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Bleed Out in Cuddle Time

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 4:29pm by Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr & 1st Lieutenant Skryt Mrazak

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 87 0622


Mrazak stumbled through the Sickbay doors, one leg barely standing. One arm was clutched to his side, and the hand of his other arm braced his shoulder. Blood trickled through his fingers and down his body, leaving a trail behind him.

"I need a medic!"

"A plumber is who is needed," came a perplexed voices in a thick accent. Arkady stepped away from a nurse he had been discussing business with, and immediately took stock of the Reman in a SFMC uniform. Odd but not the oddest thing he had ever seen. As gently as his big arms could he gave the wounded Marine as much support as possible, and walked him to a empty biobed. "You come in here leaking so much, I give you mop when we are done patching you up daj? Now what has caused such perforations?"

Behind them the nurse was busily assembling a treatment kit, with Arkady's supporting fingers pointing to and giving thumbs up to various cocktails of hyposprays and dermal patches.

"It was a Saurian female," Mrazak said with a grunt. He helped himself to the nearest biobed, hefting his body atop in a graceless flop. "My arm and my hip feel dislocated, but I don't think anything is broken. You might check my ribs to be certain, though. Most of these are flesh wounds, but I suspect arterial bleeding on this arm."

Mrazak tapped his bicep as best he could while still maintaining pressure.

"Don't bother with a sedative. Just do what needs to be done."

"Ahh..." was Arkady's seasoned response as with a gesture a nurse plastered a dermal patch to the Reman's neck. The endorphin patch would manage the pain without dulling him too much, unlike a standard sedative or analgesic. As this happened Arkady took an offered tricorder and began to work to slowly down from his brow to his feet.

"As much as am fan of home remedies and self-diagnostics, pardon me whilst I perform the scan." He muttered, reading off a familiar litany of injuries. Indeed there was a torn artery, which just made him a little madder. "You are foolish man to walk with such an injury. As you got here with head of knowledge, you are not concussed enough to be delirious. Your jaw seems in working order, and yet you did not speak for medical beam out."

A nurse began to use a subdermal regenerator on the affected arm, allowing the beam to wash through skin and bone to accelerate the healing of the torn artery. Arkady knelt before the bed, taking the dislocated leg in both hands, one resting lightly on his hip as the other gripped his ankle.

"You might hear slight grinding noise."

"I've had worse," Mrazak said. He grunted along with each pop and motion. "And, truth be told, it was worth it."

The Reman closed his eyes, his grimace turning into a smile.

"I have never been with a Saurian. That one... she can do things with her forked tongue that will make you forget about the claws in her hands." He winced, though whether at the doctor or the memory he couldn't say.

"Ah-huh." Arkady said with as much inflexion to his words as though the two were discussing the colour of the walls. The hip had popped back in without too much hue and cry, huzzah for clinical pharmacology, but the arm had gotten pulled a little eagerly.

"My unit rescued her from the planet surface, though I was the only one to stick around to see her safely back to the ship." Mrazak's smile widened, revealing his fangs. "She had this complex aura about her--a powerful warrior with the heart of an explorer. Her innocent bravery mixed with her canny strength was too much to resist once we got back to the ship. One thing led to another, and we wound up back at her quarters. And now... I'm here."

"Yes and now you are here. Okay nurse, on three." And with that word spoken Arkady rotated the arm through 90 degrees and the nurse behind the Reman slammed into his shoulder blade. The pop was a nice low-level applause.

"Okay let us get work up. The nurse here is going to take your blood whilst I use dermal regenerator to fix leaky spots. This will take time as you have vast quantity," Arkady gestured. "Whilst I do this, we have talk. Because whilst I am enjoying vicarious tale, I want to understand something."

Arkady picked up a reflex hammer from the tray beside the biobed and tapped it on Skryt's head.

"Why did you do that?" Mrazak protested.

"I do not hear hollow sound, so you must understand nature of internal bleeding. Being a soldier you must know how easily it can leave man dead on feet without to much outward sign yes? Huum? More rough play and maybe you bleed out in cuddle time yes? Then she is in here, and I am trying to explain how you died. Maybe she is heart broken, maybe she is not? Who can tell, Saurian are both very familiar and very strange in custom?" Arkady put the hammer back down, his hand lingering over it a moment longer. "Perhaps next time you ponder this? In mean time we patch you up, and will allow you to leave with little pamphlet about safer interspecies sex. Is full of pictures, designed as Marine picture box."

He chuckled to himself.

"Perhaps in your case that might mean tying her down, is surely safer than before yes?"

Mrazak slapped Arkady--not hard enough to injure, but strong enough to turn the big Russian's head.

"Do you think me a fool because I risked my life for a night of pleasure? If my life had ended in the night, I would have counted myself fortunate. I have put my life on the line countless times for pointless orders. This would have been a desirable death."

The Reman hobbled off the table, his steps soft as he gingerly tested his bones and joints. Nodding with approval, he turned back to Arkady. "I bear these scars with more pride than those of any battle I have fought. Everyone dies, but not everyone lives."

As he made to leave, Mrazak paused in mid-step and turned back to Arkady. "May I still have that pamphlet of which you speak?"

Arkady sighed and pulled a pamphlet from a draw he kept stocked for such occasion as shore leave parties. The cover was plain and nondescript, giving away nothing but a serial number and the bland title of: Interpersonal Relations With Physical Ramifications Version 2.6.

"Scars are good, but scars from lack of preparation are not things of pride. Read. If you have questions you can come back together, we sit down over tea and small pastries." Arkady said with a smile.


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