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Just Passing Through

Posted on Sun Jun 4th, 2017 @ 8:14pm by Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: After The Funeral

Pack light and you never have much to lose.

The strange fellow who walked into sickbay with a pair of lieutenants pips on his collar carried a small duffel. It was patched and careworn, the strap didn't even match the bags material, and it had survived where three Starfleet battle cruisers had not.

The bag was a totem, and Arkady Sjet put much stock in such things. He lowered the bag from his shoulder and surveyed the sickbay, breathing in the tang of disinfectant and the underlying malaise of illness. You can put it on a starship and fly it across the galaxy, but a clinic for the poor smelled exactly the same as an operating theatre in the capitol.

"Excuse me?" He asked a passing nurse in his heavily accented Federation Standard. "I was told by Commodore to report to a Lieutenant Nevil? You just point towards Nevil and I will do rest, yes?"

The female nurse looked up at the man with confusion, "I'm sorry Lieutenant, but we don't have a Lieutenant Nevil in Sickbay, as far as I'm aware."

"Really?" he said with a curious purr, before reaching back into the duffel and pulling the transfer orders from within. He then pulled from a picket of his uniform jacket a pair of glasses, their small frames comical in his large hands. He looked at the padd and read the transfer docket, his lips muttering in a odd mix of Russian and English.'With all due haste...honours and obligations there to the Head of Surgery Lieutenant Nevin'. Ah. Well. At least he had not said wrong name to right face.

"Nevin! Head of Surgery." He said with a cheery smile, slipping padd and glasses back whence they had come. "You would have thought make text bigger, but all of Starfleet is tiny to these old eyes."

"Ah, Lieutenant Kiril. He's most likely down in the Surgical Bay," the woman said. "The only times he's in Sickbay is to do a consult or to cover Sickbay watch."

"Sounds like man of solid ethic of work," Arkady nodded his thanks to the nurse. He studied the floor plans of the Sovereign class of starship, and over all the designers kept a lot of things the same from ship to ship. He made a mental note to ask where the escape pods were on this deck for future reference.

The door to the Surgical Bay whisked open to reveal a startling lack of anything. Where there should have been beds, a nurses station and a dispensary there was blackness. This was not a metaphorical blackness, like that in the souls of certain scientifically minded officers, but one of a lack of light.

"Computer, maximum safe rated illumination!" he barked, a hand reaching up to cover his eyes.

"What the fuck?" called a voice from within the room. In his usual place, Nevin was lying on a biobed dressed in only the bottom half of his scrubs. The top was wadded into a ball and resting under his head. "Why does everyone keep doing that?"

"Is perhaps funniest thing they see all day," Arkady said with a laugh, before waving a hand at the wall panel and lowering the illumination to something not akin to being two inches from the sun. He reached into his duffel and held out the padd with his transfer docket, his scarred knuckles at contrast with the smooth device.

Nevin peered at the man through slitted eyes, taking the PADD that was handed to him but not bothering to move much else than his arm. "Are you scheduled for surgery?" he asked, not looking at the PADD.

"No. Though at time of convivence I would enjoy being briefed on any major work that is to be undertaken here. So that I might best adequately support you in your work," Arkady said. He walked beside the biobed and plucked the balled up uniform jacket from where it had been playing pillow.

"Bio neural gel pack."

"I'm so confused," the man said, rubbing the back of his head after it hit the biobee. "What does a gelpack have to do with your surgery?"

"Pillow," Arkady said simply, before looking down at Nevin. "Makes better pillow than balled up uniform. Better support for nape of neck, does not leave you with kink. And allow me to remove more confusion. I am new Chief Medical Officer of the Vindex, and I thought it best I get measure of man who holds lives in his hands."

"Welcome," Nevin said, finally moving into a sitting position. He held his hand out to the man. "A pleasure to meet you."

The hand vanished into Arkady's mit, his strong grip not the knuckle-crusher of a born over compensator, but one of a man settled in his ways. The smile was genuine enough.

"You say that, but I will see if you say such a thing in a month or two. Perhaps I am marionette who insists all rules be followed, yes? That perhap's sleeping is not something to be done in surgery suites?" He grinned wider. "Is wise to sleep when you can. Like soldier, you never know when you might not sleep during emergency."

"I'm glad you understand," Nevin said, stifling a yawn. "I was up all night dealing with an artificial heart replacement. It didn't exactly go well."

"Replacing heart is not as simple as peoples think," Arkady nodded. "But at least you did not have starship falling apart around you, so is good thing. Were there any complications?"

"A few," Nevin said, taking his scrubs top back from the man and slinging it over his bare chest. He walked towards his office as his hand absentmindedly scratched his right butt cheek. "At one point, he began seizing. That was the main issue we ran into. The size of his prosthetic heart was too large for the cavity, and it was pressing against the blood vessels that fed his carotid."

Having walked into his office, Nevin slumped into the chair behind his desk and leaned back, lifting his bare feet onto his desk. "The problem was, by the time he began seizing, there was a back flow of blood in the vessels and the prosthetic was continuing to beat. If we opened up the passage ways too quickly, we risked damaging his arteries and causing an aneurysm."

His voice sounded almost bored as he recalled the events of the past evening's surgical dilemma. "So we had to put him back on bypass before removing the prosthetic. Luckily, we were able to have the prosthetic resized to fit the cavity. It only took a few hours. Once the procedure was completed, we moved him to the intensive care suite until we were sure he was fully stable. I'm waiting on a few lab results before I'll consider returning him to a conscious state."

Arkady thought about what had been said, and how he might have preformed the same procedure. Finding no discrepancies, well none that had been told to him at least, he mentally put the surgeon into his good graces.

"Sounds as though I have arrived after the storm has passed. A pity. Being an administrator removes me from the day to day challenges of our work, but I can see already able minded individuals man our ranks here. Is good, is very good." Arkady nodded thoughtfully. "Well, I am sure I am keeping you from important work, necessary work. Perhaps later I will arrange drinks for medical team on board, a...greet and meet?"

Nevin raised an eyebrow. The man's broken way of speaking was certainly interesting to get used to. But he seemed nice enough. "Are you expecting to sign off on my patient charts?" Nevin asked, not bothering to waste time with formalities and niceties.

"I see no reason to. From what records I have perused your chart work is adequate and you do not leave bodies piled up like kindling from being stupid. I would not want to interfere with a surgeon doing good work. I see my role as Chief Medical Officer as merely administrative. I am here to ensure you have the ability to do good work. Ship of exploration faces many dangers, not all of which will have pointy ears and ray guns no?" he chuckled.

"Er...right," Nevin said, honestly not expecting that answer.

"Of course, should matters change and I see room for improvement, I will let you know. We have chat over small pastries and tea, discuss future potentialities yes? Yes I think is fine way to do things." Arkady nodded to himself thoughtfully. "Do you by chance play chess?"

He waved a hand.

"Is not matter, we have much time on ship will teach," he settled the bag back onto his shoulder. "Now if pardons be, I think I go make myself known to other doctors in personalised fashion. Is good to now know of you Nevin."

And then he left.

Nevin sat there for a moment, scratching his chin in confusion at the man who had just left. He certainly was different for a Chief Medical Officer from the ones Nevin had worked with previously. Perhaps that was a good thing? But then again, sometimes it wasn't.


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