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I Do

Posted on Wed May 24th, 2017 @ 2:03pm by Rear Admiral David Hutchinson Sr & Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Petty Officer 3rd Class Rebecca Ainscow & Paul Foster & Grace Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Biynah

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Nova Mercia
Timeline: Mission Day 84; 12:00

It was the big day and Claudia had made her way down to the beach to help with preparations before returning to the Vindex - briefly - to get into her dress and bring her two bridesmaids down to the surface along with the man who was going to give her away. Standing on the beach with Grace and Biynah - whilst Paul had gone to talk to David - Claudia looked at her two daughters and smiled.

"You both look amazing in those dresses" Claudia said.

Grace smiled back and looked at her mum's much more extravagant dress which had been purchased on Deep Space 9 - with Grace's opinion proving to be the deciding factor in Claudia choosing the dress she was wearing.

"Thank you mum" Grace commented.

Akiva beamed down a little late due to the Security arrangements he had made. The Vindex was on standby, along with a squad of Marines ready to beam down if necessary. This was the captain's day, and despite the... understanding... she had with the Rock of Ages up in the mountains, Akiva did not want it spoiled by anything like the day before.

If those creatures reared their ugly heads again, Akiva's evacuation plan would be executed immediately. He hoped it would not come to that, but he saw it as better safe than sorry.

Akiva dismissed such weary thoughts as he approached Claudia and the two girls.

"If I might say so, Captain, you look beautiful." He looked down at Grace and Biynah. "As do both of you."

He bit his lip at the sight of Biynah in a gown of her own selection. An unexpected burst of emotion seized at his stomach and stole away any other words he thought to say.

Claudia smiled. Her hair had been styled by Nealey - although it wasn't particularly fancy it was suitable for the occasion.

"Thank you Commander" Claudia replied.

Grace merely smiled to acknowledge Akiva's comment. She looked down at her bouquet again and admired the various different colours and species of the artificial flowers which had been replicated for the occasion.

"I trust everything is in order?" Claudia asked.

Akiva stole a glance around the coastline as he answered. "It would seem so." He cleared his throat as he corrected himself so as not to sound pessimistic. "That is, absolutely. All is well."

Claudia nodded. "Excellent. I'm going to be the one walking down the aisle - seeing as I'm going to have an escort. My wife to be is going to be beaming down straight to the podium - I suspect she will be due any moment now. You're looking smart yourself Commander - thanks for making an effort"

Akiva blushed at the compliment and rubbed the back of his head as he turned away.

"It looks to be a beautiful day," he said with another scan at the horizon. He turned back to Claudia. "Where, um, should I be standing?"

Claudia smiled. "There's a few chairs set up at the front - you can take a seat if you want. It's up to you"

Akiva nodded. "Yes, Captain." He hurried to his seat as if she had given an order.

At that moment Claudia saw as her wife to be beamed down to the podium with her bridesmaid Nealey by her side. Rebecca looked stunning in her beautiful ivory dress and her hair had also been styled by Nealey. It was finally happening - Claudia and Rebecca were going to be getting married.

"She looks so beautiful..." Claudia whispered.

Paul made his way up the aisle to collect Claudia. After a few exchanged words Paul linked arms with Claudia after Grace collected part of her mother's dress train.

"Biynah...don't forget to pick your part up" Grace said.

"Like this?" Biynah asked as she copied Grace.

Claudia let herself giggle a little as she heard what was going on behind her.

"Are you ready?" Paul asked.

Claudia nodded. The party then proceeded slowly down the "aisle" until they reached the podium. Claudia's veil was blowing gently in the wind and as she reached it she admired Rebecca - she looked even more beautiful close up.

"You look so beautiful" Rebecca mouthed.

Claudia smiled. "So do you"

David then looked at the small group present. It wasn't the largest but it was all they needed to celebrate the special moments Claudia and Rebecca were about to share.

"Today we are gathered here on this beach to celebrate the union of Claudia and Rebecca. This short ceremony I am about to conduct will join them in marriage as wife and wife" David said.

Paul stood aside and moved into the nearest seat. He didn't want to get in the way but he knew he had to be fairly close in order to give David the rings when he was prompted to. Normally there would have been a ring bearer but this time it seemed there wouldn't be one.

"This is one of the more unusual wedding venues I've been to" Paul whispered.

"Is it?" Akiva whispered back. "I thought it was just me. Hebron weddings have... more music and less smiles."

Paul nodded quietly as the ceremony continued.

"This is a special occasion. This is not only the day where these two women pledge to live the rest of their lives together but it is also the first wedding ever conducted on this planet. Before I start however I must ask if anyone here believes why these two women can't be married then please speak now or forever hold your peace" David said.

"According to some--" Biynah began to say.

"Yediydah." Akiva was quiet yet firm. "Be silent."

Biynah raised an eyebrow, but shrugged and did as instructed while Akiva gave an apologetic nod to the commodore.

Claudia and Rebecca turned to Biynah and giggled - before returning to facing the Commodore.

"Today we are here to witness the marriage of Claudia and Rebecca who have informed me that they have prepared their own vows. Mr Foster - could I have the rings please?" David asked.

Paul stood up and handed David the two wedding rings before sitting back down again.

"Claudia and Rebecca - please join hands" David requested.

Claudia reached for Rebecca's hands and held them tightly. She never wanted to let go.

"As Claudia and Rebecca have chosen not to have a reading prior to the vows I will get to the point. Claudia - would you like to go first?" David asked.

Claudia nodded and admired Rebecca's sheer beauty. She couldn't believe this was finally happening - she just wished she could have had her parents there too.

"Rebecca - I never knew you existed this time six months ago. You have come into my life at such a difficult time and you have not only changed it for the better but you have helped me accept who I am and made me feel so much stronger with you at my side. There is nothing more I want than for you and I to be together for the rest of our lives and being there for Grace and our future children. I love you with all of my heart and soul and I will do so today, tomorrow and forever" Claudia said.

David then passed Claudia the ring to place on Rebecca's finger. He then turned to Rebecca slightly to direct his voice towards her.

"Do you Rebecca Daisy Fuentes take Claudia Maia Ainscow to be your lawfully wedded wife?" David asked.

Becky nodded - her eyes were full of tears but she did her best to keep them back. This was such a special day in her life and she too wished her family could have been there - but at least Claudia and Grace were - as well as her best friend Nealey.

"I do" Becky replied.

Claudia placed the ring onto Rebecca's finger and then waited for her wife-to-be to say her vows.

David then continued.

"If you could now give your vows to Claudia please" David asked.

Rebecca beamed. "I promised myself I would never get married to anyone - but when I met you and fell for you that changed everything. You are a strong, wonderful, amazing woman who I am so proud to be partners with. You're more than just my partner - you are my soul mate and you are my everything. I promise I will be there for you and our family for the rest of our lives and I will forever be loyal to you and you alone"

David gave Rebecca her ring before asking Claudia the question.

"Do you Claudia Maia Ainscow take Rebecca Daisy Fuentes to be your lawfully wedded wife?" David asked.

Claudia nodded. "I do"

Rebecca placed the ring onto Claudia's finger and then looked back up to face her.

"By the power vested in me I am now proud to pronounce you wife and wife - you may now kiss the bride" David said.

Claudia leaned forward and kissed her wife - holding her close and wanting that moment to last forever. It was a special moment for them both - and they were totally unaware that from a distance they were being watched by Mystery Man and another familiar face.


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