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She's right here

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant Tabetha Relton & Ensign Asher Maddison MD

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Tabbie's quarters
Timeline: Day 83

The rest of Asher's shift was as dull as it could be, following from the 'excitement' of being attacked on the colony planet, and then the near death experience when the shuttle almost crashed. Now, Asher wanted to go and find Tabbie, to thank her for saving their lives and to tell her how she really felt. The corridors of the Vindex were quiet, and Asher liked it like that.

She walked up to a computer on the wall, touching it to activate it.

"Where is Lieutenant Tabetha Relton?" Asher asked, hopefully.

Tabbie was already on her way to find Asher, and assuming she'd just finished her shift, the corridor around sickbay was the first place Tabbie was going to look for her.

"Bingo." Tabbie whispered, creeping up to Asher.

Before the computer could give its answer, Tabbie saved it the breath.

Tabbie smiled. "She's right here, angel."

"Tabbie!" Asher exclaimed, spinning around and throwing herself at her, hugging Tabbie tight.

Asher lost control of her emotions, and she started to cry.

"You saved our lives, Tabbie. Thank you." Asher sobbed.

Tabbie cuddled Asher and stroked her beautiful blonde hair gently. Tabbie just thought she was doing her job, but Asher was on that shuttle, and there wasn't anything she wouldn't have done to save everyone's lives.

"It's okay, angel. You're safe now." Tabbie whispered.

Asher embraced Tabbie and rested her head on her shoulder, feeling happy and safe in her arms. Asher could have stood there hugging Tabbie all day, but, this was a corridor, and literally anyone could see them. She wasn't ashamed of being seen with Tabbie, no way, but Asher wasn't ready to be outed publicly.

"Can we go somewhere a bit quieter, please?" Asher asked.

Tabbie nodded and let go of Asher, waiting for her before walking to the nearest lift. She did have a point, Tabbie hated rumours, and she wasn't having any of those going around on the Vindex like they did on the Ben Nevis.

"Are my quarters a quiet enough for you?" Tabbie said, grinning slightly.

Asher nodded.

"Oh, you want to show me yours now you've seen mine? Okay." Asher said, trying to make herself laugh.

Tabbie giggled, dragging Asher into the lift. Once the doors were closed, she placed both of her hands on each of Asher's cheeks and placed a sweet, gentle kiss onto the doctor's lips. That cute face, those silly jokes, they were just two things Tabbie adored about Asher.

"I missed you," Tabbie said. "I'm sorry our down like a lead balloon."

The feeling of Tabetha's lips against hers sent a tingle down Asher's spine, from top to bottom. Returning the kiss, Asher embraced Tabbie again.

"It's okay, Tabbie." Asher replied.

When the lift stopped, Tabetha led the way. Her quarters weren't far from the lift, which was helpful after a tired day or having a few drinks in the bar. Her quarters were well decorated, with most, if not all of of her possessions scattered around the room. It was tidy enough for Asher, but if the Captain came to visit, Tabbie's quarters would probably fail the first impression test.

"Sit down, Ash." Tabbie said, heading over to the replicator. "Can I get you anything?"

Asher gazed around Tabbie's quarters, which were a bit more populated than her own. Most of Asher's belongings were still at home, she'd only brought the essentials, to avoid losing her prized possessions.

"Could I have a latté," Asher asked. "please Tabbie?"

"A coffee girl eh? I can get used to that." Tabbie replied, ordering the latte for Asher and a hot chocolate for herself, complete with cream and chocolate. Once the drinks were ready, Tabbie took them over to the sofa, giving Asher her latte.

"Have you had anything to eat?" Tabbie asked, putting her drink on the small wooden table in front of the sofa.

As soon as Tabetha mentioned the idea of eating, Asher heard her tummy rumble loudly, as if it was encouraged by Tabbie asking her if she'd had anything to eat. Asher hadn't eaten a morsel since the morning, and she had almost forgotten to eat until now, the incident on the planet and shuttle had dulled her appetite. Until now.

"There's your answer, Tabbie." Asher replied. "Don't go to any massive effort for me though, just something to keep me going until bed time."

Tabbie rested her hand on top of Asher's thigh and faced her.

" too much for you, Asher. Just tell me what you want, and I'll order it for you." Tabbie said, sweetly.

"Well, okay," Asher replied. "as you're asking, I'd love a couple of pizza baguettes right now."

Tabbie smiled, stood up and looked down at Asher.

'She's so fucking cute.' Tabbie thought.

"I won't be long, cutie. I'll go and get your pizza baguettes for you, make yourself at home and help yourself to anything from the replicator if you want anything while I'm gone." Tabbie said, turning to depart.

Tabbie left her quarters, went to the lift and down to the bar on deck 10. On her way there, she thought about whether she was ready for another relationship. Asher was cute, she was funny, she was caring and she was kind. That was everything Tabbie wanted in a woman, and by the time she got to the bar, her decision was made. Tabbie wanted to be with Asher, and she wanted to be with her now.

Stepping up to the bar, Tabbie waited for the bar man to come up to her, placing her order for Asher and then waiting. There was something about Asher that made her heart skip a beat, ever since they first slept together after their night of passion, Tabetha was nearly always thinking about the doctor. The desperation to save her from death in a shuttle crash, wanting to go and see her even though she was confined to her quarters, just generally wanting to be around Asher. That all added up, it almost overwhelmed Tabbie's emotions, but she was going to do something about it.

Ten minutes later, the pizza baguettes were ready.

"Here you go, Lieutenant." the bar man said, putting them on the bar in a clear container.

Tabbie smiled. "Thanks, catch you later."

Tabbie took them back up to her quarters, put them on the table and opened them. They looked really nice, and there was more inside than Tabbie thought there would be. Four large pieces of baguette stacked two by two, fresh and ready to be eaten.

"Special delivery." Tabbie said, sitting back down, drinking some of her now warm hot chocolate.

"Aww, thank you Tabbie." Asher replied.

Asher's eyes lit up, she grabbed the nearest portion and savoured the taste of the melted cheese and tomato puree intertwining as it melted together in her mouth.

"I love pizza." Asher said, between mouthfuls.

Tabbie watched Asher eating, making sure she wasn't eating before she poured her heart out to her.

"I love you, Asher." Tabbie replied, confidently. "I love you so fucking much it hurts."

Asher placed her baguette down and turned in her chair to face Tabetha. Those four magic words echoed around her mind as she began to feel a massive rush of tears build in her tear ducts, she couldn't help but open the waterworks. Asher burst into tears and threw herself at Tabbie, hugging her tightly and bawling onto her shoulder.

"I...I you too Tab...Tabbie." Asher sobbed.

Tabbie reciprocated the tight, loving hug and again, she caressed Asher's beautiful blonde hair. Tabetha started to whisper reassuring sweet nothings into Asher's ear, soothing her as she cried on her shoulder. She felt so privileged that Asher was even interested in her, but now she'd said she loved Tabbie in return, and Tabbie wasn't ever going to let Asher down. Tabbie wanted this to be for life.

"Shh...come on sweetie." Tabbie said, reaching for a tissue and dabbing Asher's tear filled eyes gently.

Once Asher had stopped crying, Tabbie reached for the partially eaten baguette and started to feed it to Asher.

"Do you want to go and watch a movie and eat some dessert in bed once you've eaten these, angel?" Tabbie suggested, with a smile. "I'll let you choose both."

Asher smiled cutely, finishing the first baguette and reaching for the second, handing it to Tabbie. If there was going to be dessert, Asher wouldn't be able to eat all four of them. A movie and some ice cream though? That was a perfect night in, cuddling up to Tabbie was going to make it even better.

"The movie? The Girl King, I love it and I think you'll love it too." Asher said, feeding Tabbie the second baguette, still beaming. "The dessert? Chocolate brownie ice cream, and make sure you get two spoons, otherwise you won't get the spoon off me."

"Sounds perfect to me." Tabbie replied. "And I would say the same thing about me, because I love ice cream. Not quite as much as you, but I do love ice cream."

Lying in bed cuddling Asher after the movie and ice cream, Tabbie stroked her lover's hair. Tabbie enjoyed the film, and the ice cream was a good choice too. It was an adorable way to spend their first night together, it had been emotional to start with, but with all of that out of the way it had been worth it.

"This has been perfect, Asher." Tabbie said, softly.

Asher rested on her side, with one arm across Tabetha's torso, caressing her in slow and gentle motions. Smiling cutely, Asher nodded in agreement, it had been perfect in every respect of the word.

"I hope you liked the film," Asher replied. "Tabbie. It's one of my favourites, but next time...if there is one, you can choose the film, but I'm still choosing the flavour of ice cream we have with it."

Tabbie smiled, squeezing Asher gently.

"I did, angel." Tabbie responded. "Next time, because there will be a next time and many more, we can watch a comedy box set, I'm sure there's plenty of those in the database. i won't argue with you about the ice cream though, that was amazing. How have I never had that before? It's the best ice cream I've ever had"

Giggling cutely, Asher snuggled up to Tabbie more and wiped a smudge of ice cream from Tabbie's nose and offered it to her, watching as Tabbie licked it off sensitively. Moving her hand back to its original position against Tabbie's side, she resumed caressing her gently.

"You can have plenty of that now you're with me. Do you want to come to my place next time? Last time all I remember was...being on the table...and then waking up on the sofa next to you." Asher said, kissing Tabbie's left cheek delicately.

Tabbie grinned, that was an 'interesting' night to say the least. Returning Asher's kiss, but on her lips instead, Tabbie turned onto her side and slowly moved her hands down to Asher's buttocks, holding her cutely.

"Sure, your place next time." Tabbie replied. "I just want you to know that we can do this at whatever speed you want, if you want to go slow, we'll go slow."

Asher rested her hands on Tabetha's bust gently, continuing to smile cutely.

"I'm new to this, so if I suck at being a good girlfriend, I'm sorry in advance." Asher said, yawning loudly, immediately embarrassed by just how loud it was.

"I'm sorry," Asher said, "you aren't boring me, Tabbie. I'm just so tired."

"It's okay, I'm tired too." Tabbie said, cuddling up to her girlfriend.

Asher smiled, got herself comfortable against Tabbie and closed her eyes. She had to get up earlier than Tabbie to go and get breakfast, changed and have a shower. Those extremely long twelve hour shifts were going to be changed to eight hour shifts, but only if Asher got the job full time.

Asher yawned again, this time more quietly.

"Goodnight Tabbie, I love you." Asher said.

Almost immediately, she fell asleep.

"I love you too." Tabbie replied.


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