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New horizons Part 2 - Arrival

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 4:38am by Lieutenant JG Andromeda Lightfeather & Lieutenant Kazyah Linn
Edited on on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 11:50am

Mission: S2E1 - Secrets
Location: Gamma Quadrant/Space/flyer 1145/Vindex
Timeline: MD 103


- Deep Space Nine –

Two weeks later the Delta Flyer class ship drops from warp by DS9 and as she had to go through the Wormhole, Andi opened up a channel to DS9 Flight Control.

=/\= Flyer 1145 to DS9 Operations, sending flight log and destination to you and requesting entry to the wormhole! =/\= Lightfeather started.

=/\= Flyer 1145 this is DS9 operations, we have received your flight plan and will allow you passage, you are cleared to enter the anomaly, be safe out there =/\=

Then there was silence, Andi looked at the ship's Communications quizzically or Interesting, this is new Oo she thought to herself and for the moment took over manual control and piloted her shuttle into the wormhole. When inside she was a proper tourist, she thought the sight was beautiful, it took her six hours to travel through the wormhole eventually she came out on the other side and paused there to update her navigation.

“Computer locates the USS Vindex and set course, and avoid going through Dominion space, half,” she said then to herself “we have a peace with them. I do not want to be the one to spark a new war” after getting her bearings she plotted the safest and fastest course to the USS Vindex making sure her route gave Dominion space a wide berth, she switched off her IFF to help with stealth.

- Space/Vicinity of USS Vindex –

A week and a half later Flyer 1145 now seems like a small room, finally dropped from warp, Andromeda could not wait to land this shuttle and stretch her legs, the little exercise she got was not enough, she was antsy. Now as she returned to the pilot's seat she saw a Sovereign class motionless in space, so she reactivated her IFF and directed it at the ship.

=/\= Flyer 1145 to USS Vindex =/\=

=/\= "Vindex to Flyer, your arrival is right on schedule," said the female Ops officer on the Bridge. "Transferring comm channel to the shuttle bay now. Please stand by."=/\=

The Vindex loomed larger as the Flyer approached, and for a moment it seemed like the comms had failed, but all too soon a new voice came over the communications.

=/\="Howdy-ho, Flyer 1145, this is Vindex Tower," said a new voice through the comms. This one was male. "Transmitting your new course heading now for a visual completion bearing four-oh-three mark two-oh-two mark nine. Just the tip now, and we'll do the rest."=/\=

=/\=Acknowledge Vindex tower, adjusting heading and approach to four zero three mark two zero two mark nine, negative tower I am capable of manual landing =/\= Lightfeather said as she deactivated the autopilot and brought the shuttle in on the designated glide path, she took extra care as she would not wish to scratch the paint, especially after saying she could do a manual landing.

=/\="Suit you, darlin'. See you on the inside. Tower out."=/\=

Andi looked out of the window at the open shuttle bay with some malevolence, but it was quickly gone, she knew things would be vastly different on the front.

Kazyah Linn stalked around the shuttle bay, the PADD in his hand slowly tapping on his arm as he waited for the small vessel to land. While he wasn't aware of the ship gaining a new shuttle, it was certainly a welcome occasion. He could definitely use it.

As the Delta Flyer class ship slowly set down on the bay, Kaz walked forward, whipping out a tricorder and immediately scanning the vessel.

Ryland walked up to the Delta Flyer and let out an appreciative whistle. "Never thought I'd get my mitts one of these," he quipped. "One of the oddest ducks I ever did see. Not as swift or agile as a starfighter, but not as much junk in the trunk as a runabout. Still, better than a shuttle, I suppose."

When Kazyah made no response or reply, Ryland peeked over his shoulder. "Whatcha' got there, Kazanova? Not often I see you down here unless it's to make a donation to the Brain Trust Foundation."

Andi made the touch down so gentle she did not scratch the deck paint, she was well proud of herself, switching off the systems and putting the shuttle into shutdown mode she stood up and opened the hatch, remembering to pick up an old fashioned type book, she also arranged for her stuff to be taken to her new quarters. As she stepped down, she felt the welcome gravity of earth normal, she stood there and looked around the shuttle bay and settled on two males bantering, she smiled to herself as she walked up to them.

"Okay you pair, get a room!" she said with humour in her voice, "who is the shuttle bay manager here?" Lightfeather asked.

Kaz looked up at the woman with a look of utter disgust. "Excuse you?" he asked. "What sort of room do you think we should get?"

"Well, aren't you just a tall, saucy drink of fire water," Ryland quipped to Andi. He squeezed Kazyah's shoulder to encourage him to shut up. "Don't mind Lieutenant Spazyah Linn here. He doesn't know how to treat a lady, unlike yours truly."

He reached his hand out to shake Andi's. "Lieutenant Ryland Dedeker, at your service, m'lady." When Andi extended her hand, Ryland twisted it around and kissed it. "Please allow me to help you to your quarters. Or, if you prefer, to mine." He favoured her with a half wink.

Kaz rolled his eyes and lightly smacked Ryland on the back of the head, "Show some respect," he said, turning back to his tricorder.

"Excuse me," Ryland said to Andi with a grin. He leaned over Kazyah's shoulder to whisper in his ear. "If you interrupt my groove again, I will throat punch you so hard it will leave you with a permanent tracheotomy."

With a happy clap on Kazyah's shoulder, he turned his attention back to Andi. "As I was saying, Darlin', I am Ryland Dedeker, Shuttlebay Manager and your personal Morale Officer. How might I be of service?"

Lightfeather looked at him with a raised eyebrow and amused expression oO Nah! too easy Oo she thought to herself *points to the shuttle* this is for the ship, she is new and has had her maiden voyage out here, I did notice a slight power imbalance in the impulse manifold, I did nothing as I am no engineer, but you might want to have a look at that" Lightfeather said and held out an old style instruction manual. "This is the manual for that shuttle, it shows you what the factory specs are and such, I figured it might come in handy" Andi suggested.

Kaz scoffed as his eyes locked onto the book she held in her hand. "You wasted replicator credits to replicate a non-standard manual?" He mumbled that it was a waste of resources as he went back to scanning the vessel.

"Paperback, eh?" Ryland raised an eyebrow. "I reckon I'll just download the specs of the onboard computer if it's all the same to you." His playful grin returned. "I just love the way the computer's voice sounds reading it back to me."

*Nodding* she then looked at the other one "And good Sir, who might you be?" Lightfeather asked Kaz.

"If you're so unintelligent to not remember my name after it's been given to you, then I'm afraid I won't have any reason to ever interact with you," Kaz said, not looking up at the woman. "Feel free to continue with your mundane life as if I'm not here, to save yourself the embarrassment of interacting with someone far superior to yourself."

Ryland dropped his jaw to full extension. "Kazyah Linn! I am appalled at how you could speak to a lady in this way!" He turned to Andi. "Miss Lightfeather, I insist you come with me for a full-body massage so I can rub the soreness of the long journey out of your body and this rude man's offence out of your mind."

Kaz rolled his eyes.

Lightfeather looked at Dedeker in disbelief, then faced Linn "Ah, that's right, I have been cooped up on that ship for a long time, so if I am forgetful it is not deliberate" Lightfeather said then took on a serious tone and she closed in on Linn.

In a quiet but very firm voice devoid of anger but one hinting at something else "With all due respect SIR, if you do not pull that ramrod out of your rear, regardless of rank I will shave you bald in your sleep, rank notwithstanding you may be as good as me, but you will never be better than me, just because you outrank me by one grade, it does not give you the right to speak to a subordinate without due cause and forgetting your name is not due cause, am I being clear Sir?" She asked. "I am not fond of people with attitudes and chips on their shoulders the size of Ferengi space" Lightfeather added.

A smile rolled over Kaz's face, "You're funny. Do you have a name?"

Looking a little nonplussed "my apologies I am Lieutenant Jg Andromeda Lightfeather, the new Security Officer"

Ryland checked the manifest. "Says here she is... Lieutenant Andromeda Lightfeather." He furled his brow, but he kept up his sly grin.

Another scoff from the Chief of Intel, "A name to match how stupid you are. Your parents must have hated you to name you something so ridiculous." The man took a step forward towards the woman. "Let me make one thing very clear, Feather. I don't respond well to threats. You're new here, you don't have a single friend on board. And I've killed people bigger and stronger than you for less reason than you've given me. Do yourself a favour and take a step back before you find your face planted into the floor."

Andi just ignored Linn, but her thoughts were not so restrained oO why that arrogant pompous jackass, for two credits I would whup him upside the head, but on second thoughts he is not worth getting into trouble for, he is less than and I can live with that Oo was her thoughts

"Easy now, tough guy," Ryland said, putting a hand on their shoulders and stepping between them. "Ain't no pissing contests to be had on my flight deck."

Not looking at Dedeker "If there was one going on, I would win, but it is just two Alpha types snarling at each other Ryland" Andi said then still looking at Linn "Lieutenant Linn, you mentioned a short moment ago that I had no friends here, yet! Well you are right El tee, but I bet with that self-righteous attitude of yours, I will wager you have few friends here, I would have to say at first meeting, you are not a likable person, or easy to get to know, but I suspect something in your past may have given you this superiority complex. Just because you out rank people it does not give you the right to treat them like dirt, you are an Officer, stop threatening and act your age, not your shoe size"

After a pause Andi continued, "you know something I will when on duty show you the respect that is due your rank and position, I am nothing if not dutiful, but I do not see us ever becoming friends, you are way too arrogant for my tastes, also I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day Mr Linn and tomorrow does not look any better" Lightfeather said and fell silent as she waited for a response.

Kaz reached out and pulled the paperback shuttle manual from the woman's hands with ease. "Watch your back, Feather. I'd hate for you to go missing." Kaz turned to walk away, "Oh, but I'm sure no one would actually miss you though." He held up the book, "Thank you for bringing my shuttle to me in one piece. Please clear out your belongings," he said, finally walking out of communication range.

"Hold up, Kazanova," Ryland said with a hand out in protest. "Since when does Intel commandeer it own crafts, and why in the hell would you set that precedent with a Delta Flyer?"

Ryland scoffed at the insolent Intel Chief who never turned back. "I don't know what bee flew up his bonnet, but I always did say 'threes a crowd.' What say you and I take this little rendezvous of ours somewhere a bit more private and cosy-like?" He wriggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Lightfeather was glad to see the back of the arrogant Intel Chief the paperback manual was of no importance as the spec for the shuttle was in the ship's computer anyway in hindsight she realised that if having a hard copy made Linn feel better about himself then she was happy with that, and then she turned to Dedecker "Yes let us go to your office and actually the shuttle does not belong to Intelligence or that arrogant Jackass" she said referring to the departed Linn "he may have the manual, but the specs are on the ship's computer anyway, so shall we go to your office so as I can sign the shuttle over to your care?" Lightfeather said then added "Is Lieutenant Linn like that with everyone?" she asked.

"He's a hard nut, that's for certain," Ryland replied as they entered into his office. He offered the chair in front of his desk to Andi. "Have a seat, lil' lady, and I'll have you fixed up lickety-split."

As he watched her sign off on the PADD, he took it up again. "Hey, now. Looks like Lieutenant Linn was right. The Delta Flyer is now a dedicated vessel for Intel use only." He chewed the inside of his cheek as he considered that bit of information. "Guess that means the jackass was right."

"Well I was told that I was to sign it over to the guy in charge of the shuttlebay, where it goes after that it is not my problem, as for Linn, he might just find his replicator preferences adjusted or perhaps his sonic shower put on a different setting, one that will gyrate his teeth an gums instead of dirt and sweat" Lightfeather said without the humour that the words implied.

Ryland slid around the corner of the desk to get closer to Andi. "I hope you're not too frustrated by that." He slid one hand on the back of Andi's shoulders. "Maybe I can help you feel better." And there went the other hand. "How's that feel?" Ryland asked as he rubbed Andi's neck and shoulders.

Being new to the ship Andi sensed something was off by the way she had been treated like a lady by Dedeker, while she allowed it to go on while Linn was around as Dedeker provided an easier moment, now that the arrogant Jackass called Linn had left, Dedeker's too familiar attention was getting old.

Going to have me so much fun with this one, Lightfeather thought.
"I have a feeling Linn will have locked the controls out by now, but that is no longer my problem" Andi said as Dedeker began massaging her shoulders, she began to relax, then her training kicked in, both were on duty and both in uniform, she opened her eyes wide and was grateful that Dedeker did not see a brief but sad look pass over her features.

She grabbed his hand and twisted it slightly as she squeezed his fingers and stood up, she looked at him "Ryland, I appreciate the attention, but try to remember we are on duty and should behave accordingly, now I ask that until we get to know each other better, we and I mean you keep your urges in check, do I make myself clear?" She asked in a sultry tone, she was having fun teasing this one.

"Hey, easy now," Ryland said as he pulled his hand free. "I didn't mean nothin'. If you'd like to me to break you in after you clock out for the day, though, then I'd be happy to. I know all the best spots on the Vindex."

Andi let his hand go, realising that having fun and teasing was one thing, but such actions were unwarranted, but she had been hit on all her life, while she found it to be "cute" it eventually got old, she then realised what he said.

This guy has way too much time on his hands, she thought to herself. Verbally and physically she grabbed hold of his tunic, but kept him at arms length. "If we are finished here Ryland, I think I will locate my quarters and then go see the Captain to report to her, alone," Lightfeather said raised eyebrow then she dragged Ryland to her and planted a kiss on his lips and then let him go.

With a sweet smile "something to last you for a long time Ryland, I hope" she said and gave him a wink and made for the office door and paused a moment, she wanted to see if he would recover from the surprise.

"Aren't you a spitfire," Ryland said while he rubbed the soreness out of his wrist. "Please come to my quarters for dinner. I'll even cook for you. I haven't baked anything for a girl in a long time." His eyes wandered away in recollection for a moment. "A long time," he repeated.

Andi looked at Ryland funny "I will think about it Ryland, I make no promises, if I contact you I will be able to make it, if I do not contact you then I am not coming, it always takes me sometime to settle in" Lightfeather said.

"Then it's a date," Ryland said with a confident wink. "Now get the hell out of my office before anyone thinks we're fraternizing on duty. See you tonight. Number 7 on Deck 20."

With a dubious look at Ryland Andi gave a small smile and exited his office and made her way to her quarters, then she would seek out the Captain, the main issue was Linn and Andi knew he was going to make thing difficult when not on duty she guessed that he knew how to play the game, one that she had yet to learn, so she decided there and then to keep her distance from Linn when not on duty and to only interact with the guy when duty demanded it.


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