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Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 12:08am by Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham & Lieutenant Elijah "Eli" Dreznik & Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Mortuary
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 12:00

As per her own orders Claudia had ordered an autopsy on the four alien bodies which were discovered aboard the alien craft. Whilst they were largely organic there were a small number of cybernetic additions such as an eyepiece and other at present unidentifiable components. Lucinda nervously waited in the mortuary where she would be observing and assisting with the procedure.

"If there is one place on ship I do not wish to be, it is here," Arkady said, stepping out of a cloistered room at the back of the morgue and running a hand down the front of the clean suit. With its hood under one arm, the suit looked like a shiny Starfleet issue space suit. But instead of vacuum, it protected against a variety of micro and nano scale dangers that might run into.

"This is place where dead speak to us, yet it is as quiet as the grave." he mused, smiling at Lucinda. "You will be monitoring from isolation room booth yes?"

Lucinda nodded. "Of course. I've brought along a PADD so I can take some notes on the autopsy. I just hope they posted a security detail outside because those...things...don't look very friendly to me"

"Trust I would prefer to run autopsy from the booth with you, but some things need to be felt. Death can be a very personable companion into this cycle of one's life." Arkady stated, eyeing a wall chrono and frowning " would seem our new Science Officer is experimenting with a new form of temporal metric."

"Not everyone can just stop in the middle of something," said Eli with barely suppressed ire. The door swished closed behind him with a loud hiss. "I was conducting a time-sensitive survey. I needed to hand my work off to a colleague before leaving. Otherwise, months of research data would have been for nothing." He crossed his arms in front of his chest and exhaled loudly through his nostrils. "So what do we have here?"

Lucinda reached for the nearest handle and slowly pulled out the tray which contained the body of the rather scary looking alien which was lying on it.

"This...whatever it's called. The Captain wants us to do an analysis of these cybernetic components like the eyepiece and this shield emitter or whatever it is. As much as I'd love to get hands on experience I don't fancy being around if one of these things decides it isn't dead any more" Lucinda replied.

“Which is why she is in a hermetically sealed booth with access to big button marked ‘incinerator’,” Arkady said amicably, throwing one of the morgue isolation suits to Eli. “You and I get to play with the cadaver, as though we are first-year med students. Will be a bonding experience.”

He pointed a stubby gloved finger towards a small changing room.

“For modesty. I will prepare tools whilst Lucinda get’s situated, and you can change.”

"I appreciate the courtesy Doctor," said Eli with a distinctive lack of warmth. Years of field work allowed him to make quicknwork of the cumbersome protective gear.

Lucinda made her way into the observation booth and placed her PADD down on the deactivated console in front of the window. She was glad to be behind a bulkhead and a secure glass - although with the amount of information known about these aliens there was no telling if that would be enough.

"Are you sure it won't wake up?" Lucinda asked.

"If it wakes up cranky, well will be second most interesting thing to happen to day," Arkady grumbled, hitting his hood and attaching the air hose to the small box on his waist.

"Computer," said Eli. "Establish a level ten force field around the Morgue. And a subspace dampening field."

The Computer chirped once, confirming its compliance with the stated command. Eli touched the control panel on the suit right arm to activate the built-in tricorder. The scan results were fed directly to the inside of his safety visor. "Interesting," he said. "The cybernetic interface is significantly more advanced than current Federation technology. But the imaging system of the eyepiece is noticeably inferior."

"Just because there is a breakthrough in neural connection does not mean there is a corresponding improvement in other fields," Arkady noted. As he did this he pulled the tray out further, guiding it to the centre of the morgue and opening the bag atop it. He then reached under the rolling table of tools, and pulled out an idea he had specifically brought for this occasion.

A large axe.

"You have never autopsied Borg before?" he asked, looking to Eli and Lucinda before putting it on the mourge table behind him. "This is my manual override. Now, do you want to remove the occuar implant or should I?"

Lucinda looked at the autopsy begin and activated the communication panel to talk to her colleagues in the mortuary. At least if whatever it was did wake up she was in another room - and there was now a forcefield and dampening field around the room to prevent them escaping or communicating with the outside world.

"Could you route the scans through to here, please? I'd like to have a look at them myself in real time," Lucinda asked.

Arkady nodded and reached up to the hanging light fixture above the autopsy tray. Along with providing illumination, it also contained a vast array of sensors and other data collection devices. He tapped a few buttons on its side and nodded his approval.

"We are now recording and streaming data to isolation booth and secondary backup data cache. Present in autopsy currently is Lieutenant Arkady Sjet, Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Elijah Dreznik, Chief Science Officer. And Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham is present in isolation booth in case of holo-novel style emergency." Arkady smiled through the visor at Eli and Lucinda, and then returned his attention to the cadaver on the slab.

"Our subject today appear's to be a male humanoid, approximate age unknown, name unknown. Species is unknown to Federation data bank," He reached up and held down the mute button. "Do you want to describe the visible implants? I am more meat than gears."

Lucinda activated the console and analysed the footage from the other room. She was particularly interested in the integration of the cybernetics with the organic tissue and hoped that the autopsy would answer those questions.

"He still appears to be dead at least" Lucinda commented.

"I helped preform search and rescue in the aftermath of the Battle of Sector 001. With cybernetic's there is not such thing as dead, merely level of capability. Which is why we are wearing the suits instead of synthskin gloves," Arkady said humorously.

"This is interesting," said Eli as he examined the optronic eyepiece. "The cybernetics, at least peripherally, appear to be augmenting this creature's sensory capabilities." He pulled the eyepiece off of the alien face. "See? There's a fully functional eye under there."

"Peculiar, but then again I use glasses so is not that strange," Arkady muttered, turning to a tray of medical devices and plucking an optical scanner from the table. "Let us see if there is reason for use of optical device, perhaps is medical prosthesis?"

He brought the scanner close to the aliens eye, and let the bright beam of energy to flicker across the-.
The eye flinched, closing for a second before slowly opening once more.

Lucinda continued to observe the screen showing her the autopsy. In truth she wished she could have been in there assisting but Claudia had insisted on the superior experience of Eli and Arkady. Lucinda thought it was fair enough - but she hoped next time she would be on the other side of the observation booth.

"That eyepiece is interesting. Perhaps it's an enhancement to let them see a wider range of the visual spectrum?" Lucinda suggested.

"Huum, note for the record. There is an Autonomic pupillary response...Lucinda, please do a focused scan of the subject's cranium. Look for any residual neural activity or signs of electrical stimulation." Arkady said, a burr of thought in his voice.

"Bear with me a second" Lucinda replied.

Within a few moments she was conducting a scan of the alien's cranium. For now at least all appeared to be normal - although the scan wasn't complete yet and she knew anything could happen between now and then.

"Nothing out of the ordinary at the moment...although I...that can't be right..." Lucinda reported.

Arkady's hands went for the axe, taking a step away from the table. He remembered those search and rescue missions through the wreckage of Borg touched vessels. He recalled the grasping hand that had pushed through a titanium door plate and grabbed a fellow medic's ankle.

He remembered the grey flesh and the lancing assimilation probes.

"Eli step back now!" Arkady barked, underlying the words with the grating of the heavy metal axe head against the trolly.

"Get it back in that compartment and sedate it - now. Brain activity is increasing. I will inform security" Lucinda said.

Tapping the communications panel Lucinda requested some back up from security before turning back to the mortuary in front of her. She had a funny feeling something wasn't right and it seemed that she was right after all.

"Is it sedated yet?" Lucinda asked.

"Is autopsy, not a medical procedure," Arkady snarled, eying the other closed morgue draws. He hoped that Federation health and safety didn't put latches on the inside of those draws. "We are leaving. Lucinda, when we do you are to perform emergency beam out to sickbay. This is work for Starfleet Marines or Hazard Team."

Lucinda nodded and prepared for an emergency beam out to sickbay. The increased activity on the monitor almost made her feel sick - it was like one of the horror stories she read when she was back at the Academy - only this time it was for real. Or was it...?

"ELI!" Arkady's rough accent was accompanied by rough hands gripping the shoulder of his suit and yanking him back towards the door. A stream of Russian not fit for translation filtered across the comm. "I am tired of loosing people to cyborg's that do not remain dead."

Just as Lucinda was about to beam out the alien on the table stirred and regained consciousness. As the autopsy had barely begun the alien's cybernetic additions were still intact - so it was still able to function. Standing up and look at Lucinda the frightened doctor simply stared at the alien.

"Are you a doctor?" the alien asked.

Lucinda nodded. All she had to do was tap her commbadge and beam out or alert security but she was too scared to say anything. Nothing came out of her mouth as she tried to speak - she was all alone now Arkady and Eli had left the mortuary.

"Wake the rest of my crew up. Now" the alien demanded.

Lucinda shook her head and started to reach for the communications panel to alert security. At least if they could hear the alien talking and making demands it would alert someone at the other end.

The alien moved right up to the glass screen in front of Lucinda and gave her the coldest stare imaginable.

"If you don't do as I say...then I will destroy this ship...with everyone still on board"


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