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What else is an XO to do?

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2016 @ 10:30pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant T'Mia

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Timeline: Mission Day 2; time 16:00


Following the meeting that the ships staff had engaged in, those assembled had gone their separate ways to work on the duties the Captain had assigned. As the captain and the executive officer had prepared to head onto the bridge, the Vulcan woman stopped and addressed her superior. "Captain, may we speak in private?"

Claudia turned to face T'Mia and nodded. She gestured to the seat T'Mia had just vacated - now that the room was vacant with the exception of Claudia and her Vulcan XO - she thought the room was private enough for whatever T'Mia wished to discuss with her.

"Of course. What is it Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

T'Mia neglected to sit in the offered seat and remained standing, her hands clasped together behind her back as she began her 'speech.' "Captain, it is my duty as your executive officer to come to you with suggestions and concerns so that you can best do your job. As such, I believe you have made an error in judgement by allowing the staff to 'tag' the members of this crew," the Lieutenant told.

Claudia looked slightly confused by T'Mia's refusal to take the offered seat however she listened to what she had to say. She did have an alternate use in mind for them however.

"I asked them to create a single prototype Lieutenant. After it's been created and properly tested then I will discuss it again with the team who are working on it - that doesn't necessarily mean I'll be enforcing their use on the crew" Claudia replied.

"It is my obligation to report to you that I will be noting my objection to this, even the creation of a prototype, in my official log," the Vulcan informed. This was the first time the pair had disagree on something, and it was only their second day.

Claudia nodded and felt that it was a good if her Executive Officer was prepared to tell her that she disagreed with Claudia's decision to request the creation of a prototype. For now Claudia was prepared to carry on as things were and give her crew the trust she felt they deserved.

"Very well Lieutenant. Rest assured even with the prototype - I will continue to show the crew my very highest level of trust because there's no way I'll be tagging them. I have other ideas in mind for any tags. Those ideas will become clear soon enough" Claudia replied.

The Vulcan nodded in respect to her superior, "should you wish to discuss any of your... ideas... I will be available," she told, eager to set the record straight and prove that she would still work for the Captain.

Claudia nodded. "I will discuss them with you once I have received the necessary intelligence from those who are working on leads that they've discussed with me. I can't disclose the real reason for the development of such devices at the moment but they're not to tag the crew to monitor their movements on this ship. To do so would cause a massive amount of distrust - not something I want or intend to do"

"As you wish," the Vulcan nodded. "I'll be on the bridge should you require me," she concluded, awaiting permission to vacate the quarters.

Claudia nodded. "Thank you Lieutenant. You're free to go"

She was glad that T'Mia had understood why Claudia had decided to use a different reason for the development of these tags - the real reason wasn't open for discussion as Tolan had requested Claudia keep it as secret as possible until he had more concrete evidence.



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