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Brandy is Dandy

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 12:48am by Lieutenant Victor Alexander & Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Ship's Lounge
Timeline: MD:83 2230

The good news was Ahira hadn't had a nightmare in a few days, and his sleep had gone uninterrupted. He was hoping for another such night, especially since he had lost a bunch of data on one of his PAdDs and had to spend almost the entire shift retrieving the data and fixing the problem. It wasn't an especially difficult problem to fix, and it certainly wasn't traumatic, but, it had definitely turned a good day into a bad one.

He'd gotten a headache over it and just wanted to relieve some of the tension. So, he'd gone back to his quarters as soon as he got off and took a nice relaxing shower. It helped but still didn't resolve the problem entirely. So, he'd change into a pair of black chinos and a rather snug fitting vee neck Parrises Square shirt and headed to the ship's lounge.

He then hastily ate a roast beef sandwich, brushed his teeth and made his way to the ship's lounge. It was early still, not even 2300, nevertheless, there was a good size crowd in place. There was a small table in the back close to a viewport that was empty and he got his drink, a mojito, he headed over to it and claimed it for his own.

Meanwhile, Victor made his way slowly from table to table through the lounge wearing one of his way too tight button up shirts with the top several buttons bare, complimented with a pair of tight pants. Victor appreciated all the attention he could get--from being a senior officer, from being a charismatic guy to his natural good looks. As the newest member aboard the Vindex, he reveled in the attention and curiosity he was getting, and was taking great care this evening to make the right first impressions.

After spending time with a table of swooning young ladies from the Astrophysics department, Victor slowly walked over to the next table on his list with a giant bottle of Saurian Brandy, now nearly half-empty.

"Good evening," Victor greeted warmly with his signature flawless smile, extending a hand to Ahira, "I'm Victor, the new Chief of Security. Do you mind if I join you for a few minutes?" Victor waved his bottle of Brandy in the air as he made his invitation as the waiter quickly brought two brandy glasses on cue.

Ahira arched his left brow returning the other man's smile with one of his own, albeit a bit more subtle. "Of course, he said,"I never turn down a chance to spend time with a good looking guy, especially one that comes bearing gifts. Please, have a seat."

Victor's grin widened at the compliment; he always loved compliments and attention after all. After pouring a generous helping of Brandy in Ahira's glass, he refilled his own glass with a rather sizable portion of yet another helping of the alcoholic substance.

"I'm guessing you work in the intelligence department then," Victor said confidently as he took a large swig of Brandy, "Someone who doesn't give their own name in reply after that greeting either works there or security--and I know all my security officers!"

"Sorry," Ahira replied, old habit. Yes, I'm in Intel, an infiltration specialist actually. My name is Ahira, Ahira Kasamoto." He took a sip of the Brandy letting it sit on hs tongue before swallowing it. "This is good, thanks. So, do you go around sharing your booze with every good looking stranger?"

"Pleasure to meet you Kasamoto-San," Victor replied warmly as he gave a slight bow, "As a matter of fact, I do make it a habit. It's a good habit to have." Victor took a large swig of his brandy before continuing, "As an intel officer like yourself will no doubt appreciate: knowledge is power. Any other advantages or fun gained in the process are merely a nice bonus." Victor gave a playful wink as he lifted his glass for another healthy gulp of alcohol.

Ahira couldn't help but chuckle, "Not exactly the most subtle approach, but I'll give you an A for honesty, and for flattery." Ahira took a generous drink from the glass. "You're going to get yourself wasted if you keep that up you know. Or is that the idea?"

"Security officers aren't known for their subtlety," the Security Chief retorted coyly as he poured himself another liberal helping of brandy, "At the end of the day we get the job done though and we enjoy ourselves. We'll leave the subtle shadows to you lot in intelligence!" He chuckled as he took a moment to examine how much liquor was left in the bottle, "So what exactly do you infiltrate, Kasamoto-San?"

"Well, I do prefer infiltrating rather than being infiltrated," he replied flirtatiously, "but in all seriousness, I'm pretty adept at undercover work and being able to become whoever I need to become to get the job done."

The Security Chief chuckled at the rather unsubtle retort of the Intelligence officer as he took another large swig of Brandy. "Well, I tend to find that versatility is essential in mastering the art." Victor looked up in the air, contemplating for a moment as he continued, "Being able to wear a mask at any time is a wonderful talent on one level--but it must get rather tiring after all. Do you ever find yourself lost in the masks? Unsure of where you begin and those masks end?"

Ahira finished off his first glass and slid it across the table. Dropping his sportive tone and the smartass reply he'd been about to make after hearing the first part of Victor's statement. Leaning forward a little he said, "it's, unfortunately, an occupational hazard. I do have to watch myself."

"Well thank goodness for alcohol then!" Victor exclaimed as he poured the intelligence officer a liberal refill of Brandy.

"Are you trying to get me, drunk Victor?" Ahira asked after draining off half the content of the glass.

"Always," Victor replied coyly as he lifted up his glass, "There are few things in the galaxy more beautiful than a group of people who are inebriated and enjoying themselves." He chuckled as he stood up and said in a slightly elevated voice, "Eat, drink, and be merry--for tomorrow we dine!"

"I'm only half human, but I'm pretty sure it's we die, not dine," Ahira said He drank the remaining portion of the Brandy. Well, I'm going back to my place Victor, you're welcome to come along."

"Such an eager beaver," Victor replied coyly as he winked, "How could I say no to an invitation like that." Victor grabbed his bottle of Brandy and stood up quickly, taking a moment to concentrate on walking out of the lounge.

A joint post by
Ensign Ahria Kasamoto
Infiltration Specialist
USS Vindex


Lieutenant Victor Alexander
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Vindex


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