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Love At First Fight

Posted on Wed Jun 14th, 2017 @ 10:16pm by Ensign Kalraan Ran & Captain Kestra Marunis

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: USS Vindex Transporter Room
Timeline: 0700 hours
Tags: Intro posts of : 1st Lieutenant Kestra Marunis & Ensign Kalraan Ran.

Ensign Ran had more or less went straight from the academy to his new post. It was his first posting and he was amazed that he got a chance to serve on a major ship class like a Sovereign. He materialized upon the transporter PAD and quickly stepped off the platform, a few others who had transported onboard with him at that moment hurried off to where ever they where going. But not this young Trill, he stood at the base of the PADs and just took in the sight of it all. Drawing a deep breath to smell it.

Kestra had just materialized upon the transporter pad; Her duffle bag was held in one hand, In the other hand, She carried nothing. She began to move off the transporter pad in order for her to step off it, Not really paying attention to what was still on the transporter pad, and Kestra had ended up catching her right foot against the edge of a box, Prompting her to begin to lose her balance and fall forward towards the floor of the transporter pad.

Ran had had his box filled with prototype parts transported in after him and he had forgotten to take it off the PAD when he was beamed in, in fact he was enjoying the ship so much he had not heard the standard sound of the transporter. The louder bang of the marine walking straight in to the box pulled him out of it in an instant and through muscle memory and with speed and grace, he caught her when she was a foot off the lower step of the transporter platform with one hand and the other was around her back and to her side with great speed, shielding her from her bag that came rushing towards her head. Now he was standing in a perfect T formation, straight leg out the back to make sure he doesn't fall over and his arm that held her were holding her over her upper chest area. Quickly he pulled her up to her feet and held her shoulder to make sure she wouldn't stumble. "Are you alright my lady?" he asked in a calm and concerned voice.

Inwardly, Kestra was impressed at how fast the Trill had reacted in order to catch her and prevent her from falling and injuring herself; Outwardly, She wasn't very highly enthusiastic at how he'd just caught her- With his arm resting across her upper chest area. Infact, It really disgusted her. With a quick shove of her arm, She righted herself and pushed the Trill officer away, Punching his arm in the process, "Get off me, You little spotted freak!" She angrily shouted at him before straightening her Marine uniform.

The Ensign wasn't ready for her punch and she hit a nerve. "Ouch." he exclaimed as he rubbed his arm. He looked her over now that he could see her properly, even with the uniform hiding most of her physique, he could tell she had a very strong core from how she was holding herself. "There is no need to be rude, I couldn't allow a lady fall on her face from my mistake. That would be extremely rude of me." Ran moved up to the PAD and removed the box. He easily lifted it up and held it in front of him with both hands. He sighed. "I deeply apologize for where I had placed my arm, it was the safest location when using one arm, lower and I would risk your core to buckle and you could slam your head on the floor and higher I would risk damaging your neck and spine." he felt really bad about it all.

Kestra didn't respond at first, She merely glared at the Ensign. Her glare could curdle fresh milk in an instant. "I've every right to be rude, You moronically left that box right in my path!" She snapped before she'd huffed out an angered sigh, Completely ignoring the apology the Ensign had made. He was so very lucky that he was not a Marine, Kestra would definitely have made him pay for the transgression against her.

He stared at her. "Moronically?" he exclaimed. "I'll have you know I am not to blame for some airhead marine who can't see where she is going!" he glared at her, mirroring her own look.

Who does this guy think he is?! Kestra thought silently to herself as she glared back at him, Her eyes narrowing almost to slits as she approached him a little closer as if to challenge him. Her face was now meeting his very closely; Though she had to look up slightly to meet his gaze, despite the fact that he was much taller than she was, "Excuse me? Who are you calling an 'airhead marine'?" She pointed towards the transporter pad whilst her voice raised an octave or two as she continued shouting at him, "You're the brainless jerk who left that damned box in my way, When everybody else knows to remove their stuff off the transporter pad after they've beamed onboard the ship!"

"Maybe I should put a sign on your uniform that says 'I am blind, don't blame me for falling'!" he exclaimed, not showing a single sign of backing down. Two young male crewmen was standing off to the side and watching them. One turned to the other "They are like a married couple." he said with a smile before the other addressed the two. "Why not get a room and roll around under the sheets?" he laughed and so did his friend. But the laughter was instantly cut off when both the Marine and the Science officer turned their heads to face them, "SHUT UP!" they boomed in unison, if it was a cartoon, the two crewmen would be flying back in to the wall from the force of it.

Kestra glared at the two crewmen, Then back to Ran, "Maybe I should stick a sign on YOUR uniform that says 'I'm dumb, I leave my stuff lying around the place to trip people over on purpose!'" Kestra angrily snapped at him, Narrowing her eyes once again at him before turning her back to him, and marching off towards the transporter room's exit. Not even giving the man a second glance.

The Ensign was keeping a straight face for as long as he could and when she was out of the transporter room, his expression crumbled. He placed a hand over his face, he couldn't even stand up straight as his knees when weak. His free arm was resting on the knee, the lines on his face could be seen forming where his hand wasn't covering up. He stood there for a long moment before a deep intake of air could be heard followed by a laugh. He was laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes, his side was aching and he couldn't even stand. He had to sit on the box to prevent himself from curling up like a ball on the floor from laughter. Her 'sign' response was so good that it had taken everything he had to keep a straight face.

As the doors of the transporter room had closed behind her, Kestra stopped for a moment to check to make sure she had her duffle bag in her hand; Which she noted that it was still there. She paused for a moment as she heard the sound of laughter from the other side of the door. Her anger was instantly forgotten. As it was, Now her face began to contort and distort, and to turn various shades of colors from barely pink, to the brightest red as her anger lifted. And she was now trying to prevent her own laughter from erupting. She then left the corridor and headed straight for the turbolift, Passing by a crewman who stopped to glance up at her and remarked aloud, Not really talking to her in the general sense, But rather making a comment to her current appearance, "Must have been something she ate with a 'got to go' face like that."

Kestra ignored the crewman, and headed straight into the turbolift, Still trying her best to stifle the laughter she had been trying to prevent. She'd just barely managed to say, "Deck 25, Room 002." Through her stifled fits of snorting and muffled giggling. She had just exited the turbolift and rushed to her quarters. Once inside her quarters and the doors had closed behind her, Kestra dropped the duffle bag and just let her laughter erupt in full force. She even held her sides and dropped to her knees as she just let her laughter go freely. "Why didn't I think of that before?" She asked herself as she replayed the 'sign' response she'd given Ran, In her mind, over and over. As her laughter softened, She began to think of the reason why he'd angered her so, But she'd had to admit to herself that it was kind of funny how she'd tripped over his stuff when she wasn't looking. Guess he was right, I wasn't looking where I was going. Kestra thought to herself without saying a word. She wondered if she should apologize to him, or would he think that she was being weak? Since after all, She was pretty angry when they first met.

Meanwhile Ensign Ran had collected himself enough to actually pick up his box and head to his own quarters. He had to stop a few times on the way to collect himself when the laughter returned. Even if for some reason they went at eachother like cats and dogs there, he felt that they were in a way fighting at the same wavelength. Their argument had revealed one thing he liked a lot about her, her mind was extremely sharp. Her comeback knocked his remark out of the water with ease. He couldn't be angry at her, she fascinated him too much.

Kestra herself, Had never thought of, or even dreamed that someone like Ran would be bold enough to stand up to her like he'd done. Most Marines would have either dropped their eye contact the moment they saw her, or immediately stand at attention, Waiting for her order to command them to do something that she'd wanted to be done. But in this case, Kestra wasn't even angry at Ran anymore, He'd impressed her; Greatly so, Even she couldn't complain to anyone, Much less herself over the fact that she was no longer upset or angry at him now. She had to admit that she liked him. No one could really make her laugh like he had. Even if he didn't actually see it happen.


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