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A Lunch Break With A Difference

Posted on Thu Jul 13th, 2017 @ 7:03pm by Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham & Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 91; 13:30

Lucinda had been busy all morning and it hadn't stopped. She was grateful when her schedule finally allowed her to take a short break - although she suspects her time in the break room wouldn't last very long. Just like any other department the Medical department never had two days the exact same.

Opening her lunchbox Lucinda reached out for a ham baguette and slowly started to eat it.

Something walked into the breakroom muttering vile curses. Big, broad shoulders, giant mitts for hands and a head like an angry coconut, Arkady did not strike anyone has the delicate medical type. The type who put people in medical sure, but apparently when they were handing out uniforms they'd ran out of green and gold shirts.

Maybe he was a science guy ready to test some sort of relativistic pain theory?

He began to randomly open cupboards with quick motions, discounting ones filled to the brim and shoving his hand into the ones that were half empty.

"Chert voz'mi!" He swore angrily, before turning on Lucinda and her lunch. "Excuse's to be made later, have you seen small eight-limbed trouble maker?"

Lucinda looked around on the floor around the room and subsequently shook her head. She wasn't entirely sure what Arkady was referring to but there weren't any eight-limbed life forms in the staff room.

"I haven't I'm afraid. If you let me finish this then I'll help you look for it if you like? Oh - and I'm Doctor Ingham - Lucinda. A pleasure to meet you doctor" Lucinda said.

"Ah, yes. Of course how easily I forget to greet one of my department's premier surgeons. I would have done sooner but..." he shrugged his wide shoulders and settled into the break room's comforting, committee decreed calming colour scheme. "Has been interesting time adjusting to ship as big as this. The last vessel I was on was little Sabre class called the Tachi. The medical team was me, another surgeon and two nurses along with the EMH."

He gestured at the walls.

"Now I have department nearly as big as Tachi's entire crew compliment. Is wonder I not name the wrong soul," he barked a laugh.

Lucinda tittered to herself and finished her sandwich before replying. Shoving her lunch container back into her bag which she placed back in her locker.

"I've always been used to working as part of a large team. I can imagine it's taken you quite a lot of adjustment to manage a larger department - although this is my first time on a Sovereign-class starship so it's a bit of adjustment for me too. Anyway - what is it we're looking for exactly?" Lucinda asked.

"Escaped lab assistant from xenobiology department. Little memetic cephalopods, from Bolia I am told. Very smart creature, able to time its chromophores to the pulsing of the optic nerve. Interesting study companion in non-mammalian thought processes." Arkady explained, before rubbing his eyes with one hand. "I am told 'Barney' is easily bored and likes to go wandering."

He sighed.

"And to think on Tachi all I had to worry about was handing out prophylactics and the occasional vaccination for a shore leave malady."

"Come on. I'm sure we'll find your friend before too long - maybe he went into one of the quiet rooms at the back for a change of scenery? I know that's where I'd go...but...I'm not a memetic cephalopod. My cat likes hiding so I know how you're feeling right now" Lucinda replied.

"Ah, is not for me. Is for strange people who populate the xenobiology lab. They were quite insistent that if 'Barney' was not found it would lead to not good outcome. Very...energetic, is the word I use for overly sweating man prone to nervous disposition," Arkady shook his head. "But no, you stay here and finish your lunch in peace. Frantic search for invisible sentient grabby thing..."

Arkady's eyes had stopped looking at Lucinda and were tracking to just above her head. At this time there was something odd happening to her hair, as though someone was braiding it from behind...

Or something.

"Byt' ochen' spokoynym..." Arkady said very, very quietly. "Don't...move."

Almost instantly Lucinda felt a sense of dread as to where this missing creature was hiding. Guessing by Arkady telling her not to move Lucinda guessed it was close to or already somewhere on her body.

Lucinda sighed. "Let me guess. It's on top of my head or in my hair...please...just get it off me"

"It is dangling from light fixture," Arkady grumbled, leaning sideways slowly as his hand quested for a container of some sort. The break room was a haven for boxes, alas all of them seemed full. His hand found the container holding real tea, and shook it out onto the floor.

"Okay in moment I will reach out, grab Barney and stuff him in box," he said and smiled at her. "In same moment you please duck down and dive for door. Will soon be interesting story to say over drinks."

Lucinda nodded and prepared herself to run for the door. It was one of the more interesting lunch breaks to say the least - with a creature she'd never even heard of now above her clinging onto one of the light fittings. She hoped after Barney was captured and after she'd cleaned up the mess on the floor she would be able to eat the rest of her lunch before returning to duty.

"I'm ready when you are...just give me a signal" Lucinda said.

"Teper'!" Arkady barked, speaking a word that needed no translation. He lunged forward with surprising grace for a man of his size, his ham-sized mitt and the box flying above Lucinda's head. Something above and behind her made a startled 'bleeking' noise, taking a few strands of hairs with it as it landed in the box.

The next thing she saw was Arkady fighting with a box, the contents of which were throwing themselves around. From its open lid a long, thrashing crystalline tentacle pawed at the light, shimmering rather beautifully.

"Problem with near sentient problem solver, is they get bored!" Arkady barked a laugh as he got the last tentacle into the tea box.

Lucinda felt a few strands of hair yanked out and she yelped slightly as she dashed for the door. Stopping after Arkady had confirmed the creature was subdued she turned around again to face him. That had certainly been a rather interesting experience to say the least.

"Well - that was err...different. I can't say I've spent a lunchtime break helping find one of those whatever it's called before. How many creatures have you got in here? My daughter loves animals and I've promised her we'd have a look at some on the holodeck - but if you have some real ones here that'd be even better" Lucinda replied.

"There are a few. This little fellow has a unique ability to time share it's neural network. Its brain is too small for true cognitive thinking, and yet it displays behaviours and actions that speak of planned intent and forward thinking. When it wants to be seen it is rather drab. But I am sure there are some other helpful lab assistances in the xenobiology department," Arkady grinned. "Some of them even wear uniforms."

Lucinda nodded. "Would you mind if I brought her along to take a look at them at some point? She has this list where she ticks off these weird and wonderful creatures whenever she sees them - maybe you'll have one or two of them there?"

"It would be a delight to help the little one learn more of the worlds she is destined to walk." Arkady grinned, the tea box still shaking in his hands. "I must work to get this one back to his tank before he begis to dehydrate and get cranky."

"Thank you Doctor - I appreciate it" Lucinda replied.

With the two going their separate ways Lucinda decided to return to her lunch break and helped herself to a cup of tea to go with the rest of the contents of her lunchbox. It had been a rather...interesting...experience to say the least - but no two days were ever the same.


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