers crossed we find them though, we can't lose hope!" She said, smiling.

Claudia admired her optimism. She herself tried to stay positive over the situation but she was fully prepared for all of the possible outcomes.

"Of there anything you'd like to ask me at all?" Claudia asked.

"Yeah, is there anything particular you want me to do in Strat Ops?" She asked.

Claudia smiled. "You'll mainly be working to co-ordinate all of our assets in our designated area of space - although at the moment that's pretty fluid given what's happening with The Consortium. You'll also be monitoring away teams as and when we deploy any. We have an Intelligence Officer so he will be focusing on the gathering of any intelligence we need"

"I'll meet the Intelligence Officer at some point and find out what, if anything they need me to do." Imogen said, nodding at her tasks.

Claudia nodded. "That'd probably be a good idea. It might be worth speaking to the Mission Advisor too - especially as he won't be around once we've completed this mission. He's only a temporary assignment to help us along on our first assignment"

"I will do that. When are we due to launch?" She asked.

"A couple of hours at the most I hope. I'm waiting for our Mission Advisor to come back and once he's arrived then we can get moving. Once we launch I'll call a briefing so the rest of the crew are aware of the mission" Claudia responded.

Imogen nodded. "Anything else Commander?" She asked, wanting to get down to see the intel officer before they left.

"I think that's about it Lieutenant. You're free to go when you're ready" Claudia responded.

"Thank you Commander, i'm sure i'll see you again soon." Imogen said, turning to leave.

Claudia nodded. "I'm sure you will"

Claudia watched Imogen leave her ready room before continuing to drink her cup of tea and getting on with the preparations for the Vindex's launch.


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