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Posted on Mon Jul 31st, 2017 @ 7:13pm by Captain Claudia Ainscow & Commander Akiva ben-Avram & Biynah

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Main Shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission Day 101; 10:30

Claudia was keen to have a look at the alien shuttle for herself and decided to head down there. Sat in her chair she turned to face Akiva and put the suggestion to him. It would be a nice change to sitting on the bridge - even if it was only for an hour or so. Nothing much was happening and their presence on the bridge wouldn't be missed for a short while.

"Shall we go and take a look at that thing in our shuttlebay for ourselves? I'd love to have a look inside it" Claudia suggested.

"Captain, you read my mind," Akiva said with PADD in hand. "These reports are rather unsettling, and I don't know that my mind will rest until I've looked myself." He stood up from his chair but waited for Claudia before heading toward the turbolift.

"After you, Captain." He held his hand out in a graceful gesture.

Claudia smiled and walked into the turbolift. Once Akiva was inside she decided it might be an idea to bring Biynah along to have a look - after all - her purpose was to learn new things. This was a good opportunity for her to do just that.

"Why don't we take Biynah along? She could probably do something that we couldn't" Claudia suggested.

Akiva rubbed his chin. "I suppose it's safe enough. She's doing a work-study in the Science department today. I'll have them send her down."

By the time Akiva and Claudia made their way to the shuttlebay, Biynah was already at the entrance. She stood waiting, bouncing on her heels with excitement.

"That's different," Akiva whispered to Claudia. "I've never seen her do that before."

Claudia let a smile spread across her face. She was pleased to see her sort-of daughter was in a cheerful mood despite the recent events. Although she hadn't been to visit as much lately Claudia hoped it might cheer Grace up a little bit if she invited her over later.

"Abba!" Biynah ran to Akiva and gave him a hug. "Thank you for bringing me down here. I never thought you'd let me help with the shuttle analysis."

Akiva smiled. "Actually, it was your mother's idea."

At Akiva's word, Biynah turned to Claudia. "Thank you, eema," she said with another hug.

Claudia embraced Biynah tightly and then held her at the top of the arms and looked at her with a smile.

"You're welcome Biynah. It's good to see you again" Claudia replied.

Without waiting for further delay, Biynah rushed back to the door. "Can we go inside now?"

Claudia nodded and moved towards the door. Checking nobody else was around first she typed in the access code on the door and then verified her identity.

"Please confirm your identity. Access to this area is restricted to authorised personnel only"

"Ainscow, Captain Claudia. Authorisation Ainscow Gamma-6-7" Claudia said.

"Identity confirmed"

The doors parted and allowed the trio access. The doors immediately closed behind them and they walked up to the partially disassembled craft lying over the two spare landing bays.

"I see everyone has been busy. Engineering in particular judging by the amount of removed panels around the engine ports. I think we should have a look inside first and then work our way outside...if everyone is agreeable of course?" Claudia said.

Biynah folded her arms behind her back and swayed her shoulders. "Can I talk to the shuttle's computer?" Her face smiled sweetly.

"I..." Akiva was about to say no, but then reconsidered. Wasn't this why she was invited in the first place? "I suppose."

She clapped her hands and ran to the shuttle door.

"Just... be careful!" Akiva said through cupped hands. He gave Claudia a look of concern and sighed. "They grow up so fast. I suppose spending her infancy and toddler years as a disembodied virtual interface made her more ready to experience new things than I am."

He looked back to Biynah who had nearly crossed the threshold of the shuttle.

"Hold up, Biynah! Wait for us before you touch anything."

"Biynah...please don't touch anything until we've checked it over. We still don't know very much about it and we don't want you being damaged unnecessarily" Claudia called.

Biynah crept up to the control instrumentation cluster with a reverent awe one might reserve for a mausoleum.

"She's asleep," Biynah whispered. "Yael never sleeps." She looked to Akiva who had just ducked into the shuttle. "How do I wake her, abba?"

Akiva frowned. "I've never thought of computer systems in the way you describe them. As... lifeforms." He shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine, yediydah."

He leaned to Claudia. "Let's check the power systems to confirm they're stable. Any sudden drops or spikes could... be bad. Potentially."

"Alright. We'll get this thing powered up again and see where we're at if or once we've managed to to that" Claudia replied.

Claudia sat down at what she assumed was the pilot's seat and started looking around at the various controls - some of which had been marked up by the team with their confirmed functions.

Claudia mused. "It would be helpful if these things had a big switch with 'ON' written on it"

"Let me take a look," Akiva said. If nothing else, he knew power distribution systems and the computer networks which regulated them. Any power source is easy enough to find if one only took the time to look.

To his critical eye, he figured the paneling had been removed with care and replaced hastily. That worked well enough for him, though, as it allowed him to trace the power conduits back to the primary system.

"It looks to me like the warp core was taken offline," Akiva called from the back, "which means the shuttle is being powered by an external cell. I doubt we could get all systems back online, but it should be enough to activate the computer core and access it." He knelt down near an access panel with a disconnected power cable in hand. "On your word, Captain."

Claudia found that to be a very unusual set up. She knew Engineering could probably get the warp core running and undoubtedly they'd already at least attempted to do so. As much as the temptation to call Lieutenant Atkinson down to get the reactor online was there - she resisted. Megan was probably already busy as it was.

"That's odd. Alright - go ahead Commander" Claudia said.

"Here goes nothing." Akiva plugged the cable into the access panel. The power cell hummed to life somewhere on the flight deck outside the shuttle, and an instant later provided emergency lighting inside.

"Esh pitzooz!" Akiva called out, to which Biynah snickered.

"Oh! She's waking up now." Biynah stepped closer to the instrumentation cluster, then deferred to Claudia. "May I, eema?"

Claudia stood up and for a moment or two she rubbed her sore back gently. The pregnancy was going well so far and in more recent days the back pain had become more regular. She decided to go and visit Doctor Sjet to get something for the pain later on - if she remembered.

Claudia nodded. "Of course. Just don't press anything you aren't sure of"

"Naturally." Biynah ran a confident hand across the instrumentation panel. Nothing happened. She waved it back the other way, but still received nothing from her effort.

"This... I don't understand it." Biynah closed her eyes and pressed both palms firmly into the control panel. Her brow twitched under focus.

"What's happening?" Akiva asked. He could not overstate his discomfort with what she was doing.

"Stand by." Biynah's eyelids opened, but her eyes were rolled back. "ณ ยามที่โลกต้องการเอ่ยถ้อยคำใดๆ."

Akiva and Claudia looked at one another with stark horror.

"What was that?!" Akiva blurted.

Akiva rushed to Biynah's side. "Yediydah! Hear me! Whatever you're doing, stop it!"

Though Biynah's eyes did not roll forward, the mysterious speech came to an end. "Stand by," she said at length.

"Biynah! I order you this instant--"

"Processing complete." Biynah blinked her eyes back to the forward position. "Sorry, abba, but I was unable to comply mid-process. The shuttle's computer memory is damaged and foreign, which made it doubly difficult to access." Biynah cast a forlorn look at the instrumentation panel. "She... did not like our connection."

Akiva's eyes darted toward Claudia for a moment, but Biynah's meaning seemed to elude her as well. "Are you well?" he asked. "Perform a self-diagnostic."

"Yes, abba." Biynah sat down at the conn and closed her eyes once more.

Akiva stepped to the rear of the shuttle, gesturing for Claudia to join him.

"Have you ever heard anything like that before?" Akiva asked, fraught with concern. "It... seemed as though she spoke the alien's language."

Claudia shook her head and with a great look of concern on her face she looked at Biynah. She was partially disappointed in her for touching something she was unsure of - but at the same time if the information could be decrypted and analysed it could prove vital in Starfleet's understanding of the aliens.

"I've never seen anything like it. Are you alright Biynah?" Claudia replied.

"Diagnostic complete," Biynah cheerfully announced. "No detection of corrupted runtimes or firmware faults."

"Barukh HaShem," Akiva muttered. "Please tell me you were able to find something after all of that."

Biynah scrunched her face. "Perhaps," she said with hopeful optimism. "There was a data cluster behind redundant encryption algorithms."

This was becoming more and more interesting to Claudia. She had now managed to download something which seemed to be of particular importance to the crew of the craft - and Claudia wanted to find out more about it.

"What kind of data cluster? Were you able to decrypt them?" Claudia asked.

"I was unable," Biynah said with her chin slumped against her chest. "Partially because the language was confusing. But I did successfully download it."

Akiva smiled at her with pride. "You did wonderful, Biynah. Let's get that data out of your memory and somewhere it can be decrypted safely."

Claudia nodded. "I think that's enough curiosity for one day - we should download the data and get our resident language specialist to try and translate it. If it's encrypted then the chances are it's going to be something important - and I want to know what it says"

"Agreed." Akiva nodded, then turned to Biynah. "Let's get you back to the Science Lab. It sounds like your work-study in there just became hands-on."

Biynah's frown turned to a bright grin.

"Come on. Let's go" Claudia said.


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