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Lending A Helping Hand

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 @ 7:35pm by Lieutenant JG José Muñiz & Lieutenant JG Amber Zuzan & Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Shuttlecraft Allard; Nova Mercia
Timeline: Mission Day 87; 12:00

The Vindex had been asked to give some tactical apparatus and medical supplies to the tactical team on the surface - with the Vindex receiving brand new apparatus to replace them when the convoy arrived. Claudia had asked Nealey to work with Amber to take it down to the surface in one of the Type 8 shuttles. José had volunteered to take the shuttle down to the surface and new arrival Doctor Ingham had been asked to go at the last minute as an extra pair of hands.

"Is it all here yet?" Nealey asked.

Amber nodded. "Pretty much. Let's get this loaded up while Mr Muniz starts preparing the shuttle for departure. Miss Ingham if you could help us get these weapons cases loaded up we'll put your supplies on top as they're the lightest"

Lucinda nodded and joined Nealey in carrying a large case of rifles into the Allard's cargo space. There were at least six crates of rifles, hand phasers, stun grenades and other equipment to go down to Nova Mercia.

"Isn't this going to leave us short up here?" Lucinda asked.

Amber nodded. "A little but nothing we can't spare. The equipment coming in the convoy will be given to us instead of going down to the planet. Besides it means we get the nice new rifles and hand phasers instead of Starfleet's detachment on the planet"

"I just hope there isn't a medical emergency in the mean time...we're already short as it is" Lucinda commented.

Amber shrugged and watched as Nealey and Lucinda carried the first crate into the cargo hold. Nealey emerged and prepared to lift the next one whilst waiting for Lucinda to emerge after placing her away team bag in one of the craft's seats out of the way.

"Nothing wrong with offering a helping hand Miss Ingham - I'm sure Starfleet wouldn't have asked us to give them what we could spare if we couldn't" Nealey said.

Lucinda sighed and helped to lift the next crate in. In truth she was all for giving a helping hand but this was still a difficult time and supply lines were still being restored - but Lucinda trusted Captain Ainscow's judgement to go ahead and give the colony what the Vindex could spare.

"The Derbyshire has done the same as well apparently" Amber commented.

Nealey nodded. "So I believe"

With the equipment loaded up the away team got themselves comfortable as José piloted the Allard out of the Vindex's main shuttlebay and down towards the landing site. He still couldn't believe how beautiful Nova Mercia looked from above and he couldn't wait for the opportunity to go and explore the surface at his own pace.

"I'll never get tired of that view" José commented.

Lucinda nodded in agreement.

"I love it. Have you all been before?" Lucinda asked.

Nealey nodded. "I've been a few times now. I don't think Lieutenant Zuzan has - what about you Mr Muniz?"

"I've lost count to be honest Lieutenant. I've been back and forth taking peoples' belongings down to the surface and taking delegates to and from the ship. I might actually get to do some exploration of it at some point...we're hanging around for a while apparently so I might put in for a few days' leave..." José replied.

As the shuttlecraft descended towards the planet's atmosphere José hoped there was a landing spot available this time. Last time he was left circling over the capital for 20 minutes before a spot was available for him to land the Mersey to collect some officers from the surface who were heading back to the Vindex after a survey.

"Shuttlecraft Allard to Landing Port Alpha" José said.

"Go ahead"

"We've got the supplies requested from the USS Vindex on board. Requesting permission to land at your location - ETA around ten minutes" José replied.

"Permission granted. We'll hold a space for you - let us know when you're on approach"

"Understood - Allard out" José responded.

Sparks flew all over the shuttle's cabin whilst its occupants were in various states of health. José had done his best to level out the landing but it wasn't enough as the Allard crash landed on Nova Mercia's surface some twenty miles from its original destination. Dazed from the impact the Spaniard slowly turned around in his seat to see Lucinda surveying Nealey with her medical scanner.

"Is she alright?" José asked.

Lucinda moved her scanner across Nealey's body - continuing to urge her to stay in her seat until the scan was completed. Once Lucinda was satisfied she tended to Nealey's wounds before turning to José.

"Sit back down Lieutenant. You've been out for five minutes - I need to check you out before I let you start moving around again" Lucinda ordered.

Nealey had banged her head on her console but other than that she was in better shape than her colleague occupying the seat opposite her - or at least she was before the crash.

"What about Amber?" Nealey asked.

Lucinda replied. "She's suffered severe neural trauma after that panel came down on her head. We will need to get her back to the ship as soon as possible - it is essential that we get her into surgery if she's to have any chance of surviving"

"Oh Amber..." Nealey whispered.

José had reluctantly moved back into his seat to be scanned by Lucinda following his sudden regain of consciousness and rising out of his chair. Admittedly getting up and about so soon after a shuttle crash wasn't the best thing to do.

"You should have stayed in your seat Lieutenant - fortunately however my scanner doesn't show any aggravation to your injuries" Lucinda commented.

José nodded. "Thank you"

"Is there any chance of getting that communications system back online? If we don't get her into theatre in the next 30 minutes...Miss Zuzan will die" Lucinda asked.

Nealey shrugged. "I don't know - has anyone tried their commbadges?"

"I've already tried mine Lieutenant. No response" Lucinda replied.

José spoke. "I can't see how the crash would render our commbadges inoperative"

"We could be inside the dampening field...there's some military exercises going on near the capital - so if we've crashed inside that zone then we've got no way in hell of getting anything to work. We need to get out of here...or at least one of us needs to get out of the dampening field and get word out" Nealey replied.

José hit his console in frustration. With the Allard knocked so far off course it wasn't even possible to guess how far inside the dampening field the shuttle was.

"Our only hope is that someone saw us crash and has sent someone to come and find us. There's no way one of us can get outside the dampening field in the next 20 or 30 minutes" José replied.

Lucinda sighed. "Well whatever you do make it quick - I need to get this woman into theatre to relieve the pressure on her brain. I don't care if you build a set of wings and fly or make a bicycle - just get the hell out there and get a signal up to the Vindex"

"Alright. Keep her stable and we'll work on something..." Nealey replied.


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