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C'est La Vie

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Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Unknown Station
Timeline: MD 90

The Breen armor stood out among the crowded slums. It was intended to. Impoverished beggars hid from the armed menace. When he made it to the ramshackle clinic, he lowered his head to clear the doorway.

"Do you have my payment? You cannot be here without it," said the mortician.

It was the last thing he would ever say. A single burst from a CRM-114 incinerated the gnomish man where he stood.

Now that he was alone, the superweapon was discarded along with the helmet. Saalkan sniffed the stale air before snorting in contempt. Filthy station. Then he regarded the pale corpse on the slab before him. Pathetic fool.

Kazyah Linn, or at least the remains thereof, lay in suspended animation by cryogenic force fields. He looked almost peaceful, save for the third-degree burns and shrapnel shards perforating his body.

Saalkan stepped forward and ran his armored hand through the field. He waved it to and fro over the body, slowing to an eventually hover. Eyes closed, he made a fist and punched the table.

His protege was gone.

"We cannot all live forever."

The words were his mantra. His apologia. His very way of life. And yet they stung him this day. When he gave the corpse a final assessment, he was pleased to find the Rod of Kel around the neck, suspended from a leather thong. He seized it with an angry grasp that snapped the leather in twain.

Kazyah's limp, burned head jostled to one side, his lifeless eyes seeming to stare directly at Saalkan.

"I warned you, did I not?" Saalkan returned the stare as if conversing. "This was not how it was supposed to be, but I am proud of you for taking charge of your own fate. You have fallen, my son, but I shall live on for us both."

Slowly, reverently, Saalkan bent down to kiss the dead man on his burned, bloody mouth.

"Yes. And when I ascend the heights of Sha Ka Ree, I will carve your memorial across the galaxy with my divine immortal finger."

He clutched the Rod of Kel with his hand, then stared at it with a growing mad intensity.

"Or not. You truly should have followed me when you had the chance. Death be not proud."

The Vulcan retrieved the armored Breen helmet, but before placing it back over his head, he looked down at the body one last time.

"Thank you for returning to me the rod, if nothing else. In even this I see the hand of destiny. Farewell."

Saalkan walked out of the clinic, through the dark corridors to the docking bay, and returned to the Breen ship on which he had been hiding. The small crew had been subverted by him for some time now, and had nary a will of their own anymore.

When he ordered them to disembark, they did so without alerting anyone. The vacuum of space the ship tore into the docking bay would have been devastating to the dregs of the galaxy who lived there, but Saalkan then ordered the Breen to fire their energy dissipator at the station's power core.

Without warning, the blackness of space engulfed the hidden little hellhole, dooming its inhabitants to an awful fate.

And now Saalkan was left to his. Immortality. He lusted for it now more than ever. His wife Thesan had never bore him children, and now she could not were she willing. Saalkan, having impersonated his own fictitious offspring for decades, had lost the closest approximation to the real thing he may ever know.

What was this? As the Breen ship sped away at half impulse, the sensors showed a redundant power system came online in the station. Somehow it was resisting the energy dissipator which had fried every computer and power system.

Saalkan reversed the polarity of the dampening effect himself, throwing the auxiliary power of the station for a loop, then deactivated it. The feedback loop worked as predicted. The Mad Vulcan stared with indifferent satisfaction as the station's power core overloaded, and its entire hull succumbed to an antimatter containment cascade failure.

The explosion was beautiful, and then it was gone. What was the human idiom?

"C'est la vie." Saalkan smirked at the irony.


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