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Let's Do It

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2017 @ 5:50am by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Captain Ainscow's Quarters; Guest Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 83; 17:00

It a fraught undertaking but at least for now the Vindex had been freed from the grip of the entity on the planet. Claudia had managed to communicate with it and reach a peaceful solution - but ultimately this had not affected the Commodore's decision on the colonisation of Nova Mercia and now Claudia had turned her attentions back to home - or in this case her quarters. There was a deferred wedding that still needed to be held and Claudia decided to speak to her wife-to-be about it.

Claudia approached her wife to be and wrapped her arms around Rebecca's waist - resting her head on Rebecca's left right shoulder. Part of her wondered why Rebecca was so committed to a woman 15 years older than she was - but either way Claudia was grateful she had and couldn't wait to marry her.

"What's got you in a good mood?" Becky asked.

Claudia smiled. "Oh nothing - just now we're free of that thing we can start populating this planet when enough support arrives...but until then we have a bit of time to kill"

Rebecca grinned as she noticed Claudia's facial expression had turned to that all too familiar suggestive look.

"Oh I know that look Claudia. What have you got in mind this time?" Rebecca giggled.

Claudia giggled back - she then looked at Becky seriously - although initially she was planning on winding her up before getting to the point.

"Oh - nothing - I was just going to see what your reaction was" Claudia replied.

Becky tittered. "Claudia! You're so mean!""

Becky grabbed the nearest tea towel and draped it over Claudia's face before starting to giggle uncontrollably. She then ran away before Claudia could retaliate - it was things like this that made her so happy to be with Claudia. Claudia's age didn't matter to her.

Claudia tittered and tossed the tea towel onto the counter and ran after her fiancée. After catching Becky and pulling her onto the sofa Claudia grinned suggestively once again.

"Uh-oh" Becky said.

Claudia's suggestive grin turned to the beautiful smile Rebecca had grown to love - and as Claudia embraced Rebecca sweetly but lovingly she looked into the young woman's eyes and smiled. Nights like these were what Claudia wanted for the rest of her life.

"I've been thinking - let's get married...tomorrow" Claudia suggested.

Becky beamed. "I'd love to beautiful - but where?"

"There's a beautiful beach down there we can get married on - or at the top of a mountain - or even on the holodeck. I don't care where Becky because I'm fed up of waiting. Let's just do it - somewhere - anywhere" Claudia replied.

Rebecca smiled - a beach wedding sounded perfect - but so did one on top of a mountain where they could see all the amazing views she'd heard the planet had to offer. It was tough but they could always decided that later - they now needed someone to officiate the wedding for them.

"Let's do it on the planet - if we can find someone to officiate it for us" Rebecca said.

Claudia smiled. "Commodore Hutchinson is still on board and will be for the foreseeable future - and he did say he would officiate for us if we found a suitable date and he was free. Let's go and ask him if he's free tomorrow"

Rebecca smiled and after freeing herself from Claudia's embrace she offered a hand out to the older woman and helped her up. The guest quarters the Commodore had been assigned were just down the corridor - so with a spring in their step the two women walked to David's quarters. Once outside Claudia pressed the chime and waited for David to let them in.

David was just about to get ready to head out to dinner but decided to see who his guest was and let them in.

"Come in" David called.

Claudia and Rebecca walked in and stood just inside the door once it had closed behind them. Smiling at the Commodore Claudia couldn't help let the excitement show - this time it was going to happen - providing David was free of course.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Commodore - is it a good time?" Claudia asked.

David nodded. "Of course - please take a seat. I'll be with you in a moment"

Claudia and Rebecca took the offered seat and waited patiently for David to return. David briefly disappeared into his bedroom to apply some aftershave before returning and sitting in the armchair he had grown quite fond of.

"So...what can I do for you two?" David asked.

Claudia looked at Becky and took her right hand in her left before looking at David with a smile. Almost immediately this gave the game up and David gave them an answer before Claudia could even ask the question.

"You want to get married I see. What day do you have in mind?" David asked.

Claudia smiled. "Tomorrow morning - if that's suitable. The afternoon would work too"

"Well if you decide on a time let me know. I'm not exactly doing very much until the task group arrives - the Derbyshire is bringing some more modular structures which will need constructing but I don't see much need for a Commodore down there until they're set up. Pick a time and a place and I'll be there" David replied.

Giving the two women a few moments to decide David checked his PADD to look for something to say at the ceremony.

Claudia looked at Rebecca so they could decide a time and a place. There was the idea of a beach or a mountain - the latter would be perfect but potentially too cold for wedding dresses - a beach would undoubtedly be warmer due to the lower altitude.

"We could go for a beach wedding - that way it won't be freezing cold and it'll be easier to get to and from. Midday would be a nice time I think - gives everyone time to get ready in the morning" Claudia suggested.

Becky smiled. "Let's do it"

David looked up after hearing the confirmation of a venue and a time.

"A good choice. Are you going to prepare your own vows or do you want me to look for some for you to choose from?" David asked.

Claudia smiled. "I'm going to write my own - I don't know about Rebecca though"

"I wrote mine a few years ago. I'll use those" Becky replied.

David nodded and made a few notes on his PADD. The time and venue followed by other details the two women had informed him of. After those were taken he sat forward on his chair a little with his hands clasped together and resting on his knees - looking at the two women. He could see how excited they were to get married and David was also looking forward to performing the ceremony.

"Excellent. Do you have any music or reception venues in mind?" David asked.

Rebecca looked at Claudia - in their eagerness they hadn't thought of either of those.

"Err...we're not really sure" Rebecca replied.

Claudia tittered. "Well we can hold that up here - just as long as we get married on the planet it doesn't matter where the reception is. Why not just have our song for the music? It doesn't have to be anything traditional if you don't want it to be"

"You're far more organised than I am - it doesn't say much for my job on this ship" Becky responded - blushing.

Claudia grinned. "You do a great job. So we'll have to check in with Paul about providing a meal for the senior staff and seeing if he can bake a cake at such short notice. As for our wedding music I'll get that from the database and pass it to you in the morning Commodore"

David chuckled - he loved how in their excitement to get married they'd forgotten almost everything that went with it. With the wedding itself organised David wrote on his PADD that Claudia was going to pass the music to him in the morning.

"What do you want me to wear? I've got a suit if you'd prefer to avoid uniforms" David asked.

Becky smiled. "It's entirely up to you Commodore - although we did say we'd prefer people to wear a suit or dress rather than their dress uniforms. As much as I'm sure we all love our jobs it'd be nice to just take some time out of our uniforms for the day"

"Suit it is. And...I think for now that's all I need to know - would you two care to join me for dinner before you have your last nights of unmarried life?" David replied.

Claudia and Becky looked at eachother before confirming they would like to dine with the Commodore that evening. Claudia was planning to spend the night telling Grace and Biynah about the wedding and helping them to prepare for the day ahead - whilst Claudia was sure Becky would probably have a few drinks with her best friends on the ship - Nealey, Megan and Lucia. It was going to be a small ceremony for their close friends and family - but the reception was going to be open to all of the senior staff.

It was going to be a perfect day.


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