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Medical Assistance In Engineering

Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 11:48pm by Lieutenant Megan Atkinson & Master Warrant Officer Lucinda Ingham

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 100; 16:00

Megan knew the end of her shift was approaching however there was still a mountain of things to be done. She knew that it was down to spending a fair part of her shift working down on the surface but Megan wasn't going to use it as an excuse to hand over her list of work to someone else. As the shift changeover began Megan busied herself with replacing a faulty power relay.

With the panel removed and the power junction confirmed as safe - at least on the console next to it - Megan started to remove the power relay when all of a sudden she heard a high pitched noise.

"Oh fuck..." Megan whispered.

Megan turned away just as the relay blew. She was thrown onto the floor by the force of the impact but she was still conscious. With people rushing to her aid the Yorkshire born engineer reached for her commbadge and tapped it.

=/\="Atkinson to sickbay...medical emergency"=/\= Megan said.

Lucinda was the doctor who first received the call for assistance in engineering. Tapping her commbadge and reaching for her medkit the tall doctor rushed towards the door.

=/\="I'm on my way"=/\= Lucinda replied.

A couple of engineers had come to Megan's aid. They could see the power cell exploding had caused a burn on her forearm but her level of alertness and consciousness was a good sign. They gently sat the acting Chief Engineer against the bulkhead whilst waiting for assistance to arrive.

A few moments later Lucinda arrived in engineering and quickly scanned the area for any casualties. Ushered over to an area next to the warp core by an Andorian engineer Lucinda rushed to the scene to find Megan sat on the floor with a nasty looking burn on her forearm.

"How did this happen?" Lucinda asked.

Megan sighed. "Damned power relay. It said it was safe for it to be removed but the fucking thing blew up the moment I tried to take it out"

Lucinda nodded. "Any symptoms other than the burn?"

"No. I feel alright at the moment...just this damned burn is really you have anything for it?" Megan replied.

Lucinda opened her medkit and scanned the burn. As Megan had rolled her sleeves up it had fully exposed the skin on her forearm - in a way this helped as there was no clothing to cut through to get to the burn - but the severity of the injury was enough to require medical attention.

"I'm going to scan it first. From what I can see it's a moderate first degree burn - but I want to make sure. With any luck it'll be a dermal regenerator and sending you back to your quarters with some cream" Lucinda said.

Megan watched as the doctors scanned the wound. It would have been worse if she had hold of the relay when it blew but she was no more than half a metre or so away from it when it blew so it was close enough to do damage.

With the scan completed Lucinda put away her scanner and reached into her bag for a dermal regenerator which she held over the wound which started to heal it.

"I could do with one or two of those around here" Megan said.

Lucinda smiled. "They are handy. If you speak with Doctor Sjet we could probably see about training a few of you up to use one and having some sent down"

"I'd like that" Megan replied.

Lucinda continued to treat the burn. Burns like Megan's were generally treatable outside of sickbay and she was pleased the injury wasn't severe enough to require a trip to sickbay. Medical calls to engineering usually filled Lucinda with dread - with a call on her last assignment requiring an emergency transport for a patient who had fallen from the upper level. Fortunately they survived but it was a very difficult experience for those involved.

"I don't recognise you. Are you new here?" Megan asked.

Lucinda nodded. "You could say so. I've not been here very long but I feel at home already - so does my daughter"

Looking away from the burn and focusing her attention on other activities going on in the surrounding area Megan decided small talk was probably the best way to pass the time. She wanted to carry on with her work but Megan knew Lucinda was going to order her back to her quarters to rest.

"Lieutenant Atkinson. A pleasure to meet you" Megan replied.

Lucinda smiled. "Doctor Ingham. And likewise"

"And there was me thinking I was the tallest female of my species on the ship..." Megan commented.

Lucinda tittered. "You probably are. I'm not human Lieutenant"

"I'd say Betazoid but you don't have the eyes. El-Aurian?" Megan asked.

Lucinda nodded. "You got it"

Several minutes later the burn was treated and Lucinda had applied the cream to where the burn was to assist with the healing process. After helping Megan stand up the tall doctor placed her equipment back in her case and stood up - clutching it in her right hand.

"Are you still feeling alright Lieutenant? We can take you up to sickbay and get checked if you'd rather have peace of mind" Lucinda suggested.

Megan nodded. "I feel alright thank you doctor. I'd sooner get back to work but I know what you'll do if I do that..."

"I'd get you sent to your quarters by security or get Doctor Sjet down here to relieve you of duty..." Lucinda replied.

Megan tittered. "Yeah...I'd rather avoid both of those if I can. Perhaps we can meet up again over a drink? On say thank you"

Lucinda took a moment to think about the offer before deciding to accept the kind offer. She didn't really have any friends on the Vindex and any offer of friendship - or a drink - would be foolish to decline if she wanted to make any friends.

"I'd like that. But make sure it's tomorrow - you need to rest" Lucinda insisted.

Megan nodded. "Sure. D15 at 20:00 tomorrow?"

"D15? Is that another name for Ten Forward or another bar?" Lucinda asked.

Megan smiled. "It's another name for Ten Forward. The Captain is probably the best one to ask because I'm not entirely clued up on the history of this ship and those before it. My experience so far is that the power cells they installed when it was built are a pain in the arse - but other than that it's not bad"

"I'll be sure to ask her. Off you go - I'll be checking to make sure you're in your quarters so don't be hiding in D15" Lucinda said.

Megan chuckled to herself before handing over to the next shift commander and making her way out of engineering up to her quarters. It wasn't what she'd planned but perhaps Megan really could do with the rest. Her temporary job as acting Chief Engineer wasn't something she wanted to keep long term just yet - Megan was quite happily doing it on a temporary basis - but she hoped there was someone else ready to take over once they reached Starbase Unity.


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