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Fluid Reality

Posted on Sat Jun 10th, 2017 @ 9:26pm by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn
Edited on on Sat Jun 10th, 2017 @ 9:34pm

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Unknown
Timeline: Unknown

"Do we even know why he was on that station?" The voice sounded gravelly, but with an air of pompous indignation.

There was a pause, but then a smooth voice entered, "No, not yet. I tried to get him to tell me in route, but he was not interested in talking."

The air was still and hot. There was a humming in the background that few would notice. Yet it sounded ear-piercingly loud.

"His brain activity has stabilized again. But I don't think we should make another attempt. Three times is too many," the gravelly voice said.

"And you aren't sure when he'll wake up?" the smooth voice asked.

The gravelly voice made a sound, almost like a laugh, a cough and a wince all rolled into one. "I'm not even sure if he'll wake up. Like I said, he was dead."

The feeling of skin against skin burned with both pain and longing. Pleasure surged and the senses ebbed as the darkness began to fade. Sparks of light began to illuminate the corners where only distant memories lived.

"Anwar, we've lost the trail," came a feminine voice, who had only just now joined the orchestra of melodies that flowed in the darkness.

A loud crash sparked the synapses in agony as a tremble rippled the void.

"I want that Vulcan found," the smooth voice said.

The liquid stream of the voice was audibly soothing.

"Saalkan..." a new voice said, quiet and raspy. There was a cough as the labored intake of air rattled the mind. Bright lines appeared in the darkness and soon began to expand. Dots of light began to burst forth like a cluster of stars going nova in sync.

The sound of movement was loud.

"Kaz?" the smooth voice asked. "Kaz, can you hear me?"

Another labored breath. Blurry images danced through the fog as the image began to come into focus.

"What happened?" the raspy voice asked.

"You died, Kaz," the smooth voice said.

His eyes moved upward and focused on a figure that leaned over him. Surrounded by bright lights was the Trill man from the cargo transport.

"I'm dead?" Kaz asked, his throat sticking with dehydration.

The Trill man smiled, shaking his head. "No, Kaz. You're not dead anymore."


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