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New Horizons Part 1 - Departure

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant JG Andromeda Lightfeather

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Cherokee Reservation/SF San Franscisco
Timeline: Current


- Cherokee Reservation – Earth –

One day after a long spell of hearing nothing, Andromeda rushed into the main room where her Mother and Father were sitting, her father Tribal Chief James Lightfeather was reading a book, while her mother Allesandria Shiomi worked on her Padd.

“Papi, Papi,” Andi said rushing in all excited, she was wearing a modernised version of a traditional Squaw dress and had a small Padd in her hand.

Her Father James looked up and thought that a thirty-two-year-old was too old to come skipping into the main room like a child, but the look on his daughters face told him she got some extremely good news. “What is it little one?” James asked, her Mother looked up as he asked.

“I got a message from Starfleet, after so long working at SFHQ I have been promoted to Lieutenant Jg and give an assignment to the USS Vindex, a Sovereign Class Starship, which is currently at a holding point in the Gamma Quadrant. I am to be a Security Officer, is not that exciting Papi?” Andi asked in excitement.

Both parents shared a troubled look, then her mother stood up and walked up to her daughter “I know you are excited, sweetie. But you do know that even though we have peace with the Dominion the Gamma Quadrant is not a safe place to be and you are so young and innocent” Allesandria said looking at her daughter, for both women were the same height.

Andromeda looked at her mother “I am a Starfleet Officer Mamma, I have to go where they will send me, besides I need field experience and I will not get that doing administration here on earth, I just need your blessing and love Mamma!” Andromeda said looking at her mother.

Allesandria embraced her daughter in a hug and her father joined them, he rarely showed emotion, but when he did, he did so fully.

“Of course little one you have mine and your Mothers blessing and love as always, that will never change, but we are a practical people and we will miss you dearly, the ship's crew,” James said.

Her mother was a Diplomatic Attaché at Starfleet one of many and she broke the embrace as she wanted to get her only daughter the best flight possible out there. Recently the technology gained from the now returned USS Voyager had been implemented into a few Starfleet ships and a new shuttle had been commissioned for active service. This was the Delta Flyer Class shuttle, of which there were two types, type one was a direct duplicate of the one Tom Paris modified the other had a standard control interface that all standard Starfleet shuttles had.

Andromeda she knew was an expert pilot so she checked the compliment of the Vindex’s auxiliary shuttles and found the ship could accommodate such a shuttle and it the ship's crew too. So a standard Delta Flyer Class shuttle was procured and made ready. Sometime later Allesandria returned with a Padd and handed it to her daughter.

Taking the Padd as she broke her fathers embrace she looked at it and her eyes widened in surprise as she looked up “A Delta Flyer class shuttle Mamma! How in the name of my ancestors did you manage to wrangle it?” Andromeda asked.

“It is the standard version as others will have to fly it after you arrive in it, but I have contacts and the fact your new ship is capable of accommodating one and the area it will be going, the ship will need as much of an edge as it can. Here is another Padd, you are to give that to the Captain and repeat what is on this piece of paper” her Mother said handing the piece of paper over to her daughter.

Andromeda read it and nodded and hugged her mother so tightly she had trouble breathing for a moment until an embarrassed Andi broke it off “sorry Mamma, I hope I did not hurt you too much?” she asked.

Taking a few deep breaths “I am okay sweetie, sometimes I forget you have my strength, but come, I will help you pack for your long journey” Allessandria said and led her to her room.

- Flight Pan – Starfleet San Francisco -

A Week later all packed and in her Starfleet Uniform Andi arrived at the flight tarmac with her parents and allowed some enlisted officers put her bags aboard her shuttle, while she said farewell to her parents.

Hugging her Mother “I will miss you Mamma” Andi said and her mother gave her a kiss on the head before Andi broke the embrace, she then hugged her father “I will miss you too Papi, take care of Mamma” she said and kissed him on the cheek. As she stepped back she saw tears in her father's eyes and her mother was openly crying, she picked up a small carry on bag and made her way to the shuttle. She paused on the top of the ramp and blew her parents a farewell kiss and vanished inside the shuttle and closed the door.

Andi then sat in the pilot's seat and did her pre-flight checks with flight control, when ready she fully engaged the impulse power to the engines and waved once more out the window, she did not know if her parents could see her wave, but both were waving anyway.

Opening a hailing channel to orbital flight control =/\= Flyer 1145 to Starfleet Flight Control, permission to depart? =/\=

*brief pause*

=/\= Confirmed Flyer 1145, you have a go, be safe out there, Orbital Control out =/\=

She looked at the Comms puzzled, this was an unusual interaction, but she took what she could as she lifted off she was looking forward with tears flowing down her cheeks and climbed up into space as the bright blue became dark and then black. She remained at full impulse until she was far enough out to engage her warp drive when she could do so, she did and the stars became star lines, switching the ship to autopilot. She sat then and pulled her knees up and cried, it was all finally hitting her, the excitement had faded leaving one unshakable fact, if she ever returned, she would no longer be innocent as the Gamma Quadrant was largely unknown to Starfleet.



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