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Allard Analysis

Posted on Sun Jun 25th, 2017 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant JG Nealey Snowdon & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Lieutenant Commander Soren Himmel & Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission Day 88; 13:00

The heavily damaged shuttlecraft Allard had been retrieved from the surface of Nova Mercia and Captain Ainscow had ordered a full investigation into the cause of the crash. It had taken some doing to remove the craft without damaging it any more than it was - thankfully it had been removed with precision by the Vindex's Engineering and Tactical/Security departments.

" now we've got this thing up here where should we start?" Nealey asked.

"The damage is so extensive it's hard to tell which one could have been the cause," Soren bashed at a panel until it popped off, "Our best course is to see if the computer is intact and if there is any information their that can help," he stuck he his hand inside to feel anything out, "I think we'll need an extra set of hands."

Himmel tapped his combadge, =/\=Himmel to Commander ben-Avram, we could use your assistance in the main shuttlebay=/\=

=/\="Ben-Avram here. I'm on my way."=/\=

In a moment, Akiva entered the shuttle bay and made his way to the work area.

"What do we have?" he asked.

"Not much yet. We're just about to access the computer to try to work out what happened. We haven't examined the underside of the craft yet although we hope to get it up in the air once we've finished our analysis of the computer" Nealey replied.

Akiva nodded as he listened. Part of him wished Biynah were here, as she had recently developed a stronger knack with computers than he did. A spark of pride lit within him that his daughter would be the one to surpass him as the foremost computer specialist on board.

"I'll run the computer diagnostic," he said with a terse smile. "You and Commander Himmel should be able to get the old bird up in the air and dismantled soon enough on your own."

He then turned to Emilie. "Lieutenant, if you could maintain a persistent security scan on the vessel, I would be obliged. I've nearly been blown apart more than once by supposedly inert equipment."

Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure was brought in on the recommendation of Martha Cusack. So far the Belgian Lieutenant had had very little to do - so she was looking forward to getting her teeth into her first assignment on the Vindex after transferring up from Nova Mercia. She was currently acting as cover for the injured Lieutenant Zuzan but it was suggested to Emilie upon her arrival that she could end up staying permanently - if she wanted to.

"Will do Commander. I'll set an alarm to go off so we can get clear if anything decides to overload" Emilie replied.

Akiva nodded. He waved a hand for Soren to help him dislodge the computer core from the bridge--what was left of it--before the maglock grapplers suspended the Allard in the air.

"So far, so good," he said. He cracked his knuckles before linking a tricorder to the battered computer core to allow for direct data transfer. "I'll see what I can turn up here while you go through the rest of the shuttle. Loser buys drinks."

Himmel smiled and nodded, "Well you better get your credits ready Commander."

With the wager cast, Akiva dismissed everyone from his mind and set to work. Fortunately there was no encryption to trip him up, so the process would be a simple one. He set the tricorder to filter the propagated data into standard categories by system function--shields, engines, flight control, life support, and so on. The flight log would be much easier to interpret when broken down that way, and any anomalies could be easily cross-referenced sans the tedium of poring over irrelevant computer processes.

The upload was largely automatic. Akvia cast an anxious look toward Emilie. Even though the woman was observing him because of a direct order, it still made him uncomfortable.

"How are you finding the Vindex, Lieutenant?" Normal people made small talk when they felt nervous. Maybe it would help now.

Emilie shrugged. "So far so good. I'm just taking my time and getting myself familiar with where everything is and who everyone is. This is a good start"

"Ah, well good," Akiva began to say. The tricorder warbled to signal its completion. "Excuse me."

Akiva went back to the tricorder and took to one knee as he assessed its results. The flight log reported standard levels as it disembarked from the Vindex and entered the atmosphere. Catastrophic engine failure occurred 22 minutes into the flight. Akiva flipped to the engine data.

The engines experienced a massive power surge at that same moment. Akiva assessed which systems fluctuated at that time. Life support and weapons were nominal, but shields and sensors showed something.

Akiva reviewed the shield data first, already knowing what he would find. At the moment before the engines failed, the shields suffered a bombardment from low orbit.

"What have we here?"

The direction of the strike provided a general location of whoever had fired on the Allard.

"Lieutenant, I want these coordinates scanned for a cloaked ship or warp signature," Akiva said. He handed off a PADD with data from the tricorder. "On the double."

"I'll get right on it. I'll let you know as soon as I have an update" Emilie replied.

After the ATSO left the shuttlebay, Akiva returned to the diagnostic to see what sensors may have picked up. Compared to the other records, the sensor log was very brief. When filtering out atmospheric readings and other environmental factors, it reflected not one but two warp signatures. One was above, approximately in the same coordinates as the bombardment, which corroborated with the shielding data. The other, however, was embedded several meters below the surface. As with the others, the sensor log readings abruptly ended.

"Looks like we have a project for our once and future CSO," Akiva quipped to himself.

He transmitted the tricorder data to his spare PADD and turned back to Nealey and Soren.

"How's it coming with you two?"

"We're just about to complete the diagnostic on the rest of the shuttle's systems Commander. Once that's done we can drop it back down onto the floor" Nealey replied.

"See if you can find physical evidence to correspond with these data logs," Akiva said, as he relinquished the tricorder to Nealey. "Looks like somebody owes me a drink." He winked at them both.

Himmel cursed under his breath, "The engines were running hot and surged. It looks like they were pushed over their limits. It's clear that the shuttle experienced significant damage where the shields were unable to handle." Soren then turned to Akiva, "I'm going to get you a drink that will knock you off your boots."

"That's good because it looks like we may have another shuttle to excavate from the surface."

Akiva tapped his commbadge.

"Commander ben-Avram to Captain Ainscow. I think we may need to call a senior staff meeting. We've found something."


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