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Posted on Sat Jun 10th, 2017 @ 11:45pm by Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 97; 15:00

Losing a patient was never easy and it never got easier to accept the more times it happened. Lucinda and the team had tried to save their patient’s life – but unfortunately their injuries had been too severe and no matter what any of the medical team could have done – it wouldn’t have been enough to stop the inevitable.

They knew they were against the clock upon the patient’s arrival in sickbay and unfortunately the clock hit zero before anything could be done. Clutching her PADD Lucinda began to go over her schedule for the rest of the day after taking time out to assist with the trauma patient who had required immediate assistance.

“Are you alright doctor?” a nurse asked.

Lucinda nodded. “I’m fine. I’m just checking to see what’s on my schedule for the rest of the day before I carry on with my rounds”

“Do you need a hand with them?” was the response.

Lucinda paused for a moment and looked down at one thing that jumped out at her the most. In that time she’d managed to zone out and not hear what the nurse had asked her – and Lucinda stayed that way until the nurse gently tapped her shoulder to see if she was alright.

“Are you sure you’re alright doctor?” the nurse asked.

Lucinda slowly came back into focus and turned to face the nurse.

“Yes. What did you say again?” Lucinda replied.

The nurse spoke. “I was wondering if you wanted me to help you to carry on with your rounds”

“Be my guest. We’ve got hourly observations on a couple of patients so I’d like to see them first and then check on others. We have a trauma patient in Bay 5 and another who hasn’t long come out of surgery in Bay 7” Lucinda said.

Lucinda and the nurse made their way to Bay 7 first. The man had fallen whilst on Nova Mercia and required surgery to stop an internal bleed – so far the signs were good as the nurse checked his vital signs and read them out to Lucinda who typed them onto the console by the bed for future record. Lucinda performed some checks of her own – and once they were complete it was onto Bay 5.

“Alright...if you’ll go and check on Bay 5 for me I just need to go and check something. I’ll be back in a minute or so” Lucinda said.

The nurse nodded to confirm she’d understood her instructions and went into Bay 5. Lucinda went off to the office to see if her now revised schedule was going to run past the end of her shift. It was close but Lucinda thought with the help of the nurse she might be able to finish on time. Lucinda didn’t mind working more hours but she wanted to make sure she was finished in time for her daughter that particular night as Lucinda had promised to take her to the holodeck.
Lucinda returned to the trauma bay to find the nurse stood outside Bay 5 with a look of confusion on her face.

“What’s the problem?” Lucinda asked.

The nurse replied. “You said there was a patient in Bay 5”

“They must have moved – I’ll check the patient logs whilst you carry on with the rounds. If there’s any issues then call me over immediately. Please do the rest of the odd numbered bays until I catch up with you” Lucinda responded.

The nurse went off to carry on Lucinda’s rounds whilst the doctor simply stared at the empty bed in the bay. She walked up to the console and tapped at it to activate it to check the patient’s notes and see what was going on and why their bay was suddenly empty.

It transpired that patient had been moved so Lucinda made a note to remove Bay 5 from her rounds for the time being. Catching up to the nurse Lucinda completed her rounds a little faster thanks to the nurse’s help. With her appreciation given to the nurse Lucinda went to the medical office for a scheduled appointment with a patient and once that had been concluded she got herself a cup of tea.

Lucinda looked at her computer console and felt a great deal of guilt and failure. The appointment and the whole day could have gone far better than it had. It was going to be one of those days her healthy eating was going to go out of the window.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you” Lucinda whispered.


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