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Say It in French

Posted on Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 11:15pm by Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: D15 Bar (Deck 10)
Timeline: MD 88; 1915

Ryland hobbled into his usual haunt. He still felt a bit sore after his throwdown with Jose in the Shuttlebay, but that old bitty from Sickbay got him patched up more or less. His scrotal soreness notwithstanding, he felt none the worse for wear.

There weren't any pool tables open at the moment, so he made his way to the bar with as faint of a limp as he could manage. The cut on his lip was all but gone, but his bruised eye left him with a squint.

His latent injuries didn't blind him, or his extremities, to his prized target at the counter. The Security officer. Ryland grinned despite his dour disposition and made his way over.

Unfortunately there wasn't an open stool next to her, but that was an obstacle for rookies. Ryland nicked a drink away from the tray of a passing waitress and tapped on the shoulder of the lonely man sitting to Emilie's right side. Before the man could respond, Ryland quietly handed him the drink and pointed to a buxom crewmember across the bar and wriggled his eyebrows.

The lonely crewmember in Ops yellow tensed his shoulders and pointed at himself.

Ryland grinned mischievously and nodded. He clapped the younger man on the shoulder in encouragement before assuming the now vacant stool.

"Glad to see you made it, Frenchie." Ryland gave her a smug half smile and waved at the barkeep. "I enjoyed our little run-in earlier, and truth be told I've been looking forward to getting to know you better."

Emilie gave a look to suggest she wasn't very impressed.

"I'm from Belgium actually - and you owe me a drink. I'll have whatever you're having if you'd be so kind. As for our encounter I don't believe it was a chance one either - it was rather conveniently timed as I left the shuttlebay to head up to the bridge. But never mind that - I think everything has its own way of working out for the best" Emilie replied.

"French is as French does," Ryland said. He held up two fingers for the barkeep. "As for our meeting? Well, I like to think I help Lady Luck as much as she helps me."

The barkeep slid two martini glasses down the bar. Ryland caught them both, then handed one to Emilie.

"Gin and tonic." Ryland tilted his glass toward hers. "Cheers."

Emilie nodded and picked up the glass. Analysing it briefly Emilie tilted it against Ryland's and then took a sip of the contents. Putting it back down on the bar the Belgian cast an eye over Ryland.

"I'll let you believe what you want to Lieutenant Dedeker. Anyway - I hear you got into a bit of a scuffle with a senior officer earlier. Doctor Ingham was telling me about it when I popped in to make an appointment" Emilie commented.

"Josey ain't a senior officer," Ryland said. "Sure, he got temporary CieFo [CFCO] 'cause he's been here a spell longer than me, but he can't order me around. Just took fists to prove it." After downing his drink, he waved for another.

"Enough about me, Frenchie. I'd love to hear more about you. Did you get to the Bridge on time, or were you waylaid by another dashing handsome rogue?" Ryland winked at her during his self-description.

Emilie had her own motivation for getting to know Ryland on a more personal level - although she wasn't planning to reveal her hand for a good while at least. For now the Belgian was going to play it cool and see what happened.

Emilie nodded. "Mr Muniz is more senior than you are Ryland and I'm sure he had his reasons. But yes - I did make it into the bridge on time and I didn't need a chaperone to show me how to get there as you must have assumed. I do have other options open to me though so this is your one chance to impress me. So far you've assumed I'm French twice - so you're not doing very well"

"And when I asked you to tell me about yourself, you opted to lecture me about another junior lieutenant whom you don't even know." Ryland downed the second martini in one swig, then slammed it on the bar. "Seems like you aren't much for the social scene, so I'll make this real easy for you: walk with me out that door, and I will rock your world." His eyes ignited with intensity as he enunciated the last few words. "Or you can try your chances here at the bar playing the Cold and Aloof card."

Ryland slid off the stool to his feet and thanked his stars that he didn't flinch at the lingering soreness.

"Either way, Frenchie, you're welcome for the drink."

As he slowly walked away, he began quietly counting down to himself.

"... 4, 3, 2..."

Emilie necked her drink and decided to follow - she wanted to find out a bit more about Ryland who she found to be extremely intriguing to say the least.

"You'll do for now. I'd love to know more about your line of work - but if you call me Frenchie again then you're going to find out just how cold and aloof I can be. Now are you going to behave and tell me a bit more about yourself?" Emilie said.

"Darlin', I'm the best you'll ever have." Ryland snaked an arm around Emilie's shoulders. "But since you asked, I was the best starfighter pilot Starbase 375's 4th squadron ever did see. Lost my wings due to some admiralty bullshit and now I'm slumming out here in the final frontier."

He cocked his head to the far side to look down at Emilie under his arm. "So what about you? You don't like my lil' pet name, so let's start with your given one."

"My name? I usually wait until the second date but you can call me Adelle. I already know who you are Ryland Augustus Dedeker - and I know how you got your wings clipped too. I like to read up about my colleagues before I start serving with them you see" Emilie replied.

"That's cute, Frenchie," Ryland said with a laugh. "All of that mess was classified, redacted, and classified again. No telling the truth of the matter now, what with half a dozen versions of it on file."

He licked his lips. "Adelle. Beautiful name for a beautiful lady. I know, I know, you hate being called Frenchie. What's say you I make it up to you with a secret you don't know?"

"Oh I like secrets Ryland. I'm just not sure this one is going to be worth my while you see - or yours" Emilie responded.

Ryland gestured with his head. "Common'. Where's your spirit of adventure?"

His arm found its place around Emilie's shoulders once more as he ushered her toward the turbolift.

"It's not far. Promise." Ryland grinned again as he ordered the 'lift to the next deck.

When the doors parted, they were facing the entrance to the shuttlebay again.

Emilie stood and waited patiently to see what on earth Ryland was doing bringing her up to the shuttlebay where they first met earlier in the day.

"You've brought me to the shuttlebay. What's so exciting and secretive about this? I've already been here today" Emilie said.

"Just you wait now," Ryland teased. "Don't get your knickers in a bunch just yet."

He guided her inside, past the rows of shuttlepod bays and equipment, through the wide open expanse of the hangar area, and to the yellow lines indicating the boundary of the hangar doors.

"Take a seat." Ryland was nearly giddy with anticipation. "I don't usually bring people here, but damn if you can't keep a secret."

Ryland looked up at the hangar doors. "Computer, disable safety protocols for unscheduled maintenance--authorization Dedeker-Tango-Alpha-Uno-Tres."

"Voice authorization required."

"Authorization Dedeker-Bravo-6-9."

"Confirmed. Safety protocols disabled. Shuttlebay alerts are now offline."

Ryland beamed ear to ear at Emilie. "Don't go nowhere." He trotted to the manual release for the hangar doors and activated it.

The hangar doors shook first, then pulled apart to reveal the black void of space speckled with starlight above the soft glow of Nova Mercia's atmosphere.

"The planet's ambient reflection dims most of the stars," Ryland said. "In the black of space, those little dots are like spotlights."

Emilie looked at the view and admired it's beauty. She had already served on Nova Mercia - very briefly - before coming up to the Vindex but she'd never seen it from up here before. It really was beautiful - and it had also meant Emilie had got hold of Ryland's security codes in case they were ever needed.

"It's not a secret as such but I like it. You've done well to redeem yourself - a little" Emilie said.

Ryland's eyes sparkled in the light from Nova Mercia. They were not more than 2 meters away from the force field protecting them from the void of space.

"What say I redeem myself the rest of the way?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ryland slid his hands around Emilie's waist and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. When she made no immediate protest, he let his mouth drift down along her jaw onto her neck.

Emilie moaned and reached to hold Ryland's head against her neck gently. She found him to be quite overconfident - but she liked that - and she knew that it could benefit the both of them if they had some sort of arrangement.

"Get in that shuttle and we can make it up to each other...even if you're extremely overconfident I love it. I like a man who knows how to get what he wants" Emilie whispered.

Ryland allowed himself a smirking chuckle before he bent over to sweep Emilie off her feet into both arms his arms and carried her over the shuttlepod threshold.

"Adelle," he said as he laid her down on the bunk. "Tell me you want it. And say it in French."

"Je le veux..." Emilie whispered.


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