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It is I, Arturo M'Rohass!

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 1:46am by Lieutenant Commander Arturo M'Rohass & Captain Claudia Ainscow

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD99: 0800hrs

Arturo adjusted his jacket and his pips one last time, then, satisfied, he hit the door chime on the Captain's Ready Room. He held his head up proudly, and prepared to enter.

Claudia looked up from her desk the moment her chime rang. She'd literally just sat down to prepare her notes for the slightly delayed morning briefing when her unexpected guest arrived. Sighing and pushing the PADD to one side she summoned her guest.

"Come in!" Claudia called.

Arturo entered the captain's ready room, walked over to the captain's desk, and stood at attention in front of it.

"Greetings, Captain!" Arturo said. "It is I, Lieutenant Arturo M'Rohass, your new Chief Flight Control Officer, reporting for duty!"

Claudia looked over her desk at the enthusiastic Caitian male who was stood opposite her. He was the new Chief Flight Control Officer of the Vindex and also the first Caitian member of the crew. Claudia gestured to the chair in front of her desk.

"Welcome Lieutenant. Please take a seat - I'll bring you up to speed before this morning's briefing" Claudia said.

"Thank you," Arturo said, sitting in one of the chairs facing the captain's desk. "Please, Captain, proceed! I am eager to hear tell of what we will being doing in the days to come, as well of relevant recent events."

Claudia smiled. "Well we've found a new planet as you're probably aware of but we're due to depart in a few days or so on a cruise to Starbase Unity. I will be informing everyone about that in the briefing once we're done here although what I can tell you is it will hopefully be a pretty easy end to end trip. Is there anything you want to ask me at this stage before I continue?"

"Actually," Arturo replied. "What can you tell me about this new planet?"

"Well...the colony hasn't long been established but up to now things are going well. It's got two continents roughly aligned north and south with a few island chains in the body of water separating them. There's a few colonies which are being constructed as we speak. There's some spectacular views which can be seen from the planet's highest mountain too - you should go if you get a chance to in the next couple of days" Claudia responded.

"I will try and make time to visit," Arturo said. He chuckled. "I was about to say that I would take my lady to 'see' as well, but alas, she is blind. She still might like the fresh air...ah, yes, uhm, speaking of my lady, before we continue, I have a favor to ask. Right before we got our orders for transfer, she and I decided to share quarters. Instead, we were sent to different assignments. I called in some markers and got myself assigned here. She doesn't actually know I'm here yet. Could we be assigned to the same quarters? Whatever quarters you were planning on giving to me would suffice. We're both rather small people, though Xiulan is about four inches taller than me. That's her name. Lieutenant Junior Grade Xiulan Song. She's been assigned here as a language specialist. As I understand things, she is set to arrive this afternoon."

Claudia nodded and made a note to instruct operations to assign Arturo the same quarters as his partner Xiulan. There were quite a few couples sharing quarters on the Vindex and Claudia was more than happy to agree to the Caitian's request.

"Of course Lieutenant. I will instruct our acting Head of Operations to assign her to your quarters as well. It will be nice to have a language specialist on board as we have needed one for quite some time now. Her arrival couldn't come at a better time - although that's as much as I can say for now" Claudia replied.

"Thank you, Captain," Arturo said. "So...a mystery then. Do we have a particular purpose for going to Starbase Unity?"

Claudia nodded. "We do but I will reveal as much as I can in the briefing. I still have a few things to check up on first as things have changed since I was given the order - I want to make sure the information I give you all is as accurate as it possibly can be. I'm going to speak to the Commodore once we're done here and then I'll call everyone in for a briefing"

Arturo nodded.

"But of course, Captain," he said respectfully. "Please, if there is more you wish to tell me, continue. If there is something wish to ask, feel free to do so. If it is something I can answer, I shall."

"All I can tell you is we're going to be putting the foot to the floor - unless Commander Himmel and Lieutenant Atkinson can find a way to mask our warp trail to hide us. You should find everything in order in your department - Lieutenant Muniz is your deputy but I will warn you - keep an eye on Lieutenant Dedeker who is in charge of the shuttlebay. He is a bit of a loose cannon" Claudia responded.

"Hmm..." Arturo said. "He did seem a bit...juvenile and somewhat disgruntled. To him, it seems, all the bad things that happen in his life are someone else's responsibility. Are there any specific problems he has caused that you might be able to tell me about? I'd love to get a clearer picture of what I am dealing with. He strikes me as a...cad, for lack of a better word. Is that part of his problem?"

Claudia nodded. "I'd just keep an eye on him Lieutenant. I don't know the full ins and outs but I'm sure Lieutenant Muniz will be able to bring you up to speed with his antics. I'm not entirely sure what his issue is but I'm sure we'll get it sorted in the fullness of time. Time is a good healer after all"

"And if time alone will not do it," Arturo said. "There is always the judicious application of the toe of my boot to Mister Dedeker's backside to inspire personal grown. Understood."

Claudia chuckled. "I think that might work. Anyway - is there anything else you want to ask me?"

Arturo shook his head.

"I am ready to proceed with the assumption of my duties," Arturo said. "I'm going to leave a relief FCO at the helm for the moment. We are in orbit so things should be relatively quiet. I've got some work to do away from the bridge."

Claudia was pleased to hear the Caitian was ready to get straight to work with his duties. Normally she could allow people time to get settled in but at this particular moment in time it was all hands on deck to get the shuttle delivered before its owners came looking for it.

"As you wish Lieutenant. I'll see you at the briefing" Claudia replied.

Standing up and walking around to the Caitian she extended her hand for a shake.

Claudia smiled. "Welcome aboard"


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