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An Action Plan

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 8:39pm by Lieutenant Commander Martha Cusack & Lieutenant Ian Tilston & Lieutenant JG Anthony Andrews

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Nova Mercia
Timeline: Mission Day 85; 09:00

Martha had woken early on her first day as the head of Starfleet Tactical Operations on Nova Mercia and made her way to the makeshift headquarters a short distance from the growing complex of modular buildings which housed the planet's initial settlers. She was due to meet Lieutenant Tilston from the Derbyshire and Lieutenant Andrews - a former double agent who had worked to bring down The Consortium on the Vindex. Martha had reservations about working with Tony after what had happened but she was willing to work with him and see how things went.

After entering the temporary command centre Martha made her way into the room dedicated to Starfleet Tactical. Andrews was already waiting but Tilston had not arrived yet.

"Good morning Mr Andrews. How are you today?" Martha asked.

Tony was surprised Starfleet had given him his former rank back - let alone given him a position in Starfleet Tactical on Nova Mercia. His time with The Consortium was a mistake and he knew that - but ultimately using his connections to Starfleet's advantage had finally brought down the last remnants of The Consortium once and for all.

"I'm alright thank you. Yourself?" Tony responded.

Martha nodded. "I'm well - thank you. I take it you have been briefed on the situation and our initial objectives?"

"I have Commander. Has the task group sent an update on their progress?" Tony asked.

Martha nodded again. "Yes - they are due to arrive in around 48 hours' time with extra construction crews and some more modules. A convoy of freighters carrying construction is due from Deep Space 9 in around a week or so - they left yesterday evening. It seems a little premature but I'm sure Starfleet have their reasons for pressing ahead with setting up camp here"

"That's good to hear" Tony replied.

Ian was running late thanks to a wardrobe malfunction and then a situation in the armoury which needed his attention. With that dealt with Ian made his way down to the surface and to the meeting he was due to have with Martha and Tony.

"I apologise for being late but I'm here now. What's the latest?" Ian asked.

Martha smiled. "It's alright Lieutenant. Task Group 3C is on schedule as is the convoy due to drop some more construction materials off - I expect they will be more residential modules so we might be stuck with this room for a while. The convoy is also delivering some orbital defence platforms too - they will be linked to the command centre here once they're deployed and tested"

"How many platforms?" Tony asked.

Martha replied. "Twelve initially. They're the basic design so they'll be equipped with phasers only - Task Group 3C will be able to provide extra cover too. It's just going to take a few days to get everything set up and ready after the convoy has arrived"

Tony and Ian both nodded to confirm they'd understood the information Martha had given them.

"I'm sure we can make a few modifications to make them a bit more effective. After all there's always room for improvement" Tony commented.

Martha nodded. "That's the plan. The problem is these modifications will probably add another day to the deployment schedule. Nevertheless I'm sure the ships in orbit can provide us with some cover until then"

"The Derbyshire's Tactical team is at your disposal until they depart" Ian said.

Tony turned to face Ian and gave him a nod to confirm he'd understood and accepted his offer of help. He then looked up at Martha to give a suggestion.

"Can I make a suggestion Commander?" Tony asked.

Martha smiled. "That's what you're here for. Go ahead"

"Let's deploy them and modify them using the Derbyshire and Vindex. They both have large compliments and they can probably do them faster than we can - so basically when the freighters arrive we beam half of the platforms to each ship and when they're ready they can go along a set course and drop them out of their shuttlebays. Doing them down here and then towing them back up will take a lot longer and with respect it's time we don't really have" Tony suggested.

Martha pondered for a moment before nodding. It was definitely doable and if the Tactical team went up to the two starships working on them to help out then it would cut the time taken even more.

"Alright - I'll message Captains Ainscow and Joyce and see if they can help us out. For now at least I think it may be a good idea to familiarise ourselves with the platforms using the schematics I was sent so we're ready to work with them when they get here" Martha replied.

Tony and Ian both agreed with that action plan. Although Ian was only a temporary part of the operation he was keen to render as much assistance as he could while he was there. Tony's idea was a good one and it would give the Tactical teams on the Vindex and Derbyshire something to do whilst their Engineering teams were helping with the construction of the initial buildings on the surface.

Martha was so far enjoying her time at Starfleet Tactical and although she missed the Vindex and her friends there she knew she'd made the right career move - and most importantly one that would keep her family together.


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