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Some People Never Change

Posted on Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 11:08pm by Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham & Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 88; 17:25

The walk to Sickbay took awhile, as it was more like a hobble. Ryland's gonads had been kicked up to his throat by that jackass Muniz. Good thing Akiva had walked in when he did, or Ryland might've taken matters into his own hands.

As it was, he would be happy to make sure his two best friends were in fighting shape for the evening. By the time he made it to Sickbay, however, he could barely take another step. When the doors parted, Ryland collapsed into the nearest chair and tried not to whimper.

Lucinda finished with a patient before heading over to see who had entered. Seeing Ryland was a bit worse for wear the tall blonde woman walked over to him and looked down at him with a curious look on her face.

"What have you said this time?" Lucinda asked.

Ryland squinted up at Lucinda. "Do we know each other, Miss...?"

"Doctor - Doctor Ingham. What can I do for you today Lieutenant Dedeker? This is a sickbay and not a furniture store" Lucinda replied.

Ryland winced as he brought himself to his feet. "Well, Doctor, I don't know what damn thing I did to offend you," Ryland said with raspy breathing, "but your eyes ought to tell you that I ain't well. Are you going to help me or not?"

Lucinda folded her arms and looked down at Ryland with a look to suggest she wasn't very amused.

"I can see that perfectly well Lieutenant. I asked you a question but you were more interested in my name. Anyway - get your backside into one of the medical bays and I'll be over in a minute. I hope you'll be more forthcoming when I get back" Lucinda replied.


Ryland hobbled over to the nearest vacant medical bay and flopped himself onto the biobed. Laying flat on his back relieved much of the strain of the past few minutes of forced marching. It had been awhile since he'd been taken to task like that. At least he'd dealt out as good as he'd taken.

With a deep breath and a long sigh, Ryland's mind began to wander. He still had a date tonight with the new Security girl. A smile crossed his busted lips at the thought of all the things he'd do if she let him.

His lustful reverie was broken by the sound of mournful deliberation. Ryland could not help but bend his ear to follow the conversation.

"I wish I knew how to make you feel better Amber. We're so proud of you and you've got so much of your life left to live - don't give up on us - hold in there and fight for us. You can come home and be with us as long as you want" John said.

Erica was too upset to say anything. Her youngest daughter was lying in an induced coma and in danger of slipping away - she'd never wanted Amber to join Starfleet in the first place - and now after giving Amber her blessing to join Starfleet she almost blamed herself.

"I am so sorry Amber. I should never have let you go" Erica sobbed.

John consoled his wife.

"It isn't your fault. I'm sure Captain Ainscow and the crew are doing the very best they can" John said.

Ryland suddenly felt very ashamed for eavesdropping on something so personal. That frigid doctor was taking her damned sweet time, which meant Ryland would be forced to listen to even more. With the moment's rest, he did feel a bit better, so he got to his feet. The surge of pain came and went, allowing him to take one step and then another. Maybe he would walk this off after all.

After a few more steps and a bit of painful grunting, Ryland made his way out of his medbay and into the next.

"Pardon me," he said while rapping his knuckles against the door he'd opened. "I just wanted to pay my respects."

John turned to face Ryland in the doorway after hearing the knocking noise. He wasn't expecting any guests - even though Amber had mentioned she was seeing someone with the hope of developing a relationship. Although he knew the man's name John had no idea of his rank or position.

" must be Akiva. Thank you for your thoughts - Amber spoke very highly of you and we were looking forward to meeting you. I just wish it was under better circumstances than the ones were currently facing" John replied.

Ryland's eyebrows shot up. "Oh." He cleared his throat in his best Akiva impersonation, hand over the mouth and all. "Akiva is my middle name. Most people call me Ryland." He cast a quick look around. "Don't be surprised if they do."

As he stepped inside, he offered a handshake to the two grieving parents. "Amber is a dear," he said. When he got a better look at her captivating pallor, he felt even worse. Enough for a moment of naked honesty. "I'm sorry. Just, standing here now, I feel as though I barely knew her."

When he looked up at John and Erica, he felt a tug of guilt at intruding on their private moment. Had he wound up in burning wreckage and twisted metal, he doubt his parents would've showed up.

"You two must be so proud." Ryland choked back an uncharacteristic burst of emotion. "I... I should probably go."

"We're here for a few days if you want to join us for a meal" John replied.

Lucinda had walked up to the door to see Ryland doing his best impression of Akiva and stood there with her arms folded. Waiting patiently for Ryland to turn around and spot her there Lucinda thought about whether to tell the Zuzans that they'd just been duped or leave them to it for the time being. She would deal with Ryland once he was in the treatment bay.

John's offer gave Ryland pause. "I..." It was stupid of him to humor the old couple's mistaken identity in the first place, but if he stopped now he would only heap insult upon injury. "I would love nothing more."

They smiled at one another, and it gave Ryland a sour feeling in the pit of his stomach. "I'll see you in the mess hall tomorrow for lunch."

And now for a tactical retreat. Ryland practically fled the medbay before another word could be said. He turned about into his own medbay and heaved a sigh of relief.

Until his eyes met a cross Lucinda who stood next to the biobed with arms folded.

Lucinda gently dragged Ryland into the treatment bay and pulled the curtain around firmly. Once it was closed Lucinda stood in front of Ryland and folded her arms again - she was not impressed in the slightest.

"So firstly you snoop at one of my nurse's notes and read up about a confidential pelvic exam in the middle of trying to seduce her. You come here and call me a bitch and then pretend to be the Executive Officer to a grieving family. Give me one good reason why I should treat you and not report you to the Commanding Officer for being such a insensitive tool" Lucinda hissed.

"I want a lawyer," Ryland said with a grin. When Lucinda doubled down on her smoldering glare, he quickly backpedaled into blunt and desperate candor. "I don't know what to say for myself, doc. In my defense, you were being rather bitchy, so there's that. But when I came in here and overheard the sad, sappy talk from next door? I don't know what happened." Ryland shuddered from head to toe and grasped his chest. "I had... feelings, and sadness, and dammit I just couldn't bear it anymore."

He looked back to Lucinda with a genuinely guilty expression. "I had to do something, but I didn't know what. And then they thought I was Akiva, and I didn't know what else to say. Damn sure didn't want to argue with them with their daughter lying there. And now..."

Ryland hung his head low with his chin dug into his chest. "Just shoot me now and get it over with. Maybe they'll even give you a medal."

"I've had a bad day already and now you come in here after being beaten up by someone. Sickbay is for real emergencies - not for people who can't keep their mouth shut and piss off the wrong people. But if you have a genuine issue then maybe we can deal with it like civilised adults - sit down and tell me what's going on" Lucinda replied.

"I've been in plenty of bar fights to know when to lick my wounds and when to find a doc." Ryland sat down. The more he stood on his feet, the more strain he felt below the belt. "I got a fire down in my nethers, and not the good kind, doc. That sumbitch got me good with his bitch kick, and I scored a hot date tonight, so I need to make sure I'm flyin' with both engines, if you catch my meaning."

Lucinda sighed. "Oh I see. Well let's start with the basics first shall we? I'll get a dermal regenerator for the facial wounds and then we can see about sorting your other injury out"

Lucinda reached for a dermal regenerator from the cabinet beside her and started to address the largest of the wounds.

"If I'm honest with you I'd say you were more interested in your nether region than how you look right now. Nobody's going to be impressed if you turned up to a date looking like you'd done three rounds with a Klingon. But still - you've had more luck than I have anyway - I haven't had a date for years but I guess I've never really given it a lot of thought" Lucinda responded.

A mischievous grin passed over Ryland's face. "You don't say? I don't have any plans tomorrow evening, you know." He burst out laughing. "I'm only kidding. There's no way I could look someone in the eye over a candlelit dinner after they've stitched up my man-sack."

As his words resounded within his own ears, Ryland blushed. "Thank you for your help, by the way."

"If you'd prefer for me to get a male doctor to that part I'm fine with that. I'll stitch your face up and check for any internal bleeding just to make sure you're alright. We can't have you passing out on your date now can we?" Lucinda replied.

"Well, I'd hate to intimidate any male doctors or make them feel bad about themselves," Ryland said. "You just go right ahead and do what you got to do..." He smirked at Lucinda. "Unless you wanted to have dinner tomorrow night and would rather save the sight until then?"

Lucinda turned the regenerator off in the middle of healing a wound and placed it on the bed gently. She hadn't been with another man since her partner died and it was hard for her to even consider it again. Lucinda found it difficult to love and trust people - there was no way anything like this was going to happen. She started to feel upset and suddenly she felt the tears start to flow down her cheeks.

"No. If you even listened to a word I said then maybe you'd actually see what you're doing so wrong in your life. I know about the nurse you read private information about...I know exactly what you're like...but I am not someone to stitch you up and make you feel better about yourself. What is wrong with you?" Lucinda sobbed.

"So... maybe the male doctor is a good idea," Ryland said. "I'll just wait here."

After composing herself Lucinda stared at Ryland before adding insult to injury and giving him a large slap across the face. She thought she'd actually made some progress with him but evidently, it wasn't.

"You are such a dick. I hope your 'girlfriend' realises that too" Lucinda snarled.

Lucinda then walked out of the treatment bay and found Arkady.

"There's a patient in a treatment bay. He's asked for a male doctor" Lucinda said.

"Oh?" Arkady said, not looking up from the data padd he was reading from. The fact his nose was the favoured perch of a pair of 20th century throw back optic lenses did little to hide the fact the padd's screen was off.

His door had been open.
And he'd been listening everything.

He put the padd down, placing the folded arms of the optic's atop it and smiled at Lucinda.

"I will go out and minister to him." He said as he stood up, the fingers of his left hand slowly balling into a fist. "I would allow myself five minutes before you call security. I want to ensure he is seen to in suitable fashion."

Ryland sat waiting for the other doctor to arrive. His thoughts were not kind ones. The frigid bitch was right: he was a major dick. But one could not deny who they were. Life had dealt him a hand, and he would play it to win.

His dour contemplation was interrupted when a bald, burly man strode into the medbay with all the charm of a grizzly bear.

"Good afternoon," Ryland said with forced friendly cheer. This man was big and appeared to be as unpleasant as the last doctor. "Good to meet you."

"You say that, but I think perhaps it is not what you will mean soon," Arkady smiled, walked past the bio bed and began to tinker with a hypospray dispenser. " are, what is phrase? Man about ship? Ladies man?"

There was enough of a leer in his voice that made it sound sociably acceptable.

"I fancy myself that such is the case," Ryland said cautiously. His instincts told him to run, but running was not his forte at the moment. "Think you could help me out, man to man?"

"MY friend, to the right place you have come," Arkady said in a big bombastic voice, turning with a hypospray fully loaded in one hand. He leant forward but stopped with the hypospray next to his neck. "Simple thing, am I allowed to provide you treatment? I would not want to violate your bodily automony."

"Please do," Ryland said. "I'm dyin' here, doc."

Arkady pressed the hypo to his neck, pressed the release and a cold jet of something fled into Ryland's body. Within moments the pain began to ebb, and then it died altogether.

"Is good yes?" Arkady asked pleasantly.

Ryland heaved a sigh of relief. "Much better, doc."

"Good." Arkady beamed. And then suddenly those big hands were on his shoulders, lifting him bodily to his feet, and carrying him more than walking him directly to the door of sickbay.

"Once I put you through door, you return only with severed limb or note from Captain. Return before that and I will send note to Captain concerning your behaviour, though she will receive note concerning your abuse of patient confidentiality. Nurses notes are sacrosanct." Arkady admonished, giving Ryland's shoulder's a little squeeze. "Do not worry. From medical scan I ran from the office you will be fine. Tender, sore yes. But nothing will drop off."

Arkady looked over his shoulder.

"Though staying that might not remain the case."

"Thanks for nothing, Cueball." Ryland spat on the floor. "Bring your own inertial damper if you ever swing by the shuttlebay. I'd hate for you to trip."

He cast a parting look at Lucinda. "I'm sorry," he mouthed.

Lucinda merely looked at Ryland and had nothing to say. She was deeply hurt and just wanted to run away and curl up into a ball in her quarters. But she had a job to do and she didn't want to let Ryland's comments affect her ability to work.

"Is dog. Small, base, yaps loudly and makes mess." Arkady grumbled, closing the door to sickbay and turning back to Lucinda. "I...apologise for not stepping in sooner. If he returns he is to be seen by myself exclusively. And if he returns within the next seven hours he will be met by security first. No one makes our work harder than it already is. I will make sure of that from now on."

Slowly his balled up fist began to creak, the skin making some small complaint from the tension it was under. Shaking the fist back into a hand, he noticed the look on Lucinda's face.

"Huum. I think, perhaps, your work here is done for the day. I can finish up." Arkady offered.

Lucinda decided that as Doctor Sjet had suggested she take the rest of the day off it was probably for the best. She nodded in agreement and found an even greater deal of respect for her superior. They hadn't worked together for long but Lucinda was really enjoying working under his leadership.

Lucinda nodded. "Thanks Doctor. I'll sign off and head back to my quarters - see you in the morning"


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