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Posted on Sat Jul 29th, 2017 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Arkady Sjet Dr & Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Gym
Timeline: MD 102: 0645

It has been less than twelve hours since Finn had been in sickbay for a particularly nasty cut across his hand and going to the gym the next morning may not have been the smartest idea, but Finn needed to let off some steam. It was time to pick up heavy things and put them back down again.

Once again, the young engineer has dressed in his signature azure blue shorts, black t-shirt and colour coordinated shoes. This particular morning, the gym was empty. At least for now, he was the only person there. Picking his favourite treadmill, he began a light run to warm up.

Arkady's gym wear ensemble was anything but colour corridinated. He lumbered into the room wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the crest of the Starfleet Marines across the back, faded to the barest semblance of recognition. Baggy sweats of a faded orange finished things off. He said something that might have been words to Finn, as he walked to the back of the gym where the hanging punching bags were.


His first pounded the bag in a oddly disjointed rather. Two light bunches to set the bag in a back and forth swing, and then a solid bone breaker of a thing that was taking time off the bags life.

Finn nodded to the man who had joined him in the gym as he went to the free weights area. Loading up a barbell he felt a slight twinge of pain in his right hand that suffered the cut. It wasn't too painful for now and he decided to work through the slight inconvenience he was feeling.

It wouldn't be until his third set of deadlifts that the pain would become a problem. The barbell dropped to the floor with a little more force than it had previously. Finn clutched his painful right hand with his left, massaging the area that hurt.

"You know, work better if you do not drop them from great height," Arkady said from behind Finn. He reached down and picked up the barbell with little strain. On his way up, he noticed the clutched hand, and he pointed to it with a thick digit. "Pain? Am doctor."

"I tried not to," Finn joked from behind a grimace, "A little pain. I had my hand treated last night after a bit of a run in with a Saurian hand shake yesterday. Apparently I'm allergic to Saurian skin when it meets an open wound. Who knew that was a thing?"

"Oh? You are also doctor with the pants of fancy diagnostic? We give you nice shift on nights, quiet save for Marine rabble rousers," Arkady said, taking Finn's hand and examining it. He flattened the fingers out and then tapped the back of the hand. "Make me fist."

Finn made a fist, "No I visited Sickbay last night as was treated by one of the staff on the night shift. I'm an Engineer. New to the ship actually, Finn Fulton," he winced a little as he made the fist.

"Tupoy...tupoy, tupoy," Arkady grumbled in Russian, before looking up. "Oh. Am Arkady Sjet, Chief Medical Officer. Is pleasure to be seeing you and I believe we will be seeing much more of one another. Come."

Arkady turned sharply, still holding Finn's hand and began to drag him towards the door.

Finn had no other choice. Before he knew it he was being dragged out the room. He doubted if he put up any resistance, it wouldn't do anything. "I can walk you know," he protested, "If we are heading to sickbay, I think I'm ok to get there on my own power." He smiled and tried to be nice about his protest.

"Da, but given you are here and not in sickbay, I did not want to make chance you were tupoy. Is unlikely being engineer, but I have been around long enough to know otherwise," Arkady said, releasing the hand and directing Finn towards a turbolift. "On previous posting chief engineer of the Tachi worked two shifts on two broken legs. He had field medic kit I did not know he had stashed. Holo imaging of his leg after I found out made his legs look like bushel of kindling."

Arkady punched the turbo-lift control panel, causing the 'wait' icon to discolour slightly.

"I hear he is doing very good. Amazing what they do with prosthetic limbs these days. When I was child, was lucky if replacement had heat sensors. Now, they are good as new. Better even." Arkady remarked breezily, eyeing Finn. "Would you prefer organic original or a good Martian built fake I wonder? Is thought for after test, yes?"

All colour drained from Finn's face at the story and the question, "I-I would prefer to keep my own above all else," he managed to stutter out while trying to maintain his balance and composure.

"Sometimes is choice, sometimes is choice made for us. I get you brochure with pretty pictures inside," Arkady said philosophically. The turbolift door's swished open and the duo stepped out, taking the last few meters in silence before entering sick bay. "You find place to sit. I will come back in moment with irrigation kit and immune booster."

Finn was sitting in a panic. If it was something this serious, should he have known the night before? Had things progressed? Should he have gone to sick bay straight away? He sat in silence, panicking, his face ghost white all the while contemplating the fate of his hand.

Arkady returned, still in his work out sweats, but now with hands gloved in purple synth skin and trailed by an insect in a Starfleet medical uniform. Humanoid, heart shaped head like that of a praying mantis, and arms with an extra joint in them that ended with dexterous looking pincers. The arrangement of mandibles where a mouth would be chittered and flexed, trying to form a smile.

"Hi there! I'm Petty Officer Mallady and you're in good hands," came the bright, breezy female voice from the insect's comm badge.

"At least these hands are not shaking. Ensign Finn you need to keep still," Arkady grumbled, taking the hand with its scratch and placing it on a tray. He then placed a small patch on the Ensign's wrist, causing the hand to go limp and nerveless. "Okay, so to keep you informed you are experiencing mild auto immune response to foreign tissue intrusion."

"He means infection," Mallady chittered, patting Finn on the back.

"Oh," he calmed down a little if it was from the reassuring touch or the fact he could no longer feel his hand, he was unsure. Either way, Finn was calming down. "I mean, it started as nothing and Lieutenant Kiril saw to it last night, at least I think that was his name," names were something Finn could be bad at, especially when it was an attractive shirtless doctor that took care of him.

"Will discuss this with him at moment of passing," Arkady nodded, taking a dermal probe from the tray and touching against the angry scratch. He moved it from place to place, until he touched it to the far end of the cut and something moved under the surface. "Ah...well have bite. Mallady? Laser scalpel, set to focus 1. Very narrow."

A second passed before the tool was placed into Arkady's fingers, but for a man with mitts made for breaking things he deftly swept the violet beam of the scalpel around the area of skin he had been probing.

"Legko... legko..." Arkady dropped the scalpel into the tray, and using the dermal probe pushed it through the small inscion until it caught the edge of its target. It beeped merrily, and Arkady gently excised the probes head and the small fragment of chitinious claw that had been imbedded there. "Is not baby, but we have successful delivery."

"A what?" Finn's eyes widened in horror. Once again all colour drained from him to the part he was practically transparent. He had to brace himself with his free hand from passing out, a mixture of what the Doctor had said and the fact that he looked down to his open wound did not help. "D-d-did you just say delivery?" he exclaimed. "And passing? Passing? I'm going to die?" Finn was never one to do well in situations that revolved around his own health and when faced with situations like this, automatically jumped to the worst possible situation. So much for asking the guy for last night out, he contemplated, he would just need to come back and haunt them all.

"Unless breakthrough in science of medical, yes you will die. Hopefully of old age, but you joined Starfleet for excitement no?" Arkady smiled and tapped the probe's tip into a small tray where the bloody claw fragment remained. "But today you live. Handshake left behind part of Saurian anatomy in your soft tissue. Your body was beginning to react to it as not foreign object but foreign organ. Pain and swelling to start, soon with puss and tissue necrosis. But lucky you run into old Arkady eh? Is hard to be engineer with only one hand."

"You should try being a nurse with only one arm. Took me two months to grow my right arm back to full size," Mallady commented as she went to work cleaning, and then closing the cut with a dermal regenerator.

"And all time I hear nagging voice, breaking glass from spilt things," Arkady chuckled.

"Well if I'd known beating that Jem'Hadar to death with my own severed limb was going to save your life, I might have reconsidered," Mallady looked at Finn and shook her head. "You fleshy bipeds are always so ungrateful. It's amazing we've not risen up and eaten you all."

"Too many small bones," Arkady said as he removed the patch from the back of Finn's hand. "We make poor finger food for big bugs."

Finn laughed a little awkwardly, not sure what to say, yet very thankful something was happening to help him out. "Hopefully I won't need to have anything off to beat others with," he tried to joke.

"Alas you are right, you are not meal ticket for Martian tinkerer. Is sad, I have old friends on Mars who would make you limb fit for king of Venus. Should ever you loose arm in sorry engineering accident, I will remind you," Arkady patted the young man on the shoulder. "Is done. For now no weight training, no strenuous activity with that hand. Do you need note of doctor to hand to Chief Engineer?"

"I should be ok with that," Finn smiled, finally relaxing and gently flexing his hand. "When do you think I can go back to my normal gym routine? And as for Engineering, I'm still new. I don't think they will give me anything too big for a few more days to say at the least."

"Two days. After that if no improvement, then I get to make day for friend back home who makes the snappy robotic claws. I will send him your measurements, just in case," Arkady said, patting Finn on the back with a shoulder shaking slap. "Now, you make promise to Arkady. If your hand begins to feel worse, or it drops off, you tell me. If you do not..."

The hand on his back gripped his shoulder and pulled him in suddenly so that Arkady's meaty brow and piercing eyes glowered at him.

"Then I will not be happy doctor. Will be mad doctor. Will stich you to exterior of hull and make you into bowsprit for ship," he said with all due sincerity. "Am I as day clear?"

"Clear sir," Finn replied, again, white as a sheet. He popped himself up off the bed, practically standing to attention as if he was waiting to be dismissed. He liked the Doctor, but was very intimidated by him.

"Then go," Arkady's face brightened. and he made a little shooing motion. "Darken main engineering with your presence. Come back and see Arkady when you are better, I will make plate of pastries for you yes?"

Finn nooded, shy and desperate to leave now he was all fixed up. He hoped he would not get an injury again sometime soon.

After a moment Mallady spoke up.

“You wouldn’t really have stitched him to the hull?” She asked lightly, a smile or its nightmarish inspection equivalent appearing on her face.

“Oh course not,” Arkady barked out a laugh. “Would have used rivets, fewer holes through which air can escape. Is method of pragmatist.”


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