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Off the Rails

Posted on Thu Jun 15th, 2017 @ 4:26pm by Ensign Kalraan Ran & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Deck 15, Science Labs, Planetery Science Lab
Timeline: Day 91, 0830 hours.

Kelraan had managed to get rid of his laughing fit from the encounter with the Marine and now he was walking down the corridor on deck 15. He was running his hands on the bulkheads as he walked as he was heading towards his destination. "You are a good looking lady. Yes you are." Ran said as he was talking to the ship. Not five minutes earlier he had asked for the location of his direct superior offcer; Lieutenant Elijah Dreznik. The computer had responded in her usual lady voice; "Deck 15, Planetary Science lab." The trill had thanked the computer and after a short ride in the lift and a stroll down the corridor he finally arrived at his destination. He saw a few crewmen walking around but there was one man who the Ran could tell owned the room. Without a word to anyone in the room he walked up to his CO. "Ensign Kalraan Ran reporting for duty."

"...and finish uploading those specs right away please," said Eli in a calmly authoritative tone. He was trying to strike a better balance between being a good scientist and a good administrator. Only then would he advance up the chain of command. When he heard the door open, his attention became focused on the person entering. He was tall, and a Trill. Which could mean this must be his new staff SO. And the greeting offered by the tall man confirmed as such. "Mister Ran. Welcome to the Vindex Sciences Division. I'm Eli Dreznik, the leader of this eclectic bunch. Why don't we have a seat and chat a bit?" Eli gestures to an open work station nearby with two vacant chairs.

Ran was a little surprised by the easygoing ness of the scientist, but he quickly pushed the sensation aside. "Thank you sir. I am very exited to be onboard." he looked around at the equipment and the ship as a whole. "She really is one beautiful lady..." the Trill said to himself and took a seat. As he sat there he was still looking around, taking in the view of the ship.

"So let's start with a few basics," said Eli cheerfully as he took the opposite seat. He picked up a PADD from the work station and logged into the device, linking it to his personal data queue. "So it looks like you're fresh from the Academy, Mister Ran. And from your record, it seems that much of your training and studies have been oriented more toward tactical and military technologies." The Skagaran gave his younger colleague a very serious gaze. "What do you think makes you a good fit on an exploratory vessel, Ensign?"

This surprised him even more, he was infact invited to join the ship. "Well sir. I think in times of crisis you will need a crew with diverse and even unorthodox specialities. My major was more R&D on all diffirent kinds of technologies. Everything from cluster fusion cores to railgun technologies." Ran answered truthfully. "I was assigned to this vessel by request and will do all I can earn the position."

Eli gave the Trill a small smile. "I know you were requested, Ensign Ran. The Captain requested you because of my recommendation." He scanned through some more of Ran's service record on the PADD. "I just wanted to hear what you would say. I like diverse specializations; it makes for a more well-rounded department." Eli touched a few controls on the panel next to him, bringing up a hologram representation of the rail gun prototype. "I am very interested in this railgun concept; I'd like to see if we can expand the idea into a larger prototype, perhaps mounting it on a shuttle for more testing. Resource-poor worlds like my own might be able to integrate a less expensive technology such as this into a defensive network."

Ran stroked his stubby chin after standing up to look at the design. "One of my older designs. Projectile weapons would be more or less usless in a space fight. Unless you would need them pop out asteroids or something like that. The deflector array would easily vaporize the projectile. Unless..." he rested his hand on his elbow, his eyes narrowed. "What if the projectile has a phase modulator in it, just strong enough to phase through the shield. It would probably burn out but then you would have a slug going near the speed of light slamming in to the hull. Even with todays technology it would penetrate pretty deep, not to mention it could seriously damage support frames around the impact zone. If hit on a key location of the superstructure of a ship, any large strain on the frame like turning or going to warp would tear the hull to pieces..." The Trill reached in to his pocket, pulling out a very small PADD, he added a very complex code and uploaded the latest SPECs of the project. It was quite a bit along but also much smaller. "This is something for the ground troops." he gestured to a railpistol that was on the screen.

"Impressive," said Eli with genuine enthusiasm. "You have obviously done quite a bit of work on this. And it could always be scaled upward for larger applications." Eli was still thinking of home. His people were tying their best to be an independent entity under Federation jurisdiction, so they were always seeking ways to reduce their reliance on Starfleet for defense. "What resources do you require to advance this project to the next stage?"

"Well just the testing and construction of the prototype." Ran said truthfully. "What size are we talking about? Fighter size? Sattelite size?"

"Let's start with fighter/shuttle size," said Eli, tapping his index finger on the desk. He did not realize until a few seconds later that he had been tapping a Fibonacci sequence. "Anything else can be scaled up from there, correct?"

"Alright. But it will be tricky going up in size to. fits that are very tight in this scale can leave massive gaps when you go larger. Not to mention I need to calculate the poweroutput. But it is possible." the ensign said, quite happy to see one of his projects getting some traction.

"As long as the Captain and XO do not object, I see no reason why this project could not go forward. I would like to have from you a formal project request, listing the resources you require, and I will submit that to them with my recommendation. Can I get that by 1400 today?"

"Yes sir. I would like to request a list of fighter and shuttle classes to best fit as well." Ran said with enthusiasm. He tapped a few buttons on the PADD and the data from his designs were deleted from the mainframe. His designs had been stole in the academy and now he kept them very close to the chest.

"I will forward the list of all available craft to your personal data queue, Ensign Ran. Get me that proposal, as soon as possible. You're dismissed."

The Trill nodded. "Yes sir, thank you sir." with that he turned on his heel and left.


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