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Airing Out Dirty Laundry

Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 1:17am by Lieutenant Kazyah Linn & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Corridor - USS Vindex
Timeline: Mission Day 98 - 1021 hours

Claudia was casually strolling along the corridor back to the bridge after leaving the mess hall. The Vindex was due to break orbit within the next few days and take a brief detour to Starbase Unity before heading back out into open space to do some more exploring. Claudia was excited about that - even if she was sad to say goodbye to Nova Mercia for the time being. With a few people returning from their various assignments or periods of shoreleave Claudia was glad the Vindex was starting to get back onto its feet again.

Just as she was about to turn into the next corridor Claudia watched a familiar face walk past in the opposite direction. Claudia paused and turned around to call after the familiar face to get their attention. They were one of the recent returnees from shoreleave and as much as Claudia knew they'd never get on she respected his abilities and what he added to the crew.

"Mr Linn...a word please" Claudia called.

Kaz stopped walking and looked up from the PADD he had been reading. He technically wasn't on duty for another few hours, and the last thing he wanted to do was talk shop with the woman who threatened his life. He slowly turned around, "How can I help you, Captain?" he asked, his voice monotone and emotionless.

Claudia walked up to Kazyah whilst avoiding any form of eye contact. She knew that her opinions of Kazyah were the same as his of her - but she could live with that.

"It's customary to report in after returning to the ship but I think I can forego that this time. How was your holiday?" Claudia asked.

"I haven't reported in because I do not return to duty until later today," he said, ignoring her question about his absence. He was mostly glad that she wasn't giving him a hard time for leaving without warning. Typically, Officers didn't disappear in the middle of the night with no explanation, but perhaps his ties to Intel offered more explanation to her than he thought.

Claudia nodded. "An update before then would have been nice - I wouldn't want to take any time out of your work here Lieutenant. I see you got your promotion as well...even in the circumstances I can put my issues to one side and see where merit and recognition is deserved."

Kaz raised an eyebrow. "We can call it like it is, Captain. The situation is both confusing and concerning. An organization that tried it's best to distance itself from me has suddenly asked me to rejoin the ranks? That doesn't give you pause?" He paused for a moment. "It does me."

"I don't care for Starfleet Intelligence but they are a useful asset - as are you - and I need you on this ship rather than in a penal colony. Sometimes a change of heart and enough gentle persuasion can be enough to make a difference. I have friends in high places" Claudia responded.

"Oh?" Kaz clasped his hands behind his lower back. "Because last I checked, you wanted me dead."

Claudia tittered. "People high up can be persuasive in changing my mind too Lieutenant. Your friends persuaded my friends and they then put an offer to me that I saw as acceptable and useful. Keeping you here is just as beneficial to you as it is to me and this ship. As for wanting you dead I can forgive your past mistakes - as long as you're happy then I think we can work together - as long as you don't keep things from me again."

"Except I don't work for you," Kaz said, point blank. "Unfortunately, as a member of Starfleet Intelligence, my job is going to require me to keep things from you. And I have no control over that. And you can either accept that fact and we can move on, or you can not accept that fact, and Starfleet Intelligence can remove the department from your sim and we'll be transferred elsewhere."

"No you don't work for me - but I wasn't referring to you having to keep certain amounts of information from me. If you're going to go on holiday at short notice then at least tell me instead of just disappearing - because next time I won't be so lenient. Are we clear on that?" Claudia responded.

More than a few sarcastic remarks flooded Kaz's mind, but he decided now wasn't going to be a good time for that. "Crystal," he simply stated.

Claudia kept herself calm and composed. She then moved onto the next part of the conversation in the hope it would give Kazyah something to do now he was back on board.

Claudia nodded. "Good. Now I actually have something for you to do - some of our freighters are getting boarded and or hijacked on route to Starbase Unity and I need you to do some digging and see what you can find out. At this point there's no suggestion of who's involved but if you can get any information the Commodore and I would appreciate it"

"I will look into it," Kaz said.

Claudia was glad there weren't any objections about the assignment she had given to him.

"I've had what I can share with you sent down to your office. If there's any more you need then I will speak to Starfleet Command and see what else they're willing to share with me. Hopefully you can make work on it with Ensign Kasamoto who arrived aboard the ship recently" Claudia responded.

"Is there anything else?" Kaz asked.

Claudia shook her head and gestured in the direction Kazyah was travelling in before she stopped him.

Claudia replied. "No. You can go now - but I will say it's good to have you around. You're a good asset to this crew"

"And I will say this," Kaz said, leaning towards the woman. "If you ever threaten me again, or if you ever touch me again like you did in the Brig, we will have problems."

"I doubt it will get to that. Good day Mr Linn" Claudia responded.

Claudia turned on her heel and headed towards the bridge. She knew the two of them were never going to get on well and perhaps she crossed a line in the brig - but Claudia hoped it would never get to that again.


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