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Return Of A Familiar Face

Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 2:57pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 90; 08:00

Claudia was pleased that her first Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant Eli Dreznik - had finally returned from his secondment on Hekaras II. A lot had happened in the time he'd been gone - some good and some bad - but now he was back Claudia was eager to catch up with him and find out about his time away on Hekaras II.

=/\="Ainscow to Dreznik. If you're free could you come and meet me in the Observation Lounge?"=/\= Claudia said.

Eli Dreznik was just opening one of the sample crates from Hekaras IIc when the call came from the Captain over the Comm network. =/\= "Of course, Captain. I will be there momentarily." =/\= responded the Chief Science Officer. The turbolift ride to deck one was short, and Eli arrived in mere minutes.

"Captain," he said enthusiastically as he crossed through the entrance. "It is certainly agreeable to see you again." He extended his hand in greeting as he approached the shorter woman.

Claudia smiled and offered her hand out to Eli - shaking it enthusiastically. His enthusiasm had been missed and it was great to have him back on the team. Gesturing to the nearest vacant seat moved over to the replicator.

"Can I get you anything Lieutenant?" Claudia asked.

"Um...a cela tea, please," said Eli as he took the offered seat. He had become quite fond of the Bajoran blend lately; his cabin mate on the science vessel that had taken his team to Hekaras had been Bajoran and introduced the strong herbaceous yellow tea to Eli.

Claudia nodded and replicated a cela tea as well as a regular tea for herself. Carrying them over one at a time she placed Eli's cela tea in front of him before returning with her own beverage and sitting down at the head of the table. Taking a sip of hers and then keeping hold of the cup to savour its warm feeling she spoke.

" was Hekaras II? I hear they had a few technical issues that required some urgent attention" Claudia asked.

"More than a few," said Eli, pausing briefly to take a sip of the tea. It was deliciously floral and light. "The weather control matrix was on the verge of collapse when we arrived. It barely held together in the 40 days it took us to traverse the Hekaras Corridor. Twelve light years at warp three point nine seemed to drag on forever."

Claudia nodded and listened with interest. Hekaras II was a planet she had not yet visited but had read a lot about - particularly the weather control network which Eli had been requested to assist with repairing. It sounded like a grim situation there but she was glad to hear that everything had been resolved. News from the other side of the galaxy was always welcomed.

"It's good to know that things have worked out there. Forty days at Warp 3.9 sounds quite boring although in the circumstances I suppose it's a case of needs must" Claudia replied.

After another sip of her tea she continued.

"We've been quite busy here. The Consortium threat is largely over although we suspect there's a small pack of vessels in hiding somewhere attempting to rebuild. The ship itself was hijacked by some Consortium sympathisers and around half of the crew were killed when they disabled life support systems - although we're close to having a full complement back again thankfully. You'll be pleased to know the Science department is fully staffed - there's certainly a few people who will be happy to see you back" Claudia concluded.

Eli nodded. "I'm glad the department is well-staffed. And I am sorry to hear that so many were lost. I pray to the Two Suns that they find peace in the Hereafter." The Science Officer paused briefly, taking a large sip of tea. "I understand you wed recently, Captain. My heartiest congratulations to both of you. I know it's a bit late, but I do have a small gift for the occasion." Eli withdrew a small flask from his tunic pocket. Engraved on the polished silver surface were the initials C & R. "Crafted by a traditional silversmith in my home town of Lakeside...and filled with a rare vintage of Skagaran whiskey."

Claudia smiled and accepted the gift - taking a look at the bottle carefully before placing it on the table next to her cup of tea. She would make sure to place it in her ready room for safekeeping until the end of the day.

"I think they did Lieutenant. Thank you for your kind words and gift though - I'll be sure to share that with my wife when we find a special enough occasion to do so. I believe Major Garlake and Counsellor Maera will have given eachother their vows by now too - although unfortunately they wanted to have their ceremony on Earth so I couldn't officiate for them" Claudia replied.

"How lovely!" said Eli with barely suppressed delight. It made him keenly aware of his own lack of success in the romance department, a fact that he chose to not dwell upon much. "Commander ben-Avram says you pulled off a small miracle in communicating with the Dulcite Mineral Entity. I would like your permission to forward those mission data logs to my colleague Dr. Ra'olo Rethalen Jex on Syrath Prime. It is an exogeologist that has a reputation for unconventional thinking."

Claudia smiled. "By all means - I will have them sent down to your office for you to look over before sending them onto your colleague. Commander Tau - our temporary Science Officer - has moved down to the planet so he can continue his own studies there too. I must say it was one of the more interesting experiences of my life so far"

"Of that I have no doubt. With your permission, I would like to get that data to Dr. Rethalen as soon as possible. It will be going into a semiannual hibernation cycle in several days."

Claudia smiled and nodded - standing up at full height.

"Of course Mr Dreznik. If there is anything else I can get for you let me or my wife - sorry - Yeoman know and one of us will get it to you as soon as we can. If you like I can try and describe my experience of the DME and send it along as well" Claudia replied.

"Thank you Captain. Both myself and Dr. Rethalen appreciate your diligence." Eli stood also. Although he was not particularly tall, he still stood a good thirteen centimeters above the CO. "And I'm sure you remember that I am not afraid to ask for resources." Eli placed his fist over his heart and inclined his head downward slightly, a respectful gesture to an authoritative figure on his native colony. "May the Two Suns guide you, Captain."

Claudia smiled. "Thank you Lieutenant. It's good to have you back"


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