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Meeting the Staff, Eye to Eye

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 2:40pm by Ensign Otoha Takahashi RN

Mission: S1E1 - Booby Trap
Location: Sickbay


Anna had got aboard the ship just as they were due to leave, having been assigned due to an unexpected incident where another Doctor hadn't been able to make it aboard. She'd quickly dumped her gear in her quarters, before grabbing her medical pack and heading upto sickbay, hoping to catch one of the nurses before her shift started. She walked towards the doors of sickbay, letting them hiss open, before stepping into sickbay. Nothing was really going on, apart from diagnostics, which was good, although she assumed there would be some crew medicals to go through at some point. She saw a nurse standing by one of the biobeds, cleaning up. She walked over, and waited patiently for the Nurse to finish.

Catching sight of the very tall and thin newcomer, Otoha approached with a happy smile, "Someone willingly visits Sickbay? That is refreshing." She noted the rank and offered a cultural bow of the head, "Ensign, I am Nurse Takahashi."

"Doctor Anna Dunn, new Doctor here, nice to meet you Nurse Takahashi. Just thought I'd see what the sickbay was like here on the Sovereign class. Only other ship I've experienced is the Defiant, and the Sickbay on that is 1 biobed and an EMH. One Nurse if you're lucky! So what's it like here?" Anna asked, smiling at the Ensign.

Otoha tapped the top of her big tricorder wand-ring. Waving her hand slowly over Anna, the bottom of the ring echoed the scans. Results sparkled lightly on her tech contact lenses. "This... is a mobile hospital. Our clientele is mostly marines who live a lifestyle of abuse mixed with sickbay-phobic crewmen who don't take proper care of themselves."

"The usual then, just a lot bigger than smaller ships! Ok I think I can deal with that. Now to put you to the test, I've got some eye pain, I can't see anything wrong personally, but I was wondering if you'd mind having a look, see what you can see!" She said, smiling.

"Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly!" Otoha settled Dr. Dunn back on a bio bed and let the extensive scanners run their course. "There's no infection, but you definitely have microvascular inflammation. Looks like you're the proud owner of Granulomatosis. Your optic nerve is long enough. Are you up to me pulling your eyeball out for tissue therapy?"

Oh fun, gotta love a bit of Granulomatosis!" She said, laughing slightly. "Yeah go for it, better than leaving it!" She smiled, relaxing herself for the coming procedure.

Nurse Takahashi braced Dr. Dunn's head tightly in a containment field. "I suppose that I should anesthetize the area, huh?"

"Probably a good idea, yes, unless you want me screaming the sickbay down in pain!" She smiled kindly.

After an infusion hypo, Otoha used force-cepts to gently tug the eyeball out of the socket. "No severe eyeball compression. That will make recovery quicker." The nurse gently poked a micro therapy probe behind the eyeball and commanded the processor, "Begin..." She painted over the inflamed areas, "I'm impressed. You're a doctor who makes a good patient! That is rare, indeed!" Otoha projected a camera view on a high console for Dr. Dunn to watch her own procedure.

"I have the mindset that if somethings wrong, it's better to fix it than to leave it to get worse. Now those marines on the other hand are terrible, they'll leave their injuries, then moan when it feels worse!" She looked at the screen with her good eye. "Ah the eye's not that bad...I've seen worse."

"End." Nurse Takahashi gently compressed the eyeball back into the socket. "No neural tearing! Easy peasy!" Using a multi-microdose hypo, she injected one drug to blind the eye and another to paralyze it. Tissue healant finalized treatment. She then pressed an understated eye patch over brow and cheekbone. "You know the drill. No touchy for one full day. The eye should be just fine after that." Just before releasing the cranial containment, she leaned down to make eye contact, "I can replicate a Hello Kitty eye patch, if you want?"

"I'll keep the normal patch,'ll go well with my pirate outfit, and talk like a pirate day...Yarr!!!" She said, laughing at her own humour.

"I don't know what caused the inflammation, but I'm sure that we can find a doctor who can monitor things." She helped her up with an innocent smile, "You do realize that this doesn't count as your intake physical?"

"Probably just bad luck, I'm full of bad luck when do you want to do my intake physical?" Anna asked.

"I'll do the preliminary exam whenever it's convenient for you. My guess is that Dr. Fields will just grab you for the final exam during slack moments, since we'll be working together." Otoha grinned, "You can help allay crewmen's fears about me by letting them know that I pulled your eyeball from its socket."

"I thought we wanted to encourage crewmen to come in here, not scare them off!" Anna said, winking.

Otoha's demeanor changed. Becoming more serious, she settled back against the edge of the biobed and stared off, "I saw the most bizarre thing during nursing school. Patients had developed a co-dependence upon clinics to become mommy and manage their lives. We're not here for that." She met eye contact, "I want this crew to proactively think about taking care of themselves. I want them to be confident that our Sickbay is honest with them, competent, and aggressive about helping them when they get into trouble. No matter how much they hate the idea of coming here, I want us to be the first ones that these people would rather come to for help." A grin flickered, "Besides, I only mollycoddle children."


Dr. Anna Dunn
Nurse Otoha Takahashi

USS Vindex
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