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You Have My Blade

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 11:58pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 101

When Shadi reported for duty today, she received terrible news: Lieutenant Atkinson had reassigned her to a new work group! Shadi had worked very hard to get into Megan's good graces only to be put under a lowly Ensign engineer.

Shadi took her toolkit, or at least what was left of it, and searched the catwalks of Main Engineering looking for Ensign Fulton.

"Finn!" Her Saurian voice screeched out for all to hear. "Ensign Finn Fulton! Has anybody seen Ensign Fulton?!"

Starve it to famine! Where could he be?

"Right here," Finn called from over the Saurian's right shoulder. He was at a console nearest the door working out the schedule and things needed for the work detail ahead that day. "No need to yell quite so loudly," he scratched the inside of his left ear which was still partially ringing.

"I'm Ensign Fulton, how can I help?" He asked, extending a hand and his signature warm smile.

Shadi accepted Finn's proffered hand with her clawed talons. "Forgive me. I was hoping to make a good first impression with you. For some reason I don't--"

The Saurian's words trailed off. When she pulled her hand away, her talons were wet with blood.

"Starve me, Ensign, but I think I've cut you. I'm so sssorry!"

Finn felt the sharp sting," D-don't worry about it," with his non-injured hand he went to his toolkit which was sitting on the floor. "Not standard issue for most kits, but I keep an old dermal regenerator in here. It was a tip from an instructor at the Academy. She always said, 'best to patch yourself up, get on with the work and see about it later'." He activated the small device and gave it a few passes over. The wound stopped bleeding and was healed, for the most part, the lines of where he was cut were still visible. "Some basic training with one of these back in the day has saved me countless trips to sickbay."

Returning the device to his kit, the young engineer continued, "Where were we? Oh - how can I help?"

Shadi's reptilian eyes widened to ovals with admiration. Here was an engineer of engineers! Not only had she drawn his blood without recrimination, his preparation beforehand rendered him fully capable of leadership. Shadi had thought this was a punishment, but clearly she was mistaken.

"I will do anything you sssay," she hissed. Remembering herself, she quickly added, "I mean, I have been reassigned to your work group, and I am eager to prove my delicious worth."

"You wouldn't be here if you weren't," Finn smiled as he looked over at his medical handy work. "I think you may have been assigned to me to help me get to know the ship better," he continued, "I'm still quite new here and learning the ropes. We have a few things to do today if you don't mind coming along?" He handed over a PADD with their schedule, mostly remedial, yet essential maintenance work and some time to check up on the diagnostics around his new warp field and deflector enhancements. "Few shuttles needing some love if you want to start there first?"

"A shuttle?" Shadi glowed with excitement. "Do I know my way around a shuttle! They were pretty much all I was ever allowed to work on back on DS9. Lead the way, Ensign Fulton!"

Before she could get two steps, she fumbled her toolkit in one hand. It fell to the ground and spilled her tools across the floor.

"Ensign Fulton," she said with her metaphorical tail between her legs, "I might need more tools."

"What do you need?" He asked, "I can put in a requisition and maybe even suggest some non-standard issue additions I have made myself."

Shadi gaped at the man, completely dumbstruck. Nobody had ever displayed such leniency and understanding with her before. It evoked a primitive response that she only knew how to curb in one way.

Lunging forward with swift acuity, she grabbed Finn and embraced him with both arms. Her voice was a low hiss in his ear.

"This day I give my oath to your ssservice. Henceforth I declare your enemies are my enemies, that your battles are my battles, and that I shall defend your life, offspring, and hearth with the last ounce of my blood. On my honor I ssso swear."

When she released him, it was only to wrap her arms in a serpentine tangle at the wrists and kneel in solemn salute.

"You have my blade, Ensign Fulton," she said with head bowed.

Finn was feeling a little awkward. He only asked a question about what was needed. "We don't need to go that far," awkward was one emotion you could say he was feeling. "I get the feeling you need equipment replaced often for some reason, true?" he asked, trying to usher the Saurian to her feet before even more of a scene was made in main engineering. "Why don't we get what you need, work on what we need to and call ourselves even?"

"That does seem prudent," Shadi agreed. "I could use a reinforced hyperspanner. I always seem to break those."

"I will work a neopolimer into the matrix when I replicate it," Finn stated, "Anything else?"

"My decoupler set always seems to be incomplete," she admitted coyly. "I never seem to have them all when I need them."

"I'm going to engrave your name on everything I think," Finn said as he smiled and shook his head gently. He was itching to get started soon and figured they would now have all the needed tools they would need. He also made a mental note not to give Shadi anything out of his kit if he wanted it back and in one piece.

Shadi turned her head to one side and hissed in amusement. "Why have I never thought to do that before? It would surely lead to multiple tools littered all over the ship, but if they're engraved with my name, then I would be able to use them without asking permission!"

"As long as you have clearance to use each tool and more importantly, know how to use them, I don't see why not," the young engineer smiled. "How about we make sure you have the tools we will need today and take it from there? I could speak to the Chief or the ACEO if you'd like?"

Shadi presented her toolkit to Finn for inspection. "You have my tools as well as my blade. Please inspect them to see if I have everything needed for the day's work."

There were a lot of things missing for Finn's liking. However, what they needed today wouldn't need much more than what he already had in mind, "Other than what we talked about. You probably won't need much more. Today will be a lot of pulling things apart, checking on them and putting them back together. Although, I think we should look into you getting your own dermal regenerator as well."

"Why?" Shadi blinked in confusion. "Oh, oh, ohhh!" Sudden realization dawned on her. "You're afraid I might wound you again. Have no fear, Ensign Fulton, for the blood I draw next shall be that of your enemy."


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