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A Painful Introduction

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 6:18pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 101: 2200

It had been hours since his shift had ended before Finn remembered the injury he received. It was superficial at best, and he tried a little self-care with an old dermal regenerator he kept in his engineering kit. He managed to patch it up for the most part, but there was still a mark on his hand from where the cuts originally were. It was late, he figured no one would be in sickbay, but decided to try his luck.

Wearing his usual civilian clothing, jeans and a t-shirt, he walked up to the sickbay doors, allowed them to open and entered. The room was dark, some low level lighting around from the ceiling and bio beds. He figured to let resting patients sleep. There didn't seem to be anyone though, yet he gave out a rather reserved, "Hello?"

"What can I do for you?" came a voice from within the dark room.

"I received a cut earlier while working in Engineering. I patched it up to save bothering anyone, it was a surface cut at best, but the mark is still there and it itches," Finn began while looking for a face to match the voice. "I'm no medic but really don't like bothering people over small incidents. I'm an Engineer, I get cut and banged up all the time. I'd never been out of here if I didn't," Finn gave an uncomfortable, yet quiet, nervous laugh.

"A cut?" There was the sound of movement from the far side of the room. "Computer, lights, 40%," the voice said. As the illumination slowly raised, he became visible. Wearing only the bottom half of a pair of scrubs, Kiril Nevin walked towards the patient.

"How'd you get this cut?" he asked, approaching the Engineer. Without hesitation, he took the man's hand and turned it over, looking for the injury.

"Shaking hands with a Saurian," Finn admitted, "Not the first either, and probably not the last." It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the new lighting levels after just having to adjust to the dark. He squinted a little to help them as the man took his hand.

"Shadi?" Nevin's face curled into a smirk. "You aren't the first," he said, dropping the man's hand and walking back into the room. "Take a seat."

Finn walked over to the nearest bio bed and propped himself up, "I'm Finn by the way, Finn Fulton. New-ish Ensign to the ship. I take it Shadi has a bit of a reputation for this then?"

"Kiril Nevin," the man said, bending over to grab something from a lower cabinet. "Saurians are great people, but accidents happen. It's only natural."

"I guess," Finn said, finally being able to take in the man before him. "Sorry if I am troubling you and...whatever you were doing," he admitted, finally realizing Nevin's state of dress, or lack there of.

The man stood back up, a hypospray and two other instruments in his hand. "I was just sleeping," he said as he walked back over, his bare feet making almost no sound on the carpet. "When you work the graveyard shift, it's what you tend to do."

"Then I am very sorry indeed," Finn blushed, looking sheepish and trying every so subtly to avert his gaze.

"No need," Nevin said as he placed the tools down on the biobed next to the man. "Assisting patients is part of my job. While my job allows me to sleep, I'd rather be awoken to care for someone than to not.

"Then hopefully I won't take to long and let you get back to sleep," Finn smiled.

"Unfortunately, that isn't up to you, or myself," Nevin said, his voice sounding a bit distant as he peered into a vial of blue liquid that he held up between two fingers. "The reason your wound is itching is that there's a small percentage of humans who seem to be allergic to Saurians. Normally you wouldn't have an issue, but if their skin comes into contact with an open wound, you'll have a reaction."

"Now that is something new," Finn pondered as he looked at his hand, "Not something I have encountered before, but then, I've never been cut like this before. I'm in your hands han-" he cut himself off before adding handsome, it was late, he was tired and in situations like this, Finn's guard was totally down. He covered it by quickly adding, "Doctor."

Nevin raised an eyebrow as he shook the vial in his hand. "What were you about to say?"

"I have no clue," he bluffed, "It has been a long day, I tend to shut down all upper brain functions at this rate." Finn was blushing. "Stumbling over words when tired, or after some drinks is a near specialty of mine," he gave a half smile from the left-hand corner of his mouth.

"You're quite an odd person," Nevin said, still shaking the vial of blue liquid.

"Quite a tired one," Finn stated before being rather honest, "I was about to call you handsome if you must know. And, I feel so embarrassed by my slip up that I was trying, and, would like to brush over it. It isn't every day you walk into sickbay and be treated by shirtless handsome doctors. Not that I am complaining." While nerves had the better of him a moment ago, he shook it off to return to his confident self. No one had really been able to put Finn on the back foot like that before, it was interesting.

Nevin's hand slowly stopped shaking as he looked down at his bare chest. "If this is making you uncomfortable, I can put my shirt and shoes back on," he said. "My time as a gymnast has made me quite comfortable without wearing much, so I tend to default to this without realizing it."

"No, not uncomfortable," Finn was on the backfoot again. "Maybe I should just stay quiet, get treated and go...before I make even more of a fool of myself." His eyes looked defeated.

A smile crossed Nevin's face, "You're not making a fool of yourself," he said, picking up the man's hand again. "At least not yet, though you may here in a few moments."

Finn continued to blush, yet maintained a strong and dignified silence. At least that is what he was telling himself in his head.

Nevin's thumb slowly grazed the slightly raised area from the poorly treated wound. "First, I need to undo this. The regenerator enclosed the wound, and the allergen won't be able to be expelled from your body." He looked up at the young Ensign, "And then I need to give you a dose of this medication. But it has to be administered in your hip."

Still silent, Finn raised an eyebrow. It was the first time he would ever need a medication administered that wasn't his neck or arm. It was a look of, 'You are playing with me and enjoying this, aren't you?'.

Nevin released the man's hand and picked up one of the instruments he had brought over. "Unfortunately, we have no modern way of performing this function," he said. "I'm going to numb your hand and then I will make an incision from here to here," he said, pointing to two spots on the man's hand. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah," Finn replied quite curtly. "Still not making any more embarrassing noises, or as I have come to call it tonight, speaking. You are the Doctor, Doctor. Do as you need to so I can get to sleep and forget tonight happened," he smiled.

"Are you going to be like this all evening?" Nevin asked with a sigh. He picked up one of the hyposprays and pressed it to the man's inner wrist. "There's no reason for you to feel embarrassed. I'm a Doctor, I've seen much more embarrassing things."

"Not heard them though," Finn laughed, relaxing a little. "Sorry, it has been a while since the whole handsome man and me poorly trying to flirt thing came along. The best thing was, totally unintentional I was doing it."

Nevin didn't look up from the man's hand, but a smile slowly crept over his face. "Don't you know it's dangerous to flirt with a Surgeon? Especially when he's about to cut you open."

"Which is exactly the reason I have shut up," Finn smiled and laughed, relaxing a little. "This isn't going to hurt all over again, is it? Not that I am adverse to the pain I would just like to avoid more of it today." Physical and social the young engineer thought to himself.

"There's a reason I numbed your hand," Nevin said, giving the Ensign a smile. He picked up the scalpel and slowly pulled it across the man's skin, the soft flesh opening easily. He quickly grabbed a few gause and pressed it against the wound to collect the blood.

Finn looked away. It wasn't that he was squeamish, just he didn't like the sight of his own blood all that often. "Yeah there would be reasons for that," he said, still averting his gaze.

"Everything ok?" Nevin asked, glancing up for a moment to see the man had turned away. He returned to his work and set the bloody instrument aside.

"Yeah, just the sight of too much blood in one day wouldn't quite agree with me," he turned his head around but kept looking up at Nevin. Finn had to distract himself, so he started asking questions, nothing probing, general 'get to know you' style, "So how long have you been on board the Vindex?

"Not too long." Nevin picked up a second hypospray and pressed it to the man's neck. "This should help flush out the allergen. How about you? New aboard?"

"Fresh of the last shuttles to arrive," Finn finally looked down at his hand, "Not long enough to really know anyone yet, but long enough to start to know my way around."

The Surgeon nodded in understanding. "I don't know many people either, to be honest. Probably because I've been swamped with charts lately."

"Well, that sucks," Finn replied, "All work and no fun so far then I guess? I go crazy without some down time, even if that is just heading back to my quarters and curling up in bed nice and early."

"Normally when I hear a person say something like that, I have to tell them they need to exercise more..." Nevin's eyes slowly slid up and down the man's body without even realizing he had done it. "But I don't think I need to tell you that."

Finn blushed, "Thanks, I do try and get there every day or do some kind of activity. I'm a little too on the skinny side for my liking. I would like to muscle up a little more. It is taking some time. You look like you do a lot yourself, gymnastics too if I remember you correctly?"

"I've been doing flips and back hand springs since I was a child," Nevin said with a smile. "But if you want musculature, go for it. But you should be comfortable with the body you have." Nevin pulled the gause back from the man's hand and nodded, "I'm quite pleased. This is going well. Now I need you to lie back and remove your shirt, please."

Finn once again gave the raised eyebrow look as he did as he was told, "Will this be to remove anything that caused the allergy?" He was quite curious and questioning as an engineer anyway, but this felt a little different to him. He placed his t-shirt by his left side on the bed and instinctively and instantly brought his arms across his body, his hands resting on the bed in the space between his legs, part shielding himself, part hiding the fact he wasn't one hundred percent happy with how he looked currently.

"No, the hypospray I gave you in your neck is going to do that for us. But sometimes, allergens can cause issues that aren't always visible right away. So I want to give you a quick exam." Nevin picked up the man's hands by the wrists and moved them aside. "Now lay down, please."

Swinging his feet up and over, Finn slowly eased himself down onto the bed. The colder biobed sent a chill down his spine as he allowed his body to rest on the mattress and pillow that were there to support him. "Oh," Finn said, "Hopefully nothing else is wrong." There was a flicker of concern across his eyes.

Nevin put a gently hand on the man's shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. "I haven't seen anything that makes me worry, so far," he said. "I just want to take precaution. Especially since this is a very uncommon allergen." The man slowly moved his thumb back and forth, hoping his touch was comforting.

Which it was, Finn could feel his body relaxing, both from the touch and Nevin's comforting words. He let his eyes close softly for a few seconds.

"I'm going to run a quick ECG," Nevin said, placing a small metalic device on the man's upper chest. "Also, run a bit of light bloodwork. Metabolic Panel should be fine, maybe a TSH." He pressed another hypospray to the man's neck, this time drawing out a small sample of blood which he quickly slid into the Computer terminal above the biobed.

A few moments passed in silence as the Doctor waited on the results. But it wasn't long before a beep from the terminal alerted him to the information. He pulled up the results and looked them over. "Everything seems to be good with your bloodwork, and your ECG is showing normal." Nevin looked back to the man and smiled, "See, I told you there was nothing to worry about."

"Thanks," Finn gave a visible sigh of relief, "And I have taken up way more of your time than I first thought, sorry." He went to collect his t-shirt and put it back on. "I guess you can head back to sleep without any more incidents, hopefully."

Nevin grabbed the shirt before the man could put it on, "We have one more thing. You need the shot in your hip to prevent any reactions while the allergen works its way out of your system. Lay back down and unbutton your pants, please."

"Oh sure," Finn undid the top button and allowed his jeans to slide down to fall to the line of his underwear, allowing the top of his hip to be displayed.

Taking the vial of blue liquid he was shaking earlier, giving it one last jostle, Nevin slid it into the hypospray. "I've heard this can cause a slight burning sensation in your groin. If you start to have an unpleasant feeling, let me know and we can take care of that."

Without hesitation, Nevin slid his hand down the man's hip, pushing his jeans and underwear down slightly farther than they were, pressing the metal tip of the instrument to the man's soft skin. "And we're all done," he said, giving the man a smile as he ran a ringer over the spot he'd made the injection.

"Great," Finn exclaimed quite mutedly. He was feeling quite flustered and unsure what to think. Was Nevin making a move? Should he make one? But he is on duty. He was probably reading the signals wrong. This was something he had to seek to counsel on. All were amongst the copious amounts of questions that began to bombard their way into his stream of thought. "I can put my clothes back on now?" Finn asked quite innocently.

Nevin chuckled as he handed the young man his shirt, "You should try to be more comfortable in your body," he said, turning to the tray of instruments he was using earlier. "It's the only one you have. Might as well love it."

"I'll get there," Finn smiled as he did his jean button and slid his t-shirt back on. "Thank you for your time tonight, I do really appreciate it," he smiled awkwardly, knowing their exchange was coming to an end, but not wanting it to.

"Not a problem, all part of the job." Nevin slid the dirty instruments into the appropriate container for sterilization later. He turned and leaned against the biobed, sliding his hands into the pockets of his scrub bottoms. "Still uncomfortable?"

"Not anymore," Finn smiled as he unconsciously gave Nevin a once over from head to toe. "But, I've kept you long enough and you have sleep to get," he began, "although, if you ever get rid of those charts and find some time to yourself, maybe we can meet up again when wounds aren't involved?"

Nevin hesitated for a moment. He wasn't actually considering such a situation, though he certainly wasn't opposed to it. "I'd forgo charting for you," he said, suddenly feeling stupid for what he said. "I mean, I can delay my charting to spend time with you."

"Then drop me a message when you want to get together then," Finn beamed quite openly. He wasn't sure what this was, but it was at least a friend. The Vindex certainly was starting to feel like home.

"Keep your hand bandaged till the morning," Nevin said as he turned to walk back to the biobed he was using as his sleeping quarters. "Come back in the morning and get it closed up by one of the nurses."


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