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A New Project

Posted on Tue Jun 27th, 2017 @ 11:06pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Ensign Kalraan Ran

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Deck 5, Officer's Mess Hall
Timeline: Day 91, 0930 hours

Ran was walking down the corridor once again, this time he was looking for the Captain and the computer had told him she was in the Officer's Mess Hall. His meeting with the Chief Science Officer had gone much better than he had thought. He had been given the opertunity to work on a pet project of his, the first one that would get granted for funding. Kalraan had placed the order for materials and use of the computer space for simulations on a PADD that he would give to the Captain. He walked through the dorr to the mess hall and located the captain, happily eating from a plate. She wasn't gorging but she was eating more than he expected of a woman. Well maybe she was just very hungry so he dropped the subject.

Claudia was sat eating in the mess hall. She had a large plate of pancakes which she was making her way through at a steady pace. She could sense that someone was looking at her so Claudia looked up to see a Science officer who she did not recognise. Maybe he was a new arrival aboard the Vindex.

"Oh hello Ensign. What can I do for you?" Claudia asked.

The Trill couldn't help to stare at the pancakes, it was one large plate. He was in awe that she could eat all of that and look like she was doing. She wasn't fat. 'She must work out A LOT!' Ran thought to himself. After a moment he pulled himself out of the 'amazment trance'. "Ensign Kalraan Ran reporting." he didn't want to waste her time so he went straight to placing the PADD on the table next to her. "I have reported to Lieutenant Dreznik."

"Oh you must be one of our latest arrivals - a pleasure to meet you Ensign. If you aren't busy why don't you tell me about your latest projects in the Science department?" Claudia said.

The Trill looked for a short moment at the Captain, this time with a more sceptical. How could she know he was placed on a project already. First day was usualy orientation and checkups. "The pleasure is all mine Ma'am." Ran finally said. "I have been asked to make a new kind of weapon that would fit a shuttle or fighter. Something sheeper that phasers and torpedoes."

Claudia ate another couple of mouthfuls of her pancakes before replying to the Trill Ensign. She was rather intrigued to hear what this weapon was - although for the time being at least there was the case of finding out what resources it would require and what timescale there would be on producing a prototype. There was also all of the red tape too - Claudia had found red tape was now the bane of her life now she was in command of her own starship.

"Interesting - I'm sure our Tactical and Marine departments would be interested in finding out about that" Claudia replied.

"I am sure they are as well Ma'am. The marines might like this one in perticular." he pulled out a pair of mondane looking glasses. "Special filter glasses Ma'am," as he waited for her to put on the glasses he pushed the special projector mode of his PADD, the projection would be impossible to see without seeing in the correct wavelength. He put put on a pair himself. He could see the hand held railgun floating in the air in perfect detail.

Claudia looked at the glasses before putting them on and felt a bit disorientated at first as her vision focused properly. Looking at the weapon floating in front of her she analysed it carefully before removing the glasses in her eagerness to eat more of her breakfast.

"It looks interesting that's for sure. I'm sure Starfleet Research and Development will be keen to assist you in your project as well as those aboard the ship. These glasses are quite funky too" Claudia replied.

Ran got a straigned look on his face. "In the past I have been targeted for my designs, so I took precausions to make sure that it is much harder to steal my work. Those glasses was one of them." He closed the projector on the PADD and secured it in his pocket.

"I can see why you are so keen to protect your work Ensign. I would be in the exact same boat - although I can't exactly say I've ever invented anything that's worth protecting - with the exception of a couple of my special recipes. They're an Ainscow family secret" Claudia responded.

"If ma'am would like, I could build and supply a PADD with it's own random frequensy generator and synked glasses for those pesky times when you want to keep your secrets to yourself." he offered. He didn't dare touch the subject of her secrets being less than his, they say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. So why wouldn't hers be just as important? Well he dismissed the thought.

Claudia took another couple of mouthfuls of her pancakes and washed them down with her cup of tea before replying. She found the new science officer to be very intriguing indeed.

Claudia smiled. "I'll have to get back to you on that one. If I have one then the chances are my wife and daughter will probably want one each as well... why don't you sit down and tell me a little more about your project before I head up to the bridge?"

He smiled, he didn't know she was part of a same sex relationship. Truth be told he found the notion quite nice, there was nothing wrong in his book with two people of the same sex to have a family. "Well, wouldn't mind making three for you if you would want." Ran said, his face contorted to a little more strained. "Are you sure you wish me to speak of secret projects here? I could give you general information and keep the details on the PADD." The ensign took a seat.

"The general information will be fine Mr Ran. Even with The Consortium threat now... largely... over we still can't be too careful about where we divulge certain information. I've been meaning to pop down to the Science department for a few days now but I'm sure that I'll find a suitable time to make a visit" Claudia responded.

Kalraan sighed slightly. "As you can see, this design would be highly effective at more stuborn problems." he made a computer simulated target of a building, a simple red painted humanoid was behind the wall and a blue one was holding the weapon. As the weapon fired, it easily punched through the wall, tore a huge chunk of it away. Another one was of a lightly armored vihecle and this impact caused massive damage to the target.

"These would prove rather useful to the Marines. If you like I can organise a briefing with the MCO, CSO and XO so they can have a look at it and cast their opinions too. What do you say to that?" Claudia asked.

Ran nodded in agreement, if his second pet project where to be aproved, he shouldn't burn any bridges sort of speak. "Would I be bold to suggest to include the CEO? If the design is aproved, it would be prudent for an engineer to have a say as well an first look incase of maintenence in the field is needed." the trill said.

Claudia nodded. "He'll be included in the briefing Ensign. Just to warn you that it may be a few days before we can get anything organised but I will try my best. We've got a lot going on down on the surface at the moment so our resources are quite stretched"

"Yes ma'am, if you aprove, I can make a quick demonstration of the weapon. Even let the marines have a feel for it. If there is time later today. I have the demonstration program already. All I need is to imput the data within this padd." he gestured to the padd.

As she ate some more of her pancakes Claudia gave Ran the nod to go ahead with with the demonstration. It was going to be an interesting project which could bring together a number of the Vindex's departments once again.

"Be my guest" Claudia said.

"Thank you ma'am. I shall prepare after the mandetory physical. How many shall I expect? Would midday work?"

"Midday is fine Ensign. I'll speak to those concerns and arrange a day that's suitable for all" Claudia replied.

The trill stood up. "Yes ma'am." he waited to be dismissed.

Claudia nodded. "Well I'll let you know when the meeting has been arranged Ensign. If you'd like to keep me informed of any changes in the mean time I'd appreciate it"


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