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Surf's Up

Posted on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 4:28pm by Lieutenant JG Finn Fulton & Ensign Ahira Kasamoto

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD 102 1600

Ahira had been to Hawaii a few times when he had been a cadet. His first time had been as a freshman with a roommate. He'd never surfed before that though he was a strong swimmer. While he never did become an expert in the sport or even close, he did enjoy it.

His trips to the Islands became an escape for him, a place where he could relax and get away from the grind of classes and even forget his past.

So the program he set up was based on experience and memory, not just imagination. He had built in some random factors, like weather, how large the crowds were, though, like the original it had a more local than touristy vibe, water condition, and surf levels.

He was waiting beside the holodeck doors dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white, snug fitting, tee shirt, for Finn to show up.

Finn had just finished in Engineering and headed to one of the holodecks. Upon arrival he immediately felt underdressed, still being in his uniform. "I think I need to change," he greeted with a slight wave.

"No problem," Ahira answered. "Do you want me to wait here while you go back to your room, come with you, or do you want to change here. I'm sure the holodeck could come up with an outfit for you."

"I'm sure the holodeck can work out some appropriate clothing for me," Finn smiled, "Some shorts should do me, maybe some sandals." He already had in mind what he would get replicated for him, white board shorts with a blue flower pattern and white sandals to match. That is if he needed to wear the sandals at all. "So, I know it is somewhere warm, but where exactly do you have planned?"

"Hawaii. It's a beach I've been to, been to a lot actually. It's one that the locals tended to frequent, more than the tourist. Good for surfing or just lazying around. Have you ever surfed before?"

"I can't say I have," Finn said as he contemplated further injury, "I'm not a lover of sport like activities outside of running and the gym."

"Well I could teach you if you want, not that I'm a big expert or anything, but that's why I picked this beach and this scenario. You can just lay out get a tan, well, I guess a pseudo tan. But you know you can just be lazy, or you can get as crazy as you want. It's up to you."

"I may give body boarding a try, I don't want to get any more injuries this week, he laughed. "Shall we?" Finn suggested, he could practically feel the heat coming from the holodeck and was already desperate to change.

Ahira nodded and pressed a few buttons It was decidedly warmer as they stepped through, but not oppressively so. As the door slid shut behind them, the two men found themselves on the edge of a white sand beach. The sun was directly overhead in an azure blue sky with only a few, scattered, white, fluffy, clouds dotting the horizon.

It was about eighty with just the slightest of breezes carrying the briny smell of the Pacific towards them. "There's a locker room over there," Ahira said pointing to a small concrete block out building about twenty meters to their left, "you can go replicate and change some clothes there. I'll wait for you here."

Moments later, Finn would return in the attire that he had planned out. It had been so long since his skin had felt the warmth of a sun and he was enjoying every single second of it. He had his sandals in his hand and was relishing the feeling of the hot sand on the sole of his feet. "That is much better," he said on his return, "Uniforms would make you melt in here."

"That's for sure," Ahira agreed. "Now it's my turn." He went into the locker room and came out a few minutes later. He was wearing a pair of teal colored swimming trunks that fell just above his knees, and shirtless.

He would never be mistaken for a bodybuilder, but he was in good shape, with a lithe, swimmer's build. His skin was supple and smooth, the only imperfection, a four-inch scar over his liver.

"So," he said as he approached Finn, "are we ready to hit the water?"

"As long as it doesn't hit back," he half joked. His track record this week wasn't great. Finn looked out to the water which was practically calling to him. He never surfed before, but the young Scot was always a fan of the sun, much preferring to lay at the side of the water than go in it.

"I think you're safe from the water hitting back. I think I'm going to just swim for a while, there's a spot at the far end down there, and there's a little shack that sells beach towels."

The crowd was light, perhaps two dozen people at most and down at the swimming spot Ahira had indicated, there was only a family of four, mom, dad, and two daughters, and a pair of women that were lying next to each other holding hands.

"Then, I'll grab some towels and find us a spot first," Finn looked in the direction of the small tiki styled hut, "I think I shall lay and enjoy some sun for a bit first. Relax after a shift in engineering and let my body catch its breath before I enjoy some of the water."

"Sounds like a plan," Ahira said as the two men walked together towards the spot he had pointed out. Once there, Ahira said, "I'm going to go take a quick dip first, then I'll come join you."

The hybrid officer dropped his shirt on the ground, leaving Finn to himself for a few minutes and he ran and dove into the water. He returned dripping wet about fifteen minutes later.

While Ahira was doing that, Finn was laying on his back, enjoying the sun. His upper torso was still shining from the oil he had covered himself with. It may be a holographic sun, and holographic rays, but they could still do damage. Finn liked to keep his skin in good condition and hopefully keep his boyish looks for years and years to come. It was only when he had flipped over onto his stomach, using his hands as a pillow, did he notice anyone else approach. It had been a long time since he was this relaxed.

Ahira could not help admire the view he was shown, but to his credit, he only let his gaze linger for a moment before he plopped down on the towel next to the Engineering officer. "You look like you're enjoying yourself, so far," he said.

Finn turned his head onto its other side to face Ahira, "Yeah, feels like it has been a long time since I got to relax like this. I've missed the heat of the sun." His eyes were still closed as his face beamed with joy, almost to the same intensity as the sun above them. "How is the water?"

"A little chilly but not too bad once you get used to it. Sounds like you've had a hectic time, glad I could help you relax. I'm sure you've been told this before but...."

Ahira's words were cut off when a Frisbee landed next to the towels. One of the two girls, the oldest about twelve ran over and picked it up. "Sorry about that," she said.

"Hey, now worries," Finn said as he propped himself up on his right arm. His arm sunk a little into the sand under the towel, but he held himself up for the most part. "Sorry, what was it you were saying?"

As the girl picked up her toy and walked away, Ahira flashed the other man a mischievous, if somewhat shy smile, "I was saying that you're a really good looking guy. But, I'm sure you've been told that before."

Finn blushed and let his head look to the ground, "Thanks," he replied, "It has been a while since someone said that." He then grew quiet and felt quite awkward within himself, but did his best to not let his face or body language show that.

If Ahira noticed Finn's discomfort, he didn't show it. "You're welcome," turning he said turning onto his back, looking up into the sky, "I've got a lot of good memories about this place, you know what I mean the real place, not the holodeck version. Did you have someplace like this when you were at the Academy?"

Finn once again turned to his back, allowing his chest and face to soak up as many rays as possible. "I was more of a bar kind of person, I took a part time thing in one of the local ones. I like meeting and talking with people. I find it oddly relaxing. On the days we did have free time, my ex and I used to do the trails up around Wolf Ridge. But I'd always end up back at the bar, I'm more a people person. Enjoying the company of others and chatting away." He closed his eyes, enjoying the heat, remembering the days he and Peter enjoyed, then tried to banish him from his mind again. "What is your favourite memory of this place then?" he asked, trying to move the subject along quickly.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm a people person too. I enjoy talking to people. I can flirt with the best of them. I made a lot of money talking to people taking credits or even laitnium away from them Not good people mind you, but still.

But my favorite memory is coming here, there early on a Sunday morning and waiting for the sun to rise. Before anyone else was there. Not swimming, not surfing, just sitting on the beach and seeing the sun rise out of the ocean."

"But, you said an ex. Does that mean you're single now?"

"Yeah, bit of a bad breakup shall we say," Finn replied, casting his gaze to the towel he was on. This was something he really didn't want to talk about, it, even after all this time, still hurt. "Just getting the pieces and everything together. Enjoying the time by myself."

"Trust me," Ahira replied, "I know about bad break ups. I hope you're doing good on getting things back together. Hey, not to change the subject, but are you hungry?"

"I could go a snack or something," Finn sat up and felt his stomach, suddenly becoming aware of feeling hunger.

"Well, we could either do shaved ice, or there's a taco truck. Pick your poison."

"Shaved ice in this weather sounds great," Finn replied as he sat up again, cross legged.

"Good, let's go," Ahira replied. He stood to his feet and reached down a hand to pull the other man up.

"Thanks," Finn replied as he took the man's hand to get himself up onto his feet.

The two men made their way up the beach to a small building made of white stones. There were several tables made of the same material around the building. "I'm getting pineapple coconut, what would you like?" Ahira asked as they approached the open counter.

"Orange for me," Finn replied as he perched himself on the counter with his arms. "It really is nice here," he added looking around and stretching his neck, allowing his tense neck muscles to see and feel the sun.

The clerk handed Ahira the two snow cones in white paper cups and he passed the orange one to Finn. "I'm glad you're having fun so am I. Would you like to come to dinner after we're done here?"

"Yeah," Finn replied, "I obviously would go and change first," he laughed looking down at his shorts and bare feet.

Ahira licked a some of the white colored ice from his cone. "Great, but if we ate at my place you wouldn't have to change."

"I can't walk through the corridors like this," Finn blushed, "I need to change regardless."

"Sure, tha's fine. I guess I can see that. So, what are you in the mood for, you know food wise?"

"I have been itching for something Mexican or spicy, you?" Finn asked.

"I like spicy too. But what about shrimp in spicy garlic sauce? I can use as much chili oil as you think you can handle."

"I'm not a lover of sea food," Finn began, "but how about I go get changed, go freshen up to something that is not my uniform and meet you in the lounge or somewhere shortly?"

"Sure," the infiltration specialist replied, "why don't we meet in the lounge in say half an hour? We can decide where we want to eat then.

"See you there then," Finn replied as he went to change momentarily and head out.



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