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They Need A Name

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2016 @ 8:05pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Lieutenant JG Annie Wilson

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Deck 6; Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission Day 2; 17:00

After a successful launch the Vindex was now underway to it's destination. Deciding to have a look at some of the auxiliary craft that had been assigned to the starship Claudia made her way down to the main shuttlebay on Deck 6.

She left the Main Bridge and took the turbolift down to Deck 6 before making her way to the shuttlebay. Once she entered the facility she found a number of the Vindex's auxiliary craft were sat waiting to be used. So far all of the Vindex's shuttles and runabouts were nameless as Claudia hadn't really given it a lot of thought - although it was certainly something that was on her "to do" list.

Claudia had a look around a Danube-class craft and she was surprised to find Ensign Wilson was sat inside at the helm position.

"May I join you Ensign?" Claudia asked.

Annie, slightly startled by Claudia's surprise approach, turned around to face her. She was looking at the shuttle's controls, as this type of shuttle wasn't one Annie had piloted before, so a quick familiarisation was needed.

"Er, sure." Annie replied.

Claudia smiled and entered the craft before sitting down in the nearest vacant seat to the helm position. She looked over at Annie and saw that she was working on familiarising herself with the craft's controls.

"You never flown one of these before? Don't worry - I haven't either. I'm the last person you'd want to ask to fly a shuttle. It wasn't something I excelled at when I was in the Academy" Claudia said.

Annie shook her head, while she had flown a few other types of shuttle before, this one wasn't one of them.

"I haven't, when do you think we'll get to use them, Commander?" Annie asked, hoping that she would have a chance to pilot a shuttle as well as the star ship.

"Hopefully we'll find a use for them at some point. These are great to have on board - they can carry more than the shuttles but I guess it's useful having something as small as a shuttle sometimes" Claudia replied.

Annie shrugged. "I guess, especially if you've got to go somewhere you can't take a star ship, then they are useful to have on board. What are they called, all I've heard them called is One, Two and Three. Don't they have proper names, Commander?"

She had a point - they couldn't keep referring to the runabouts by Runabout 1, Runabout 2 and Runabout 3. Giving them a name was far better than referring to them by a number - Claudia had to admit Annie had a point that having nameless craft was boring and they didn't have a unique identity.

"A fair point Annie. Do you have any ideas?" Claudia asked.

Annie thought that as it was known as the Danube Class, then it made sense to name them after other rivers.

"Carry on with the theme, I guess." Annie replied.

Claudia nodded - she liked that idea. It fitted in with the theme of the Danube-class being named after a river so there and then she decided at least the runabouts were to be named after rivers.

"Any specific rivers in mind?" Claudia said.

Annie had a couple in mind, there was the obvious one which was the river which flowed through the city she was born in, the other was a river which served a city her father was born in.

Annie spoke, "Well, the River Clyde is the closest river to where I used to live, and my father is from a place near the River Mersey, so what about those two? I mean, it doesn't have to be those, just a couple of suggestions."

"That leaves one more...there's one called the Sheaf which is in South Yorkshire - I remember it from a Geography trip I went on when I was at college to study rivers in that area. I don't think that name has been taken but I'm sure the computer will tell us. Computer - are there any vessels assigned the names Clyde, Mersey or Sheaf?" Claudia asked.

After a moment's wait they had their answer.

"Negative. There are no known vessels with those names in Starfleet"

Claudia smiled. "Good idea Ensign. We'll go with those - I'll be sure to inform Starfleet of the name selections...although I think we'll have to name the shuttles at some point too...and the yacht. I'm sure we'll come up with something"

Annie was still expressionless, but now her attention was on the mission the Vindex was on, and what its outcome would be.

"Do you think we'll find the Renown, Commander?" Annie asked, hoping they would, but preparing herself for the possibility they may not.

"I hope we do - but I guess we'll just have to wait and see" Claudia replied.

Annie nodded. "I guess, it think it would be nice to have a happy ending, and find the ship we're looking for."

Claudia nodded. "Me too. Anyway Ensign - I'll let you get on because I've got some paperwork to do. I'll see you tomorrow morning on the bridge"

Annie nodded again, acknowledging Claudia wanted to depart and return to work, which would allow Annie to do so herself.

"Okay Commander, nice talking to you again. Have a good night." Annie said.

"Same to you" Claudia replied.

Claudia left the shuttlebay and headed back to her ready room to do some paperwork and also record the names that had been chosen for the Vindex's Danube-class runabouts. She was enjoying her time in command of the Vindex so far and looked forward to what was in store for the Vindex and her crew.


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