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From Russia With Treats

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 9:23pm by Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 86; 09:00

Claudia was pleased with the arrival of a new Chief Medical Officer so soon after the departure of the last one. After she decided to head to sickbay to see Dr Sjet in action Claudia walked through the double doors leading into sickbay and looked around for Arkady. She'd made sure to check Arkady's file first so she knew what she looked like - and sure enough she found him very quickly.

"Are you free for a quick chat doctor? Don't worry - you aren't in any trouble" Claudia said.

"Is good that I am not. I have read your file Captain," which Arkady pronounced Kip-tin. He turned from the data pane he had been tapping into, and removed the glasses from his nose, a crooked thing set and broken a dozen times. But his smile was genuine enough. "If I was in trouble, you would need three strong Security men to bring me down. Maybe two and one-half Marine, if you do not mind me bending them in two."

"I would deny that my personal file is of any interest to anyone but seeing as you've actually read it then you may think differently. I've read your personal file myself and I found it rather intriguing although I doubt that word applies to mine - however if you think it does then I'm flattered. How are you finding things so far?" Claudia replied.

"Trust me, you want to know truth of someone, you talk to them. Or you suffer through something with them. A file tells you only so much, though yours spoke well of you. Not a frequent visitor to sickbay in a professional manner and that is for the good no?" Arkady asked, and gestured to a pair of chairs in a corner. "As for settling in, I hope you do not mind but I will wait to settle until after we have seen combat. My last four ship postings have all been...well, short lived is the smallest measure of the reasoning."

Claudia nodded in agreement. She never felt she could get to know someone just by reading about them on a screen - anyone could have written that - probably someone who didn't even know the person who they were writing about. Walking towards the chairs Arkady had pointed out Claudia responded.

"Of course Lieutenant - I couldn't agree more. As for combat, we have seen a lot of that and we've only just started exploring as we were originally supposed to be doing. We've already been in dry dock for repairs twice and the ship's only a few months old...let's hope we can stay away from one of those for a while" Claudia replied.

"I am not so sure that is possible for ship of exploration. Mysteries do not enjoy being solved," he said with all the gravity of a sage. Without a word being said an orderly had arrived with a pair of glasses, small slender things filled with a dark amber fluid that steamed with hints of apple.

"I hope you do not mind, but I find discussions between colleagues work best over mild refreshment. It is very hard to get mad at someone with a small glass of hot fluid in one's hands." He grinned, picking up one of the glasses and holding it out to her.

Claudia accepted the drink and smelled it briefly before taking a couple of sips.

Claudia nodded. "Thanks. I appreciate this particular thing isn't for everyone but I figured I'd come and introduce myself and see how you were. Besides - you'll probably be seeing me down here for medical appointments quite a few times in the coming few months or so."

Arkady's brow furrowed, shocking near by nurses that there was not an accompanying growl of grinding rock.

"Your file did not mention prolonged illness." He grumbled, leaning back in his chair and pulling up a padd to search for her file.

Claudia chuckled. "I'm not ill Lieutenant. I'm expecting a baby so I'll be down here for regular checkups - considering my age I think it's best to stay on the safe side. It's only early days yet so I'll be carrying on in command of the ship as normal for a good while yet"

"Oh. Oh well, that changes things a great deal," He said gravely, before turning a smile towards the captain. "You and I will become good friends over the coming months, and I assure you that your care, and the care of the little one is my primary concern from now on. The first child is always the hardest I have found, but I hope my humble experience can be of aid."

Claudia was pleased to hear Arkady was going to overlook her care from here on in. Fortunately, she'd already had Grace so the difficult first pregnancy was out of the way - although with her age there was always a chance the second could be just as difficult.

"I had my first eight years ago when I was aboard the Endurance. She came to live with me on the Vindex a short while ago now and she's really looking forward to having a little brother or sister. I'm grateful for your kind words though - I appreciate them a lot. I'm not sure when my next appointment is scheduled for so I'll have to check on that before I disappear. After all - all that paperwork on my desk won't do itself" Claudia replied - smiling.

"Bah! You have bridge of young officers at your beck and call, paperwork is for the young who do not know they are bored yet." Arkady scoffed. "And your file did speak of your first child. 8 you say? My little Mikal would be a year older than she, right age for children to have good friends."

Claudia giggled. "I have a Yeoman - in fact she's my wife actually - and she does what she can to lighten the load. In fairness it's not as bad as I make out but it usually takes about half an hour out of my schedule each morning"

Claudia sipped her drink before continuing.

"Yeah she's eight years old. Her father isn't alive anymore unfortunately - she's lived with my mother and stepfather on Earth for most of her life so far but she's here to stay now" Claudia concluded.

"Ahh, a widow free of her weeds daj? Is good to move forward. Better for little one most assuredly." Arkady beamed, before eyeing the glasses of tea. "Huum, in light of guest I keep, I do not keep good company. Allow me to amend."

He stood, waving her to sit and walked to the replicator. He spoke quietly to it for a moment, before its reception hopper glowed brightly and deposited his request there. He returned carrying a small glass dish of tiny pastries, each intricately folded and shaped with an assortment of toppings.

"Baklava. Not as good as hand made, I admit, but I did not know I had two guests to feed." he boomed.

Claudia smiled. James was a good man and she wanted to try and make things work with him but they could never find the time for eachother. Sadly they never would - James died aboard the USS Endurance before Grace was born.

"He was a good guy but we couldn't get things to work out between us. I've told Grace that her father was a great man and he would have been a great father - she's sad she never got to meet him but she's got me and her other mum now too" Claudia replied.

Claudia eyed the baklava eagerly and started to work her way through them at a fair rate of knots.

"These are amazing...I might have to get some more afterwards because these aren't going to last very long..." Claudia commented.

"For next visit, I will have freshly made for you. Will make discussion about bladder and morning sickness more palatable I think."

Claudia nodded. "Oh they definitely will - they're really moreish and extremely tasty. I used to have a real soft spot for cake before I became pregnant - but at least now I have an excuse because I'm eating for two."

"I will remember that for after pregnancy. I am as much here to ensure your well being as your peak physical health. For now, moreish morsels. After...well running with heavy things is good for the soul." Arkady cracked his knuckles.

Claudia giggled. "I bet you will - but I appreciate your offer. I'm already working on a plan to get myself back into shape after the pregnancy ends but that's not going to be for several months yet. I'm sure you can help me with that when the time comes"

"I make assured promises that that is indeed the case." Arkady grinned. "Now, finished up. I am sure I have kept you from much kip-tining."

Claudia chuckled and finished the last of her treats before standing up and offering a hand out to Arkady. It had been a productive and enjoyable first meeting between the two and she was looking forward to working with him in the future.

"A pleasure doctor. Until the next time" Claudia said.

Claudia smiled and turned on her heel before heading back up to the bridge. She had a lot of work to do and not enough time in the day - and she was expected down on Nova Mercia later to speak to Commodore Hutchinson again. It was going to be another long day.

Arkady watched her leave and looked back to the empty plate and cups of sweet apple tea. He then took the padd with her file and made an addition.

Note: Check For Cavities Next Checkup.


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