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Two Friends Reunited

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 12:34am by Lieutenant Emilie Delameilleure & Lieutenant JG José Muñiz

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Armoury 9 (Deck 18)
Timeline: MD 99; 0920

The Vindex was a fine vessel like any other. Ja'tah told himself this over and over again--when he was officially transferred, when he was sent over via shuttle from the Derbeyshire, when he set foot on the Sovereign-class, and when he callously ignored the nuisance of a shuttlebay manager.

He had pointedly refused assistance from the Operations personnel to assist with his luggage. The Klingon-Human mongrel traveled light with no more luggage than he had hands. His mevak was concealed in an under-the-waist sheath for ease of access and sentimental value. Beyond what he had personally carried to his new quarters, he had no other material possessions and wouldn't have it any other way.

The next step took him to Armoury 8, which was the closest one to his quarters. Since the Vindex only had armouries stationed on even-numbered decks, Ja'tah cursed his misfortune at being assigned quartes on Deck 17. That mean on an 0-Dark-Thirty Red Alert, he would require a turbolift ride or a crawl through a Jefferies tube to get his hands on a phaser rifle.

"The Vindex is a fine vessel," he muttered under his breath for the hundredth time.

It was disconcerting how few Yellow Shirts with a phaser on their hip he had seen on his way from the shuttlebay. Less than a dozen. Though the Vindex was not classified as a warship, even mercy vessels needed to be able to hold their own in a fight.

When he walked into the Armoury, he found a fellow Tac/Sec LT performing routine maintenance and counts of the armaments.

"Greetings, Lieutenant," Ja'tah said with his deep voice. "It is good to see that the skeleton Security crew is still managing to maintain minimum standards. The staff seems stretched so thin that I can't even find locate the Security Chief."

Emilie downed her tools and turned around to face the Human/Klingon hybrid who had addressed her. It was a stretched department at the moment but Emilie was hoping making the best use of their resources and with some assistance from the Marines it wouldn't pose a risk to the ship's security.

"You've found her. You win first prize" Emilie responded.

Ja'tah opened his mouth to speak, then closed it. The look in his eyes suggested he was not impressed by the situation. "Then it is good that I came when I did," he said at last, "so that the ship's Chief of Security is not forced to perform menial tasks that might distract her from the rest of her duties."

He reached a strong, calloused hand toward Emilie. "Please, Sir. Allow me." His deep voice and tall, lean stature only strengthened the request.

Emilie shook Ja'tah's hand once before addressing the man. She preferred the hands on tasks that got things done - it was better than standing on the bridge not doing anything - and after all the Vindex's protocol was that the Chief of Tactical wasn't usually on the bridge unless they were requested.

"Be my guest. I'll get on with this diagnostic" Emilie responded.

The handshake startled Ja'tah, but he shrugged it off. "That was not intended as a greeting," he said firmly. "I intended to relieve you."

"Well I appreciate your offer of help Ensign because I've got plenty things to do here. Your arrival just means I can get them done quicker and move onto my next task" Emilie said.

"Two officers doing the job of one is not efficient," Ja'tah said. "If you have any remaining armouries due to be maintained and inventoried, then, with all due respect, perhaps I should begin with those."

Emilie nodded. "Very well. As I've already started things here I have a number of diagnostics that need performing in Armoury 10. Please go down there and do those before reporting back to me once they're completed"

Ja'tah softened his stony expression. "Yes, Sir." He resolutely walked back the way he had come toward the turbolift.

As he waited for the door to open, he reflected on Emilie. As a Chief of Security, she was clearly an interim one, but she would do until Starfleet assigned the role to another. Until such time, Ja'tah had an armoury diagnostic to perform.

When the turbolift opened, Ja'tah stepped inside without paying much regard to the other man already standing there.

"Deck 20."

Ja'tah stared ahead until he felt himself being watched. He turned his head and curtly asked, "Can I help you?"

Before the other man could respond, recognition spread across Ja'tah's face.

"Wait, I know you," he said, turning aside to face him. "José Muniz from the Renown. I had forgotten you transferred to the Vindex after Rakhar."

José - who was on his way to assist Lieutenant Atkinson with something in Engineering - turned to face the man stood next him. The voice was familiar but he couldn't quite put a name to it until José was looking at him. It was his old colleague Ja'tah Hendrick from the Renown.

"It wasn't meant to be a permanent thing but I'm still here. How are you finding it so far, my friend?" José replied.

"I arrived within the hour, and in that time I realized why I had been transferred. I noted less than half a dozen Security personnel between here and the shuttlebay, and the Chief of Security barely has more experience than I do." Ja'tah squared his shoulders. "But I am up to the task before me," he added with mildly dramatic poise.

José shrugged. "We're managing alright considering we lost over 400 crew in a mutiny and we're still not up to full strength in some areas. But...I wouldn't let Lieutenant Delameilleure hear you say that though - she'll have you cleaning plasma relays for a month"

"That is my duty," Ja'tah said with indifference. "And it only adds to my experience. A Security Chief who inventories her own armouries clearly understands that principle."

His rigid face softened with a faint though excited smile. "Great tasks come with great opportunities. If the mutiny went that poorly, it is no wonder the Security department remains depleted, but it also means we can rebuild the department with a solid foundation. One that will meet any challenge and triumph over it."

José chuckled before responding. They'd had many good times together on the Renown and it was nice to have a friendly face amongst many he still didn't know very well.

"You haven't changed a bit, Ja'tah. The mutiny went bad for the mutineers - but they took me, the Captain and a few others hostage as bargaining chips. It ended badly for them on some cold and dark planet in Cardassian space. Last time I heard we're up to a compliment of 673 which isn't so bad considering the circumstances and shortage of available personnel" José responded.

"Not many Security officers among them," Ja'tah said gruffly. "Though I have yet to see the rest of the ship. Perhaps more are undergoing training exercises."

The doors opened at Deck 20. "It was good to see you again, José. We should meet again soon. Are you still fond of tequila?"

As the doors opened the Spaniard turned to face Ja'tah. A tequila or two later on sounded like a good idea - especially as it sounded like Lieutenant Atkinson was going to be requiring José's services for most of the day.

José nodded. "I believe that is the case but you're best asking Lieutenant Delameilleure as the ball is in her court at the moment. Likewise - if you're up for a drink or two later it'd be nice to have a proper catch up"

Ja'tah grasped José by his swinging forearm in a fierce Klingon armshake. "It is well to have crossed your path. Until we meet again--farewell."

Armoury 10 was not far from the turbolift, which suited Ja'tah just fine. As he settled in for the inventory diagnostic, he reflected on the situation. A Sovereign class vessel with a potentially understaffed Security department headed up by a hands-on acting Security Chief, with at least one familiar face that he knew he could trust. So long as the armoury inspections proved positive, then Ja'tah felt he could settle in quite well.

The Vindex was a fine ship indeed.

As the doors closed and the lift descended to his destination José made a mental note to organise a meeting with Ja'tah for later that day. For now however it was down to Engineering to assist Lieutenant Atkinson - a secondment to Engineering was always going to be an interesting day.


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