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Captain Star Kitty Plots a Course

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2017 @ 2:15am by Lieutenant Commander Arturo M'Rohass

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Stellar Cartography
Timeline: MD100: 1100hrs

Arturo, having learned that the ship's next destination was Starbase Unity, and having completed a few of the other tasks he needed to complete for the morning, decided to pay a visit to Stellar Cartography. He wanted to examine the most current maps of the routes to Starbase Unity so he could select a primary and one or two alternate routes that all avoided any spatial anomalies or other spatial phenomena that might impede their travels. Arturo entered Stellar Cartography and saw what appeared to be an Orion woman in Science teal, with her back turned to him.

"Excuse me," he said. "Could you assist me?"

As an Astronomy major at the academy, Arturo was familiar with how the equipment in the Stellar Cartography lab worked, but he always liked meeting new people and here was one who might have an interest in something he was interested in: the stars!

Laena turned her chair towards the catwalk as she looked at the short furry being that walked towards her. "I'll do the best I can," she said, putting on her most friendly of smiles. "How can I help you, Lieutenant?"

"Greetings!" Arturo said. "I am Arturo M'Rohass! I am now the Vindex's Chief Flight Control Officer. I have our next destination and I'd like to look at the routes we can choose from and see if I like one of the established ones or if I think we should blaze a new trail. The destination is Starbase Unity. Can you please call up the charts of space between here and there?"

"Of course," Laena said, turning back to her console. "But I believe our course has already been logged with Operations and approved for use."

"I saw that," Arturo said. "I didn't like it. I did some flying in the Gamma Quadrant recently and I am somewhat familiar with the area. I believe I can plot a course more appropriate to the Captain's needs."

Laena hesitated for a moment. In her experience, a new helmsmen would wait a short period before he started making changes, but this one seemed a bit more hands on. She did as he asked and pulled up the information. "Any specific regions you wish to see?" she asked.

Arturo thought about that a moment.

"We've just discovered this planet below, so there are likely few records of the most commonly used routes from here to there," he said. "I need the shortest route on which we would attract the least attention. By this I mean we want to look as normal as possible and to avoid unwanted attention without looking like we're trying to avoid unwanted attention. We have to balance that with the need for haste. Show me all of the logical routes between here and there, and together we'll pick one we both feel meets our needs."

"I don't think I understand the criteria you want," Laena said, turning to look at the short fluffy officer.

Arturo sighed.

"If I may?" he asked reaching out to the controls. He muttered to himself as he entered some criteria then made a satisfied noise. A chart lit up mapping all of the most logical routes between the Vindex's current location and Starbase Unity. "Ah, good. It appears that Starbase Unity has been doing some charting of its own. I had the computer use their data on this area and combine it with our most recently updated charts. It also took into consideration what we know about established space lanes between here and Starbase Unity."

Arturo tapped at the controls again. Several routes were highlighted.

"Those are less traveled," he said. "At first glance, one may say one of them would be the best choice. One would be incorrect. Anyone who did detect us would wonder why a Sovereign Class Starship was out there. And if you look, there are other reasons they are less traveled. Reports of pirate activity. Your average, everyday pirate/raider wouldn't attack anything our size. However, I have encountered Jem'Hadar selling their services in exchange for being supplied with ketrecel white, and even capturing goods and ships to trade for the white. They might be less afraid to attack us. And this one here, and Lots of stellar activity, the kind of activity that might affect the stability of a warp field. No, these won't do either."

Arturo hit another control and the selected routes vanished.

"Now," he said. "These are more interesting. Which one do you think is the route most likely to get us to Starbase Unity the quickest, without attracting undo attention?"

"I still don't understand why we're concerned about attracting attention. It's not odd for a ship to be traveling between here and Starbase Unity," Laena said.

"Don't worry about that right now, Petty Officer," Arturo said. "To be honest, I'm not entirely sure either. But this is what I have been asked to do, so I am doing it. Starfleet does not always tell us why, but it usually has a reason. Sometimes, the reason actually makes sense. So, just look at the routes. From the data here, it appears that these..."

Arturo highlighted a few routes.

"Are our best bet," he said. "Frequently used by Starfleet vessels moving towards Starbase Unity. Excellent, I will choose one of these. You have been most helpful, Petty Officer. Thank you. And now, I must take my leave of you. Good day!"

Laena watched in confusion as the small feline walked away. While she wasn't exactly sure how she had been helpful, he certainly didn't shut up long enough for her to try. The best she could hope for was that the information he discovered on his own would be successful so it would look good on her.


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